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Lindsay Lohan's Assistant

Cops TWISTED My Words

11/8/2012 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's assistant is adamant ... he did NOT tell police Lindsay was driving at the time of her gnarly PCH accident this summer -- insisting cops are just making up stories to push criminal charges on the actress.

Gavin the assistant is telling friends, cops questioned him at the hospital where Lindsay was being treated post-accident -- but he neither confirmed nor denied whether Lindsay was driving the car.

Gavin's saying cops confronted him, saying they already knew Lindsay was driving because of the seat belt marks on her left shoulder -- indicating she was in the driver's seat -- and Gavin simply replied with a noncommittal "Okay."

Sources close to Gavin tell us, Gavin believes cops ran with his answer as an affirmative response ... and used it to convince the Santa Monica City Attorney to file a misdemeanor charge against Lindsay.

We're told Gavin's furious at cops for twisting his words, and now he doesn't want to cooperate with the investigation.

That said, he's willing to help Lindsay any way he can -- as if he hasn't done enough already.

The Santa Monica PD had no comment.


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Hot Farts    

The concussion began at birth and throughout childhood as her parents beat her about the head and neck with broken bottles and made her live at the bottom of the lake

693 days ago


If he covered for her in any way, he did her (and himself) no service. What a self-absorbed, lying skank she is! You mean she would expect him to take the fall for driving that totaled rental Porche?! She hasn't learned any lessons whatsoever from her previous brushes with the law.

693 days ago


Wow.... she's burning bridges everywhere. The only place she gives interviews now is on TMZ! This is priceless!

Good luck, Lifetime. Lindsay's acting better be stellar!!!

693 days ago


Hold on for just a damn minute!
"Lindsay Lohan Pulls Out Of ’20/20′ Interview"
That SLAG was paid for this interview by the Les & Dick, so she could pay the CM bill....
Can L&D sue the SLAG to get the money back or are they just going to write it off.

693 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

130,920 homes still without power on Long Island.

693 days ago


Good Morning,
" I love it when a pattern stays true......"

So no interview ! ....Hummmmmmmmmm ! who is really surprised ? ...Not me....I've seen saying it for days......and it was the the Agency ..She has dodged that interview since it was first schuduled back at the being of that travestry of a movie was being filmed...Barbara even went to the set to do the interview and Lindsay bushed her off so the did the fake tour of the set and interview with Grant Boyer instead and wasted Barbara's time ...and Lifetime had to get down on their knees to get her go give them a second chance and Lindsay has screwed them again....
But like Maddy said eariler....They got what they deserve for letting themselves be brought by Lohan Inc.... They aren't going get another thing out of Lohan for that Movie unless it benifits for sueing her for a breach.....Hell get in back of the line she will be dead before the case every gets to the head of the line.....LOL

693 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Blohan asked her followers to join her in a live stream, heres who joined.

10:47 franlenga: keep ya head up
10:48 jennjaytea: did u get his twitter acc? cuz i didnt
10:48 jennjaytea: lalalaaa
10:49 franlenga: where u from jennjayteaaaaaaaaaaa JABSBNKAJSL :D ??
10:50 jennjaytea: a land far far away
10:50 jennjaytea: and you?
11:01 franlenga: same as you, but south
11:06 Ustream-Bot: [Ustream-Bot leaving] Need assistance with Ustream? Type !help to join the live Ustream help channel.
1:19 spenser7: Lindsaay is sexaayy
1:52 satiel44: who?

693 days ago


"A source tells Deadline that Lohan and her new PR team were dissatisfied with the direction ABC wanted to take the interview."
Like, asking real questions and expecting truthful answers?

693 days ago


Barbara wouldn't let them direct what questions they could ask and be there in the background to hand feed her the answers like that one interview I watch with Matt Laur where she was constantly looking past Matt 's shoulder to who ever was standing behind him when ever she answered as question...being coached word for word...... worst interview I ever saw so fake...when she wasn't looking over his shoulder she was looking down and left or right...never meet the mans eyes...which is a classic pointer to lying.....lesson 1 in the course "How to tell when someones Lying 101 "...
Needs to take more lessons from there is a man who can look you straight in the eye and lie though his teeth...Cause he's a master at the are of Lying(Conning).....

693 days ago


They have their job cut out for them...Who ever they are ...Because she is NOT Robert Downey JR who was ready to be saved from himself and to get his career back and willing to work for it no matter what it took...which is 90 % of doing it....or Britney Spears whom had just been rescued from Sam Luftie and Lindsay "Good Friend" Clause Luftie partner.....Hollywood Drug the stars....and James was hellbent on saving his daughter what ever it took...and still is...that was 90% of her recovery....
Lindsay on the other hand has No desire to really WORK or give up anything ...she just wants the fame and spotlight......She has no father like James with her interest at even if these people are the best in the world in the end it will not do her any good.....BECAUSE SHE is dead in The USA ... and there is just to much hated for her to every recover here...She needs to go overseas to have a career...Hell she makes Tara Reed look like a angel....

693 days ago


It's not hard dumbass, either she was driving or you were. Which was it? This isn't a situation where there were more than two people in the car, so there might be a bigger choice.

If you want to take the fall, then be stupid and say you were driving.

These people must be terrified of Lindsay or something. There is not enough money in the world for me to want to work for her sorry as, much less go to jail or have a criminal record for her entitled ass.

693 days ago



"He’d been with Paul Bloch and Arnold Robinson at Rogers & Cowan. He’ll now be repped by 42 West’s Amanda Lundberg.
Cruise had migrated to Rogers & Cowan’s veteran Paul Bloch who specializes in repping mostly over-the-hill action stars. 

Rogers & Cowan is a dinosaur in the increasingly complex world of the Internet. For instance, I was told just yesterday by his office, when I called to confirm this story, that Bloch doesn’t have voicemail on his cell phones. The once venerable PR agency has gone downhill rather rapidly under the management of Tom Tardio who seems clueless about the ins and outs of flackery. Frankly, the PR biz is too cutthroat these days for Rogers & Cowan to exist in its present behind-the-times state."-Deadline

693 days ago


Red Cloudy Snot Bubble, self-appointed Lindsay Whisperer, sure does keep his finger on the pulse:
“Also, looks like the BW interview is happening on schedule.”

So how is it this interrupter of all things Lindsay is usually wrong and always the last to know?
Maybe he’ll share his secret with us – come on out and tell us Cloudy Boo Boo. Here pu$$y pu$$y pu$$y, we have a bowl of banana flavored dingle berries for ya – your favorite.

693 days ago


I am back on..I dont know what wouldnt even let me go to the TMZ front page.
but yes Bar and Bucks sent that to my throw away email...
and they were pissed

693 days ago


"Few in Hollywood pull out of Barbara Walter’s interviews, especially when they have an upcoming project."

Blo is getting trashed in the media and Twitter.....again. Sigh.

693 days ago
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