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Lindsay Lohan's Assistant

Cops TWISTED My Words

11/8/2012 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's assistant is adamant ... he did NOT tell police Lindsay was driving at the time of her gnarly PCH accident this summer -- insisting cops are just making up stories to push criminal charges on the actress.

Gavin the assistant is telling friends, cops questioned him at the hospital where Lindsay was being treated post-accident -- but he neither confirmed nor denied whether Lindsay was driving the car.

Gavin's saying cops confronted him, saying they already knew Lindsay was driving because of the seat belt marks on her left shoulder -- indicating she was in the driver's seat -- and Gavin simply replied with a noncommittal "Okay."

Sources close to Gavin tell us, Gavin believes cops ran with his answer as an affirmative response ... and used it to convince the Santa Monica City Attorney to file a misdemeanor charge against Lindsay.

We're told Gavin's furious at cops for twisting his words, and now he doesn't want to cooperate with the investigation.

That said, he's willing to help Lindsay any way he can -- as if he hasn't done enough already.

The Santa Monica PD had no comment.


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There goes Dina's 'friendship' with Barbara. Don't forget Barbara already spent time on this interview, going to the set of Liz and Dick to get footage.

I can see this PR firm is going to be the death of Lindsay's career.
Good move, Lindsay!

691 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Bwahahaha! Everyone knows she's going to jail.

Bret Easton Ellis‏@BretEastonEllis

I wish the best for Lindsay.

He tweeted this late last night. Hope this means the arrest warrant will be today :)

691 days ago


with Honig Gone, I see fiore films out of range..
and out of sight

691 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

You have to laugh your ass off to the fact this crappy PR firm believes they can change Lindsay.

Laughing so hard at just the thought they think they can stop her from:
1) Lying
4)Being a Hooker
5)hanging out with drug dealers
7)Crazy tweets
8)Middle Eastern men
9)Running over people
10) Stop her from going to CM

These are just the top 10 they have to work on.
Hahahahhahaahhahaaha! GOOD LUCK to that

691 days ago


what happened Gina Rodriguez wouldnt even Rep. for her?

691 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Someone needs to watch The View today to see if Barbara mentions it and what see says and feels about this.

I said last week, barbara better get a backup guest for that spot.

691 days ago


she is going to need a voice over on her next interview..
with the meth crackled Voice and the crunching sound coming from her throat I dont see her raspy voice holding up.
Nic-Hole how many packs a day Habit does your niece have?

691 days ago


Red Cloud remember that interview Lindsay did with Barbra Walters?
Because I dont.
and Damn that ellen interview was off the chain..
Paris did a good job

691 days ago


ABC can still pull this off. They can just grab any old burned out hooker off the street, slap on the Lindsay-style Liz makeup and proceed with the interview.
There won’t be a single fan or Eturd who will notice the switch, and we can sit back and enjoy the comments from shlt-for-brains like Messenger, Red Cloudy Boo Boo, Help and the rest rave about how good she looked. Oh, and smooth and soft too.

691 days ago


BW "why are you always screwing up?"
LL "yes I have a movie coming out"
BW" Thats not what I asked,why are the cops chacing you"
LL" Clubbing is not my thing,thats in the past"
BW" I am out of here, this interview is over"

691 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hey, did HELL(p) ever figure out that Lindsay's "new" assistant NIKKI WOOD is the one that has been selling stories about Lindsay and emailing us with insider info?

691 days ago


Michael Lohan ‏@MichaelJLohan
@k8major stealing my lines again!!
lindsay must be with milo

691 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

What a Herculean task it must be to flack Lindsay Lohan.

691 days ago


Wow, is there anyone else Lindsay can alienate? She's checking them off one by one. Why can't she wake up and see what a fvck up she has become?

For so long, many of us here had hope for her, even though she was doing wrong, we still had hope. But, sadly, I think we were all wrong, she is crashing and burning because she doesn't want to change, she only wants the appearance of change and that seldom works.

691 days ago


new thread

691 days ago
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