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Lindsay Lohan's Assistant

Cops TWISTED My Words

11/8/2012 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's assistant is adamant ... he did NOT tell police Lindsay was driving at the time of her gnarly PCH accident this summer -- insisting cops are just making up stories to push criminal charges on the actress.

Gavin the assistant is telling friends, cops questioned him at the hospital where Lindsay was being treated post-accident -- but he neither confirmed nor denied whether Lindsay was driving the car.

Gavin's saying cops confronted him, saying they already knew Lindsay was driving because of the seat belt marks on her left shoulder -- indicating she was in the driver's seat -- and Gavin simply replied with a noncommittal "Okay."

Sources close to Gavin tell us, Gavin believes cops ran with his answer as an affirmative response ... and used it to convince the Santa Monica City Attorney to file a misdemeanor charge against Lindsay.

We're told Gavin's furious at cops for twisting his words, and now he doesn't want to cooperate with the investigation.

That said, he's willing to help Lindsay any way he can -- as if he hasn't done enough already.

The Santa Monica PD had no comment.


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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

If they want to act like dumbasses, charge them both.

680 days ago


"Gavin's saying cops confronted him, saying they already knew Lindsay was driving because of the seat belt marks on her left shoulder"

Theres ALL the proof you need. Not the drug dealer/accomplice, not eye witnesses, The SEAT BELT marks. DONE!

680 days ago

Harold Brown    

First, Lindsay claimed that the semi driver had cut her off, an unlikely claim since semis move considerably slower than Porsches, but later augmented her story to include the claim that when she tried to stop, her brakes did not respond. Then it was that she wasn't driving. I have yet to see pictures of the Porsche in question with with the steering wheel on one side and brakes and gas on the other. So, was Gavin the one who was steering or the one pressing the brakes?

680 days ago


Nov. 8. Hello.
Finally I understand what is in
The Bill of Rights.
I understand what smart experienced
thoughtful people say.
Finally I get it about cops.
I get it about a cop asking questions.
I understand that whatever you say
to a cop will be used against you.
A cops goal ever time is to get you
in deep legal criminal trouble.
That's exactly what they seek to do.
I shall read your lips:
R E M A I N. S I L E N T
Yep. Keep Your Big Mouth Shut.
Here is what you can say:
"I have nothing else to say.
Do not ask me any questions.
I hereby invoke my right to remain silent."

680 days ago


TO: harleyharlett who wrote:
"um - well they couldn't both be saying they were passengers, and he still isn't saying he was driving...soooo???"
Excellent point!
Sounds like he's trying to have it both ways. Is going to take the wrap for Lindsay and be the one the insurance company sues?
Does he even have a Driver's License?

680 days ago


All they have to do is give them both lie detector tests and both Gavin AND Lilo go down. Really, this stuff has got to stop. Every time you turn around this girl is in trouble! At some point you gotta say, maybe what Lindsay is doing is a "cry for help". If the City Attorney files charges, that in itself could be considered a violation of Lindsay's probation cause I don't think there's anybody left out there who could possibly think Lindsay is actually innocent of ALL this crazy stuff!

680 days ago

Suzy Q     

Seat Belt Welts always tell the story.

But apparently she was sooooooooo "confused" at the hospital that she didn't understand and the cops were speaking Flemish and obviously the porsche was being driven by remote control by the producers in the follow car. What's the problem here?

680 days ago


Or possibly the Easter Bunny was driving, and decided to vanish into thin air when those pesky brakes went out.

680 days ago


Sooooo, the cops notice the marks on her shoulder from the seatbelt, the guy she smashed into confirmed she was driving and her assistant doesn't confirm or deny she was driving. Seems pretty simple to me, if she told the cops she wasn't driving, she was LYING to the cops. This is such a no brainer, why wasn't she arrested months ago? That's the real question. And this is just one of the many times she's LIED to cops....bitch should be in a cell for life just based on previous lies she's told to the cops!

680 days ago


As Jay has pointed out, Blohan CONFIRMED to tmz she was NOT driving just a few weeks ago when she called into tmz to LIE again and tell them "MOMMY" wasn't on coke. She wasn't 'confused' 4 months AFTER the accident.

Good try though . . .

680 days ago


Arrest the assistant for obstruction. I bet he'll give a straight answer then.

680 days ago

Suzy Q     

She'll get off because of the "confused" business.

That's some good lawyering there.

680 days ago


Hmmm sounds like the assistant just wants a big fat Christmas bonus to say that. What's next, how will she dispute the markings from the seat belt...

680 days ago


Lindsay puts herself into these positions. She has only herself to blame....not anyone else.

680 days ago

Suzy Q     

"Live fast, die young, have a good lookin' corpse."

(From Some Old Movie)

680 days ago
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