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"Modern Family" Star

Authorities SCOFF

at Ariel Winter's Mom

11/9/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1108_chrystal_workman_ariel_winter_articleAuthorities have serious doubts about allegations made by the mother of 14-year-old "Modern Family" actress Ariel Winter ... TMZ has learned -- because they think the mother is making up stories of an illicit sexual relationship to save face after she was stripped of custody. 

TMZ broke the story ... a judge determined allegations that Chrystal Workman was physically and emotionally abusing Ariel were so serious, he awarded temporary custody to Ariel's older sister -- and ordered Chrystal to stay 100 yards away from her young daughter.

Law enforcement sources tell us they're not buying Chrystal's claim Ariel was involved in a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old boy, largely because the mom never went to cops until AFTER she lost custody on October 3 -- even though she claims the affair's been going on since the beginning of summer.

Court sources tell us the first time Chrystal mentioned ANYTHING about an illicit relationship was during the guardianship hearing last month ... when she began ranting in court and called the guardianship lawyer a "moron."

We're told she testified about a specific incident on Sept. 24, saying ... "I caught my daughter with her boyfriend in bed -- she's 14. He's 18 and I threw him out and I broke them up."

Due, in no small part, to the timing of Chrystal's testimony ... one law enforcement source tells us they don't believe there was ever a sexual relationship between Ariel and the boy.


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which one is Ariel

714 days ago

Jerry Sandusky    

So the mom tries to be a responsible parent and keep her 14 year old daughter away from an 18 year old man. Her daughter who's chosen profession is 'acting' is claiming abuse and TMZ is taking the word of the daughter over the mother? What is a grown man doing with a 14 year old girl? Only in Hollywood LOL!

714 days ago


No need to write another story, TMZ. Why not just do an update, "Cops scoff at mom's Sexual Battery claim due to time line".

It still doesn't prove the girl did not have a sexual relationship with the 18 year old boyfriend (unless he doesn't even exist).

The motives for Abuser-Mom reporting it may be shady, but the claim could be valid. If it is, Abuser-Mom probably condoned it.

714 days ago


it always hepls you disprove your case of verbal abuse when you call the attorney a moron in court.

714 days ago


I'm not at all trying to defend the mother's actions, if in fact she was physically abusive towards her daughter. That is unacceptable.
HOWEVER, don't try to convince me for ONE MINUTE that a 14 year old girl would not have sex with her 18 year old boyfriend. That is a total load of crap!

714 days ago


If she was any kind of mother and if what she saying is true she would have never went public with it. She would have tried to protect her daughter from publicity. I don't believe her and she should be ashamed of herself.

714 days ago


a good Mother with her daughter's best interest at heart would never state such a thing publicly - even if it were true. IMO she shot her credibility when she did that.

714 days ago


good bye meal ticket...

714 days ago

westboro is awsome    

Come on, Ariel is a girl on a hit tv show. She can do whatever she wants. There are no rules for her. She can have anything she wants and the police will back her up. In looking at the photos of her and her boyfriend I would say they are probably intimate. It would be against the law but not for the Hollywood elite. They do not have to follow the laws that everyone else does. Ariel already does not have to worry about about money. She already won the game of life being on TV. Her mom will not be able to enforce any rules. I believe Ariel's mom on this one but Ariel has all the power and money and can do whatever she wants. The law has always been applied differently to the Hollywood elite of which Ariel is one. My suggestion would be for her to date a boy her own age but since the age law does not apply to Ariel then she can date any man she wants. Not too smart of her older boyfriend to date underage girls but that will catch up to him at some point. Age of consent is 18 in California but not for the Hollyweird elite. It would be a felony in this case. It's laughable that the cops do not think it is odd that an 18 year old man is dating a 14 year old girl. That is just trouble right there. Parents should be clear if they have a kid on a hit TV show that kid has free reign to do whatever he or she wants. It has always been that way. So it's actually better if her mom actually cares about her daughter that she not try and help. She made the effort but the police have targeted Ariel's mom so there is nothing she can do. That is the price of fame. Two sets of laws out there. One for the Hollywoood elite and the rest for everyone else. That will never change.

714 days ago


This girl is 14 and has no business being in bed with an 18 year old. And as a mother I would have done the same thing, broke up the relationship and told the 18 year to take a hike. And I wouldn't have run to the police unless I felt there was a need to. I think this girl got mad at her mom because she got in the way of her screwing the 18 year old and it made her mad. As a so called 'famous' person she knew she could get her mom in trouble by going public with these claims. I hope in the end they both get some help to deal with family issues and that this young woman grows up and will show some respect. I'm just glad none of my family is involved in show business because its a dirty business. And maybe its time for the general public to say we've had enough of this crap and if people are going to act like idiots while making millions of dollars and expect us to support them..THINK AGAIN!

714 days ago

She's baaaack    

She is still young, with her young hormones raging, which ramps emotions up to a critical level. Someone who has nothing to do with this girl, her family, or the industry in general better step in to straighten things out and see to it that this young girl remains emotionally healthy or it's Lindsay/Britney 2.0. Kind of makes you glad to be a regular person doesn't it?

714 days ago


After reading comments for the 2 week I've had this app... With the exception of a few really wondering "where has the nice" gone?

714 days ago


It takes A LOT for child services to remove a child from their home. If this woman has lost custody of two children over a decade apart, then there is definitely something going on in that home. It sounds like Ariel's relationship is inappropriate, but if the mother caught them in bed, then she should have called the police immediately.

714 days ago


Ariel sounds like another Lindsay Lohan to me, she has more money than Mom so she is being a little lying BITCH! GOD BLESS HER PARENTS!

714 days ago


That is the problem with letting young girls have boyfriends at such a young age. Excuse my expression but at that age they still don't know how to wipe their behinds and they already have boyfriends!! The mother must've known her daughter had a boyfriend no one is that stupid!!! The girl now feels she can not be told what to do since she is making the money. So adios mom hit the road. Regardless of the money SHE IS STILL A KID!! DO NOT TRY TO GROW UP TOO FAST!!!!

714 days ago
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