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"Modern Family" Star

Authorities SCOFF

at Ariel Winter's Mom

11/9/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1108_chrystal_workman_ariel_winter_articleAuthorities have serious doubts about allegations made by the mother of 14-year-old "Modern Family" actress Ariel Winter ... TMZ has learned -- because they think the mother is making up stories of an illicit sexual relationship to save face after she was stripped of custody. 

TMZ broke the story ... a judge determined allegations that Chrystal Workman was physically and emotionally abusing Ariel were so serious, he awarded temporary custody to Ariel's older sister -- and ordered Chrystal to stay 100 yards away from her young daughter.

Law enforcement sources tell us they're not buying Chrystal's claim Ariel was involved in a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old boy, largely because the mom never went to cops until AFTER she lost custody on October 3 -- even though she claims the affair's been going on since the beginning of summer.

Court sources tell us the first time Chrystal mentioned ANYTHING about an illicit relationship was during the guardianship hearing last month ... when she began ranting in court and called the guardianship lawyer a "moron."

We're told she testified about a specific incident on Sept. 24, saying ... "I caught my daughter with her boyfriend in bed -- she's 14. He's 18 and I threw him out and I broke them up."

Due, in no small part, to the timing of Chrystal's testimony ... one law enforcement source tells us they don't believe there was ever a sexual relationship between Ariel and the boy.


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Pompano Ann    

Rumor has it...the older sister she is staying with had issues (abuse) witht her mother as well. This is a mess; whether this young girl is or is not sexually active; the Mom just announced to the whole world, talk about throwing her under the bus. ??????

712 days ago

get real    

The Girl will be fine. I Just hope she isnt lying over a Boyfiend. The mother seemed to do a good job with her so far. She didnt get to all those auditions by herself! Just hope it isnt over the 18 year old man. Areil, Producers dont care about troubles at home.. The Show cares about the show. Just do the good job you are doing and everything will be fine!

712 days ago

Just Wow    

She's so addicted to penis at 14 that she'd rather cut off all contact with her mom than give it up.

712 days ago


So if this fat cow really cared about her daughter why did she wait until AFTER everything went down to try to save her? If she knew from the first date there was a boy involved there shouldn't have been a second date.
But there were dates after that the the Mother apparently didn't mind. This lying pig only cared when the older sister, who she also abused, got legal custody.
Only when her money was threatened did she suddenly start "caring". Lying all day long. GET A JOB. Stop mooching of your three actor kids.

712 days ago

get real    

Areil. Your 14 Going on 25! The fact is... Your still a 14 year old .Your making a ton of money now. More in a week than some make in a year. You are to Young to remember or even care the handfull of child stars from the 1970s.. 1980s.. 1990s..who were on Hit Tv shows.At 30 40 or 50 they are either Dead Broke living in trailer parks or Dead from drugs.. Someone, Mishandled the money they made..Its not how much You make now,its how much You Save and Invest for your future when You grow up.Dont let your Mother, sister, or 18 year old man tell you different. Be Smart,

712 days ago


Before any of you comment on this poor kids fate, please know that the older sister was also removed from the mother many years ago and placed into foster care. She was abusing the older sister too!!

712 days ago


Regardless what the mother says, this girl is 14 and her boyfriend is 18 and if they are having sex, that by law is statutory rape. What is an 18 old boy doing with a 14 year old girl, other than her "money". Now she is with a sister she has only seen 10 times in her life. She I wonder why she stepped forward and wanted guardianship. I see another Lindsay Lohan!!!!

712 days ago

get real    

Erin Moran.. Mega Hit Happy Days... Broke and Living in a Trailer Park. Gay Coleman. Mega Hit.... Different Strokes.....Became troubled Adult. Arrested several Times... Sued Parents.. Disowned parents.. Tday Dead. Adam Rich.. Mega Show.. 8 is enough. Mega star, cutiest kid on Tv. Drugs, Troubled Adult. Not even Included in a Reunion Interview. Dana Plato.. Child Star. Mega Tv show. Broke, Drugs.. Dead Today. Todd Bridges.. Mega Tv Show. Drugs. Attempted Murder Charges. Noah Smith.. Mega show that Ran for years. Home Improvement. Sues Parents. Married and Divorced MUCH MUCH older women. Arrested DUI. A Mess. Nothing today. Mike Lookinland. Cutest Kid on Brady Bunch. Mega Show. Arrested.. DUI... All were On MEGA MEGA TV SHOWS> ALL WERE YOUNG STARS,,, Areil... Get a Grip Now....

712 days ago


I dont know many moms who would call the police if they found their daughter in bed with their boyfriend unless he was much much much older. This guy is only 4 years older. That is a normal age gap. If the mom had called the cops it would only make matters worse with her daughter, not better. Most parents try and solve these kinds of things themselves. It sounds more like to me the daughter just doesn't think she needs parenting anymore and wants to be free to do what she wants.

712 days ago


if this is a true allegation the mother is guilty again of lack of suipervision and failure to report a cime The boy is an adult 18 having sex with a minor 14 That is rape not consenusal sex even if she says he was her boyfriend she is too young to give consent to an sdult the mother should have called the police so dumb a charge her

712 days ago


Bet the Mom misses the girls' money already. Probably should get a real job, Mom.

712 days ago


What a very sad situation. I believe in most cases minors are protected from having their names released, however due to her fame its become everyones business. I can only imagine how a 14 year old would be feeling to have to go through something so traumatic to be removed from their home and then to have the world know its happening...and speculate on what the cause is. I wish her the best.

712 days ago


14 is so young to have so much stress:) Super talented and adorable girl.She shines on Modern Family.I do hope that the family issues can be mediated and resolved. The kid deserves more than a Mother who is cruel to her:(

711 days ago
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