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Ariel Winter's Sister

Collateral Damage in Feud

11/9/2012 7:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The fight that Ariel Winter's mother is waging with her two daughters has gotten so bitter, the older one is now being falsely accused of making a money grab on her younger sister.

The mother, Chrystal Workman, along with Chrystal's reps ... are saying that her older daughter Shanelle -- who now has a temporary guardianship of Ariel -- asked a judge for access to the "Modern Family" star's bank account but was shut down.

Court records, however, show the exact opposite.

The petition for the guardianship specifically requests that all of Ariel's accounts be blocked from everyone, including Shanelle.

Our court sources say Shanelle never asked for a penny during the hearing ... and the court docs reflect that.

As we first reported, the judge stripped Chrystal of custody -- at least for now -- based on allegations of brutality against Ariel. Ironically, Chrystal lost custody of Shanelle for precisely the same reasons 20 years ago.


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That picture with her mouth open like that really turns me on!

683 days ago


I believe the mother over a 14 year old horny teenager anyday.

683 days ago


Just like Jennifer stated, the girl was absolutely fine with her mother BEFORE she started dating the boy. Tweeted tht she had the best mom and everything. Teenagers lie, especially girls, and I have seen children lie on their parents all the time. The things the females will do for a man is pretty much ridiculous. If the mother was EVER abusive, I believe she got that way once she found out her little girl was dating a grown man. Think about it.
Imagine this: She tries to tell her daughter stop dating the guy. The girl doesn't want to, curses mom out. Tension, and possibly a little yanking, and if mad enough, the girl probably got slapped too.
Now we all are aware of how teenagers can be. I for one can't believe that my own mother didn't hit me with the way I acted at that age. However, if she found me with an 18 year old boyfriend, I can guarantee she would have.
Now that I state it, I kind of do believe the mother probably hit her, but more than likely ONLY out of anger and frustration that her daughter wouldn't listen to what she said.
Mind you, this is not something as simple as washing the dishes; this is a 14 year old girl dating an 18 year old man.
I would've been infuriated too. Teenagers talk to their parents any type of way, and they continue to get away with it. That's fine for something simple but when they believe that they can get out of hand when you're telling them not to date a grown man is something extremely different. I truly think that if she was ever hit, it was occurred as many verbals fights and then finally led to this one time incident, and the teenage girl ran with it.

683 days ago


There are some celebrity parents that give me a bad vibe and I'm just not getting it from this lady. I'm sorry. I have seen too many times where teenagers blatantly lie on their parents --- only to recant afterwords. If the mom did hit her, which I do believe, I think it was over her dating the grown man. I can't see this girl getting abused her whole life; all of this time she was on the show Modern Family and JUST NOW she's saying something? A couple f months back she was discussing how great her mother was. I truly believe if at all, it was a one time thing where the mother got worked up. I cannot stand people that hit their children but if it was my 14 year old dating a grown man, I probably would have hit her too and that goes or nearly every person reading this. Teenagers get out of hand and It's simply ridiculous.

683 days ago


Even a mother who has already had her eldest daughter taken into foster care for over 2 years because of abuse allegations which a judge believed. mother who claims that the relationship between her 14 year old and an 18 year old had being going on all summer but only goes to the Police after she has lost custody and access to her daughter's money. Any normal mother would have been at the Police as soon as she suspected not wait 4 or 5 months.

683 days ago


She only fourteen and living . Just to get her way .

683 days ago


Cameron Palatas was 17 when he started dating Ariel Winter. The actual age difference between them in less than 4 years. Not a big deal. Also, Cameron received an award from the City of Los Angeles and Mayor Villaraigosa for his work in a public service announcement, educating teens around the world on the truth about drugs and encouraging them to live healthy lives. What mother wouldn't want a sweet boy like that dating their daughter? This is all about the money, and the Mother is showing her true colours.

683 days ago

Phil Esteen    

I wouldn't wish 'success in Hollywood' to a monkey on a rock.

In so many instances, such success seems to destroy the family, friends and psychological health of a media darling.

Just plain sad.

683 days ago


From an outsider's perspective, it really sounds like the eldest daughter is trying to protect her younger sister from suffering the same abuse she did when she was a teen. I read somewhere that the eldest sister used to be on One Life to Live and is married with 2 kids of her own. Now she teaches acting classes. While a soap opera career isn't the most glamorous career in the world, it doesn't sound like she is hard up for cash, plus people pay good money to take acting classes.

I already believe Shanelle over Chrystal because Shanelle made it clear she doesn't want access to her kid sister's money, I think she is very much trying to protect everything that belongs to Ariel.

To me this issue sounds way deeper than Ariel just wanting to date an 18 year old boy. That may have been a symptom of some bigger issues at hand. Besides, as long as they did not have any sex I don't see the problem. No one would be saying anything if these two were 20 and 24. In no way should these two be allowed to have sex but I find it suspicious that the mother reported it to police AFTER she lost custody. Didn't Ariel post pics of them all summer on Twitter? If she was any sort of mother she would have known about the relationship from the beginning, why didn't she put a stop to it then?

683 days ago

Big D    

It's sad, when money and greed split apart a family.

682 days ago


"Chrystal lost custody of Shanelle for precisely the same reasons 20 years ago." Research shows that the MAJORITY of abusers continue to abuse. recidivism is the normal. Violent psycho/sociopaths do not get "cured"

682 days ago

Eli Rodriguez    


682 days ago


So if it shows that the daughter didn't even ask for money or anything in court like the terrible mother said, then what is the mother going to stand on against the elder daughter? How will taking care of Ariel further her career? How will she take money from her if it is in these accounts no one can touch? If the daughter can find acting gigs without having her mom in her life for all those years then why does she need help now? This makes no sense. I don't care what the mom says, courts don't just take away TWO f*cking children because they want to f*ck there boyfriends or they don't want to listen. Something else had to have happened.

682 days ago


Why in the hell do these parents feel entitled to one single dime of a child stars earnings?!?! ITS NOT YOURS....GET A J...O....B!!!!

682 days ago



It's two messages with (hardly) "news" about this and then one message about something else that isn't actually confirmed even remotely. Are you all bored at TMZ because it seems like it.

Nobody is a fan of this lady. Nobody gives a ****. I don't want to know why people I don't know lose their kids, it's sad enough without us acting like we actually give a **** while mocking them.

682 days ago
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