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Halle Berry

SHUT DOWN in Custody Battle

Nahla Stays in U.S.A.

11/9/2012 4:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry just lost big in court -- a judge has ruled she cannot permanently move her 4-year-old daughter to France ... TMZ has learned.

Halle had been fighting tooth and nail with her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry to bring Nahla to Paris, where Halle wants to live with her fiance Olivier Martinez.

Halle argued the L.A. paparazzi scene made life in California too dangerous for her and her daughter -- but today the judge in the case ruled in favor of Gabriel, refusing to let Halle jet to France with their kid.

The full details of the ruling are unclear -- but one thing's for sure ... Halle did NOT get what she wanted. 

Halle has said from the beginning she never wanted to remove Gabriel from Nahla's life -- she merely believed France would be safer for everyone involved.


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I'm so glad for him! Screw you Halle you are a very evil person.

691 days ago


Thank goodness the judge was balanced and sensible and did not pay too much attention to Halle's hysteria. There is zero evidence for all of Halle's vicious accusations against this poor man. Halle "embellishes" the truth so much I really don't know what to believe about her any more - does she even really have diabetes and a hearing problem or is this just more lies she made up for sympathy?

691 days ago


I'm sick of people who get rich and famous here in the USA but then, the country is not good enough for then to even raise their kids.Give me a freakin break. If your needs for a man come before your childs need for their father, especially when he cares, then you don't deserve to be a mother.

691 days ago


I'm so sick of people using The USA to become rich and famous, but then the country is not good enough even to raise their kids. I've always liked Halley Berry, however,if her needs for a man surpass her daughters needs to have her father in her daily life, then she's doesn't deserve to be a mother.

691 days ago

Spicy mag    

In 16 short years she can move to France.

691 days ago


IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!!! Halle was trying to alienate the other parent from her daughter's life, and people are so stupid if they think he won because of race. I am so sick of that. If you think of it, Halle is half black, half white. The daughter is 3/4 white, 1/4 black, so people should stop that crap. There is more white in this whole situation than black anyway, so it's it about anybody being black or white. Except for Halle's ridiculous accusations that he is racist. My god. Get over it. She is notorious for practicing "PARENTAL ALIENATION". It's frowned upon bit time in the courts now. She has accused him of all sorts of things, racisim (yeah right), child abuse (ridiculous), endangerment (what a witch), and oh yeah, even abusing the nanny (Halle's insane). By the way, he should always have a right to say what damned employee goes into HIS house, and not be spied upon by Halle's paid nanny. This makes me so happy, I can't tell you happy I am to hear this. Dad's should win rights in this Country, I am a mom, and I believe that there should always be concern for the child, and not for yourself because you have more money and think you should be able to make any decision regarding the child, especially when it comes to moving them away from the other parent, especially out of state, especially out of the Country. She thought she could bully him with her money, well, she didn't win this time. Now we just wait and see whether her boyfriend will want to keep her or not because who in their right mind would want to move from Paris to California. Not him, and I think she was doing this for her boyfriend which is even more sad. HURRAY FOR GABRIEL AUBRY.

691 days ago

noreen huggins    

the people who is calling gabriel a gold digger wouldn't you like to be in his and NAHLA shoes.
you people your self look foolish by your statement read up on CALI LAW BEFORE YOU SPEAK

691 days ago


Great decision. Now you see Halle you can't just move to another country with your child just because you're a new relationship. Its not all about you anymore, a good mother would know that already.

691 days ago


I was hoping the judge would rule in Gabriels favor. I can't stand Halle Berry. She's got a swelled head and frankly I don't think she's any more attactive than any other woman out there. Average looks at best. She used the excuse about the Paps just so she could move to France to live full time with the man she's going to be temporarily married to. It didn't work, the judge saw right through her. That's my opinion.

690 days ago


Halle is a known bitch and has actively been trying to keep Gabriel out of Nahla's life since she was born. Good decision by the judge.

690 days ago


Hey Halle.....YOU were the one who brought the paparazi into your your complaining? So glad the judge ruled on facts and not your "celebrity" status. Not stop being spiteful and let your daughter have a loving relationship with her father

690 days ago


I am sure that she will have 2 homes and the child will have a pass port. where therre is a will there is a way with MONEY.

690 days ago


Se was going to steam roll Gabriel right out of his daughters life. I hav'nt watched any of her lastest films, maybe it's because they stink lately or it could be because she's a bitter back stabbing bi-polar witch..

690 days ago


Here ya go Halle Berry, why don't YOU go off to France and leave the child here with her father who doesn't talk badly about you, and who doesn't retaliate against you and who doesn't give a **** about you, because, get this....HE CARES ABOUT HIS CHILD! Unlike you who thinks that because you are some big**** start thinks that only what YOU say counts. YOU ARE WRONG! I hope your daughter grows up to hate you for what you are doing to her. You talk badly about her dad, you lie about her dad, you retaliate against her dad and more. Since you are so good act acting, why don't you ACT like you have some common sense and do what is best for your child! Get along with her father and smile and be a co-parent like you should be. After all the child DOES have both a mother and a father. Although the mother is a biatch!

690 days ago


Thank God a judge with common sense. Trying to keep her away from her father. time for mom to get a good psych professional and work out her own feeling about her father.

690 days ago
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