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Ariel Winter

Grandfather's Statement:

I Never Saw Any Abuse

11/10/2012 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1109-ariel-winter-crystal-workman-splashAriel Winter's grandfather claims he never witnessed any abuse of the "Modern Family" actress at the hands of her mother ... according to a declaration filed in the bitter guardianship case.

TMZ obtained a copy of the letter to the court in which James Batistas writes ... his daughter, Chrystal Workman is a "very good mother to all the children."

Batistas adds, "I have never seen any abuse from my daugther or son-in-law towards my granddaughters neither physical nor emotionally."

As TMZ first reported ... a judge ruled allegations Chrystal was abusing 14-year-old Ariel were serious enough that he removed Ariel from her mother's home. Ariel's older sister Shanelle Gray now has temporary guardianship.

In his letter, Batistas also points out that Shanelle came to live with him when she was 16 ... after she also accused her mother of abuse nearly 20 years ago.

However, multiple sources close to the family tell TMZ, Shanelle was actually in the foster care system for more than 2 years before Batistas took custody and moved her to his home in Virginia.

We're also told Batistas only sees his granddaughters about once every 2 years now -- since he still lives in VA -- but does maintain a close relationship with Chrystal by phone.

Batistas closed his letter by saying he wants to see his daughters and granddaughters back together.


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Soiled Midget Panties    

I can see why he was banging her cause she's hot. Yes I know she's only 14.

683 days ago


The fact that the older sister needed to be in foster care for 2 years and eventually ended up living with her grandfather speaks volumes. Abuse isn't always evident to people on the outside. My mother was very verbally and physically abusive. No, she never broke bones or left marks (visible ones that is) but she was crazy abusive. Even today, years later, she will either deny it ever happened, downplay it, or claim it only happened a few times and she's "sorry" and I should "get over it". If Ariel is happy living with her sister, she should stay with her until she is 18. Parents don't have the right to take their hatred toward life out on their children. You can choose to have kids but they don't choose you.

683 days ago


here my take on the whole thing.. first off parents can hurt a child.. i had grandmother who use to beat the crap out of me.. and no one ever saw a thing.. and as for food.. she use to not let me eat either.. a 14 going out with an 18 yr old.. should have been a no no from the get go.. to let her even see the dude even once. bad parent.. my dad who got after my g-mo damaged me.. set rules and told why an 18 yr could not come near me laws.. as in beging against it.. so i ws cool with it.. i had guys knocking on my bedroom window.. at night so my bedroom was moved to the other end of the house on the top floor.. so anyone trying to get into my room had to have a ladder.. and know that at any time everyone could see.. and hear.. i think this little one is dealing with a stage mom.. and getting her out was a smart move on the judges who are watching it.. my dad did not wait two weeks.. to call the police they were call right away... b4 anything went that far.. like when they first ask to go out on a date or come over.. an 18 w/ a 14 that is against the law in most states.. bad parent skills going in and on in that house hold.. sad very sad... you can hurt a kid and not leave marks.. and you can say things and do things that others dont know.. my g-mother was the prez of the PTA and got way with it.. for 8 yrs..

683 days ago


This story has great publicists. No charges will be placed against the 18 year old because this is Hollyweird. Now if this was boy on boy action, then the minority of straight people in Hollyweird would complain.

683 days ago


Who are the people??

683 days ago


Oh hell, they brought grandpa in it now??

683 days ago

jenny ruby    

i dont know who this is about.

683 days ago

I guess Harvey has a hard|on for the Aerial Winters story. GIVE US A BREAK ALREADY!

682 days ago


because he wasn't looking

682 days ago


I know certain members of this family and let me say this: Ariel is way better off with Shanelle. I have been given permission by concerned parties to tell everyone what I know.

1) Jimmy Workman was the golden child growing up and always was Crystal's favorite. Glenn Workman has been abused by Crystal for so long that he is no capable of being a functional parent at this point. Jimmy at this point depends on Ariel's income as much as Crystal does. He claims to be a film technician but he hasn't worked on a movie set since 2009 and that was as a low level camera assistant.

2) Cameron has never had sex with Ariel. He knows it's not worth the trouble. They've kissed and made out but he is with her because he grew up in a similar home environment and doesn't want to see Ariel get hurt by her parents. He is very protective of her and has no interest in having sex with her until she is old enough. Ariel herself has said she doesn't want to have sex until she is married. Cameron is someone who has offered companionship and understands her turbulent home situation. Don't believe this crap about Crystal not knowing about their relationship. She was 100% fine with it until Cameron stepped in to defend Ariel against her mother's insults. Those who say Ariel and Cameron have nothing but sex on the brain don't know either of them. They are both smart articulate people who have no interest in having sex. Ariel knows having sex and getting pregnant could ruin her life. They just enjoy each other's company and Cameron knows what Ariel is going through because he went through it himself. He just wants to protect her from any further abuse.

3)Shanelle was also 14 when she was removed from the home. Crystal took to locking Shanelle up in attempts to keep her skinny so she wouldn't get fat and she would become a famous teen star. Crystal tried to make Shanelle follow in Jimmy's footsteps but evey time Shanelle failed an audition she would berate her for days on end. When Shanelle moved back to Hollywood when she was 18, she got some minor tv roles and Chrystal tried to coerce her into being her manager again. When Shanelle refused, Crystal got pregnant with Ariel and trained Ariel from birth to be the ultimate money maker. Ariel was born solely to be Crystal's meal ticket. This is something Crystal tells Ariel regularly.

4)Shanelle has explained to Ariel that their mom is angry that she is being exposed and will vilify them both in the media so she can manipulate Ariel into coming back. Crystal knows she is going to lose on 11/20 so she is making up lies to make herself look good in the media and to get a rise out of Shanelle and Ariel. Ariel's felt more love at her sister's this past month than she has in her entire life. She knows her sister doesn't want to hurt her or wants her money. Shanelle has money of her own and gets by quite comfortably. All Shanelle wants to do is protect her sister from having to endure the same abuse she felt growing up. She has even encouraged Ariel to slow down her acting career and live a normal teen life for awhile. This isn't a woman coming out of the woodwork, this is a woman trying to protect her sister in any way she can.

682 days ago


Also, the grandfather has the wool pulled over his eyes. Everyone has always been told to be on their best behavior when "Papu" and "Mamu" came around. Crystal was a spoiled child who got everything she wanted. Crystal gets super nice and loving around the kids when they visited or she's on the phone with them. The kids are expected to say only the nicest things about Crystal to Papu. This statement was just signed by James and was written by Crystal and her lawyer. I doubt he even knows what it says.

682 days ago

jenny ruby    

I dont know what is going on around here. which children are we talking about. i keep thinking chrystal is for cheryl ( my mom) what is this about.

who is not with there grandfather
chase just called from gandaddys so who is this about

682 days ago


So what? Mrs. Sandusky claims she never saw her husband butt ramming young boys in the shower, but that's what he did. The grandfather's statement carries the same lack of credibility as Mrs. child rapist's does...

682 days ago


shes ugly,I don't care about her,quit writing stories about her and her lame family problems..the mother/manager must be paying you for the coverage,they are nobodies

682 days ago


These grandparents are either in denial, or just stupid. They see them once every few years, their other granddaughter claimed abuse years earlier and went to live with them... yet there's been no abuse and the mother should have the daughter back, Dafuq

682 days ago
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