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'Real World' Star Joe Kovar

Coroner Says Opiates

Killed Him

11/10/2012 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1107-joey-kovar-gettyFormer "Real World" star Joey Kovar died from opiate intoxication, a rep for the Cook County Medical Examiner tells TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... law enforcement sources originally believed a lethal mixture of cocaine, Viagra, and alcohol was to blame for Kovar's sudden death in August in Chicago -- but medical examiner tells us, the official cause of death is listed as "opiate intoxication."

29-year-old Kovar's death has been ruled an accident.

Sources close to Kovar tell us, the late reality star had been taking a prescription painkiller (opiate) called Norco. It's unclear if Norco is the opiate responsible for Kovar's death.


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I'd list the cause of death as terminal douchitis.

682 days ago


THIS IS A TREMENDOUS LOSS. Where in God's name will we ever find another 5'7 juicehead druggie reality "star" from Jersey with a blowout??????

682 days ago


Listen, Norco is 10/325 which essentially is hydrocodone mixed with tylenol. Hydrocodone is weaker in comparison to oxycodone. Pound for pound, 2 hydrocodone = 1 oxycodone. Unless dude swallowed a whole bottle, but if that happened he would die from liver failure cause your liver can only handle 4,000mg of acetamephine, daily, which is tylenol. I find it very hard to believe he passed just from taking Norco. We have an epedemic here on the east cost when it comes to perscription pain killers and trust me Norco is not sought after in anyway. People want the 30mg oxycodone. which is the equivalent of 6 Norco at once. It is common to get a perscription for 30mg oxy, taken 4 times a day. thats 120mg for those whos missed 1st grade mathamatics lol. That's the equiv. of 24 Norco, which is 7800mg of acetamph. liver can only handle 4000. almost double that. Mind u this is commonly rx'd. There are people who abuse and take 30mg of oxy daily, and are still alive. Grant it, people react to drugs differently, but saying the kid died from opiad intoxication from norco is a fantasy. He would die from liver failure, before he died from this. The bottom line is this: People don't die from taking opiate's. Don't let someone fool you. People die when they mix medication and it becomes toxic. Yes he was drinking and taking norco, but based on all the above-referenced norco is not a "heavyweight" opiate. It with the apap (tylenol) factor makes it highly not probable that combining it with alchol will kill you. This is just my opinion. I am not a doctor, but I am sure a competant one could explain this a whole lot better

682 days ago


Hmmmm. I think the IMDB profile needs an edit: Joseph Eugene Kovar, aka "Joey Kovar", is a very courageous, optimistic and positive man. Joey Kovar is a very well-known young talented Chicago actor, model and wrestler, who is extremely popular with today's youth. Joey made his first debut on MTV's "The Real World" (1992) Hollywood and moved on to VH1's "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" (2008), putting up the ratings, stealing the limelight and spotlight from everyone on the show that stood beside him.. What most don't know is that, as a child, young Joey was mentally and physically abused by his mother. He was introduced, at a very young age, to drugs and alcohol by his own mother and father. His father, an alcoholic, and his mother, a user of cocaine, were bad influences and unfit parents for young Joey Kovar. Joey, at the time raised by these unfit guardians, grew up thinking that alcohol and drugs were acceptable in a household. It was inevitable that Joey Kovar's past would lead him later to a path he never wanted to take. Now, Joey Kovar, himself, who grew up with all the odds against him, is a survivor of drugs and alcohol abuse, still fighting his urges today, because he has a dream of becoming "The Next Generation Action-Star".

682 days ago


WOW His eyes are actually bulging out of his head. It's no wonder he's dead....What a waste. Sad.....

682 days ago


Sudden Wealth + Stupid People = Early Death by Drugs

681 days ago


Wow he looks so high on this picture his eyes are as big as saucers!

681 days ago


heroin is an opiate if that isn't a warning enough for folks getting the scripts for vicodin, etc. when you can't get the pills anymore, heroin is alot cheaper. if you are taking opiates - be prepared. you'll be an addict or dead - or both - sooner than you think.

681 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

How long had he been dead when this picture was taken?

681 days ago


while i understand people being nice about his death and calling it a sad loss etc. sad -ok, i will let you have that if you wish. but as far as a loss, i doubt he was going to become a brain surgeon or anything.

681 days ago

joe gillis    

one less retard in the world can't be a bad thing

681 days ago


Norco is basically Vicodin with less Tylenol in it. Norco can also have more hydrocodone in it like a combo of 10/325mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen . Where regular Vicodin is 5/500mg or Vicodin ES has 7.5/500mg. That being said norco is just Vicodin x2 with less Tylenol.

681 days ago

Spicy mag    

Stupid humans need to get off the meds.

681 days ago


Methadone is the drug of choice now for young guys who want the effects of viagra, who can't get their hands on viagra. Methadone will if you mix anything with it. I suspect Methadone in this dude's case for the opiate intoxication.

681 days ago


Who cares?

681 days ago
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