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Lindsay Lohan

Rolls Over In Limo Lawsuit

Pays Her Bill!!!

11/10/2012 8:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
 has closed the door on one of her many legal problems and settled out of court with the limo company that claimed she screwed them out of almost $100,000 ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services sued the actress, claiming she used their primo services (we're talking up to $6k /hour) from February to May 2009, but never paid the bill. They claimed she racked up a tab of $90,585.79.

LiLo and the limo company settled their beef by striking a deal outside the courtroom and we're told Lindsay coughed up close to the full amount she owed.

The case was dismissed by both parties this week.

Lindsay probably didn't celebrate too much considering she'll soon be charged with lying to cops​ following after a nasty car wreck on the PCH back in June.


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The BLACK SOUL NO FLY EMBARGO thing is gonna be fun to witness as it plays out - thread after grief-filled thread! I can't wait to see which one loses it first! Rouge Bigot or dead-to-me HELLp. I hope it's the latter.

By the way - unless the H8turds disagree - it's still open season to insult, reference, and Gleefully ridicule them - as long as it's not communicating with them, acknowledging their posts, or validating their existence.

Disagree? Say so soon - before the hate-filled sh!tstorm begins!

677 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

LLSez, Love, Love, Love your Avi. I think we should all have it, eh?

677 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

So, Lindsay has Liz and Dick (bwhahaha) and Anne Hathaway has LES MISERABLES.......OSCAR......

677 days ago


FU, you and I had a deal. I'd 'NO FLY' RW for you and I'd be IMMUNE from any repercussions by speaking to ANYONE I SAW FIT. You 'NO FLYING' me if I comment to HELLp?

677 days ago

Hot Farts    

Everyone express themselves the way they wish...insects are not worth a second thought to make a decision. If I NO FLY that is just my style today...that can change. There just arent any interesting azzholes in my book...they dont get any mind space so write what u will or NO FLY either way....they are shoe turds

677 days ago


Black checks. **Yawn**

677 days ago

Hot Farts    

its my tv night...wakin dead, dexter, homeland and maybe a bit a dateline. My daughter is visiting from college this weekend so my two kids and I indulge together tonight

677 days ago

Ellie G    

I rarely read let alone respond to any of those idiots posts but I do read the replies. I love watching you guys call them on their bullshvt and hand them their asses. I will miss that.

677 days ago


So because I outright won't go along, I'm getting MULTIPLE black 'checks'? OK fine. I thought you all better than that. Don't we all agree to 'free speech'? Is this a democracy or a dictatorship?

677 days ago


To me, the attack on Andy is unforgivable. To compare his service to the dirty sleazy diseased Lindsay, who has contributed nothing to the country but ugliness and a couple of lame-ass stupid teen movies is unforgivable.
To be fair and end on a positive note, Lindsay has reduced the government's cost of warehousing tax money. Good Job.

677 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

So will Lindsay be nominated for an Oscar for Scary Movie 5 and be up against Amanda and Anne for Les Miserables?

677 days ago


I'm go glad I got to entertain Miss J with my ignorance.........I got the biggest Laugh out of her trying to make fun and shame me for my supposed stupidity she showed hers !!!!.......Far East a name used to denote the country's within the Asia shpere of the which Phillipines is part of....... and the word that was left out was 3rd which several South America countries come under the heading of......and contrary to Miss J belief Brazil is not the center of the civilized world ....and the center of all things bright and beautiful........and if it is what is she doing here in the USA and away from all that wonderfulness...... But if she wants to play in shyt with Help go right ahead ...but she better remember play in shyt you will smell like shyt for a long time cause the stink will stay with you .......

677 days ago


great way of making extra cash.

677 days ago


Yes they are so enlightened and civilized in South America ......the church along with the whole southern Baptist group are in the process of raising money and gathering clothing and supplies of two missionary groups to go back to Brazil and rebuild the school and orphanage that was attacked and burned to the ground last year by these civilized and enlightened of about 15 that was attacked and burned in the last few years..... leaving 55 little children homeless.....parcels out to temp homes... .....
Now Miss J that is the honest truth.......

677 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

I have always enjoyed Andy's comments in here. He is a cool guy who loves to fish. I had to flag that person for making those comments. Uncalled for.

677 days ago
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