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Lindsay Lohan

Rolls Over In Limo Lawsuit

Pays Her Bill!!!

11/10/2012 8:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
 has closed the door on one of her many legal problems and settled out of court with the limo company that claimed she screwed them out of almost $100,000 ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services sued the actress, claiming she used their primo services (we're talking up to $6k /hour) from February to May 2009, but never paid the bill. They claimed she racked up a tab of $90,585.79.

LiLo and the limo company settled their beef by striking a deal outside the courtroom and we're told Lindsay coughed up close to the full amount she owed.

The case was dismissed by both parties this week.

Lindsay probably didn't celebrate too much considering she'll soon be charged with lying to cops​ following after a nasty car wreck on the PCH back in June.


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jenny ruby    

its amazing how this keeps getting thrown in my face
also amazing how i asked for 2 bills to be paid
but i got shut down. but someone hired and paid
a manager 205,000 without permission and that was allowed. when my bills were not even close to that amount. also amazing how everyone gets salary paid so they can pay there bills everyone but me.

678 days ago

Hot Farts    

Wow. School yard banter....yawn. Those voraciosuly defending the hooker need to get it straight. No one is against your right to defend her. Like her, love her, fvck her (everyone else does), just be real about what you defend and how that is a mirror into your character. People who rip other people off for the fvck of it will never have success in their lives. And if at one time the hooker had a modi*** of success, it is how one handles success. She did not handle it and clearly cannot handle life as she is on a homeless bender with no end in sight. This is the behavior of a troubled, drug addicted, alcoholic human who, if you say she is the best and you love her, you should be concerned about her well-being instead of defending her "hope to die" dope fiend behavior.

678 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Good decision. Let's see what the outcome of her current legal predicament is next week.

678 days ago


LINDSAY DROOLS, especially when she has two ****s between those duck lips, when her johns pay off her debts, and when she sees cash, or when she's lifting clothes from sets.

678 days ago


From what I heard, it hasn't been paid yet, but someone else will be paying it for her - one of those guys she's always with. She's broke and doesn't have the money to pay for it, she hasn't been paying for anything, someone else has been.

678 days ago


I love how these half-wits think its so GREAT she actually paid a bill. I'd like to know where she gets the money to rub more than 2 pennies together at this point. Her looks are really gone at this point....

678 days ago


I bet Lindsay had one of her middle eastern boyfriends pay the limo people off, thats what they are good for, along with the free coke of course. Lindsay would bang a Sadam Hussein lookalike for fun though, while he wears a turban, because thats how shes livin!

678 days ago



678 days ago


Lindsay would probably bang the persident of Iran on one of his visits to the UN as well, thinking it would make a good story for TMZ. It would be bound to get more hits than the last story on Gunplay.

678 days ago

California Granny    

Lindsey is one empty-headed bimbo. She has no brain to think that she is regular mortal like all of us.
She thinks her entitlements are boundless for anything she does for any company. She simply crabs what she wants. What a all time pure thief. Apparently she was never thought any better by her parents, who are truly ding dongs in that department.

678 days ago


Apparently the rumors are true. Red Cloud has been "servicing" Milo. For proof, just look at Milo's face...and the banana he broke off in Red Cloud's ass.

678 days ago


Lindsay has the mental capabilty of log. I have a cat thats smarter than her

678 days ago


It's actually newsworthy when this stupid cow pays a bill she owes, albeit three years late.

678 days ago


so what's the delay in charging her?

678 days ago


Lindz must be bobbing on a lot of Hollybone to keep paying off these bills.

678 days ago
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