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Justin Timberlake


for Hurricane Sandy Relief

11/11/2012 5:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1111_justin_timbelake_splashJustin Timberlake helped unload boxes full of supplies to help Hurricane Sandy victims in Far Rockaway, NY yesterday.

There were no d*cks in the box.


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Wow, this really pisses me off. These useless douche bags are NO help at all, carrying boxes around is a complete BS compared to what these two bitches could do with their MONEY instead. BUT they do not give any money!

In fact, the bodyguards & press surrounding them is even interfering the people who really want to help and really do what they can. Because those other helpers have no 300 Millions on their accounts, they really have to carry boxes.

BTW, Jessica & Justin just could have give the money they spent for their private jet and huge team to get to NY for that obvious PR. But NO, to pretty up their image is more worth to THEM.

F* you Jessica & Justin!

710 days ago


He could have sat on his ass and donated megabucks and you'd be reading about his thousands of donated dollars, which he probably did anyhow. Instead, he got out there and worked where work was needed. How many of you people putting him down have donated money or time to your fellow countrypersons in need ? I commend him.

710 days ago

Spicy mag    

My hero.

710 days ago


Big Deal the guy has nothing but time on his hands and money in the bank, tell me where the sacrifice is ? if he was a father of 6 and had a full time job working at a factory and a night job driving a taxi this would be a story, but he don't ... he just trying to make himself look good after his dumb as friends made the mockery video of the homeless people.. THIS GUY IS SOOO CORRUPT AND LAME

710 days ago


Wow, it's really nice to see a celebrity go out and help, that doesn't do it for just a photo opp. Thank you Justin.

710 days ago


Figured it was for rep too, but even if it's for PR and career op, he helped out , so he did more than I did either way

710 days ago


Feels guilty for making fun of homeless people in his marriage video...what a great photo op...

710 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    


710 days ago


I am very happy to see celebrities like Justin show their heart by helping people when they are in a crisis..

Plus donating their money to those who really need the financial help..

710 days ago

john johnson    

is this on the east end or the west end of rockaway? the west end is breezy point, a gated community that doesn't allow the general public in the community and didn't think the storm would be so bad for them (so much for that), then theres arverne and edgemere where the poor folks live who couldn't go anywhere,the area that the news doesn't mention too much, the ones who i can feel more sorry for (not that i don't feel sorry for the folks in breezy point or belle harbor). its just a little more difficult to show compasion for folks who have more options that the ones on the other end of far rockaway. as of today, most of the power is STILL out and most of the pennisula has a really bad stench, so sad.

710 days ago


Public Relations photo opt... plain and simple.

709 days ago


Donate $1 Million Dollars like Lady Gaga just did....

709 days ago


Is it me or does this picture show why we are as country failing "Made In China". Guys hang on the Obama train has left the station and we are heading to a China controlled USA. God Speed Hollywood who lives in a bubble of the economy, RM

709 days ago


He should still try to find time to do a new N'Sync Album and tour for a year. He would make as much as he does acting, and help out his other bros that got burnt by him going solo. Either way it is an awesome thing to do and I like his newer music and acting also. I'm just sayin'

709 days ago


I'm sure he was just trying to meet new homeless people for another distasteful video.

708 days ago
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