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Legalizing Pot

You Be the Judge

11/11/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been a wild week for weed enthusiasts ... recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington -- kinda -- allowing anyone over 21 to purchase the drug whenever they want.

It's completely revolutionary -- but it raises all kinds of kush-y questions. So we gotta ask ...


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Well we can now legitimately say everyone in the whitehouse is high or needs to get high to solve the Basic problems in this great country

688 days ago

BB not bb    

If people want to kill themselves with drugs, that is their problem. I don't think they should be illegal if they are only harming the user. There is the problem of second hand smoke however. I don't feel children and others should be subjected to toxic things being burned because someone feels like smoking crack near them. I think that much should be illegal.

688 days ago


Actually, in Washington, you're not allowed to purchase it. You are allowed to have 1 ounce or less on your person (assuming you're over 21). Where they think you are going to get it from, who knows?

688 days ago


TMZ finally gives us a newsworthy story and it’s only one sentence long!?

--“ recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington -- kinda -- allowing anyone over 21 to purchase the drug whenever they want.”

It’s WRONG, LAZY and IRRESPONSIBLE to say that it’s OK for those over 21 to purchase it! The vote won’t be certified until Dec. 6/12, and even after that, pot will not likely be available for sale legally until 2014. Also, the Federal government has the power to overrule amendment 64.

Both states have their own laws and rules regarding growing, use, possessing and selling, and there are a ton of details to be sorted out before you can stroll down to your local pot café and buy it.

688 days ago


What all you fking potheads and supporters are not thinking about is the azzholes who smoke this outside in public areas or in apt buildings where there are children. In Lowell Ma. its just a fine if you get caught smoking weed so the people dont care and light up. I had to keep my windows shut cuase the azzhole downstairs would smoke it on the porch and the smoke would go right up to my window. I have a 6 y/o and didnt want to subject her to it. do it in the privacy of your own home,car, boat but not where other people have to smell it!

688 days ago


Build a better weed here ship it back to china and the rest of the world already shipping it in here.Native america reborn nothing NEW to america as it grows here and has been used as long as history goes back.10,000 people retire every DAY now in the USA and many smoke weeds since the 1960...`s taxe it produce it,it`s everywhere anyway and than the cops and judges can do thier jobs without being tied up by THC

688 days ago


BIGGEST CASH crop anyway everywhere cash in save the USA

688 days ago


food for thought... the dude who ate the other guy's face off in what was thought to be a bath salts incident... he only had pot in his system according to his autopsy.

688 days ago


I don't think it would be such a problem if it was called by it's scientific name!!! That's why many people are taking this issue so far left field and making jokes about it. I think people as in the gavernment as well as citizens would accept the facts and the issue a lot more if it's referred to as cannabis or marijuana. How can you expect people to accept legalizing marijuana when it's referred to as pot or weed? Pot has a bad ringer to it and weed is taken out of context bc you see it portrayed in movies in a bad light. Which of these 2 sentences would take seriously...?

Washington and Colorado were the first 2 states to legalize cannabis for recreational usage. Like alcohol, marijuana can interfere with the thought process and should be used responsibly. While under the influence of cannabis a person should not drive or operate heavy machinery.


Washington and Colorado were the first 2 states to legalize weed for recreational usage. Like alcohol pot can interfere with the thought process and should be used responsibly. While under the influence of weed a person should not drive or operate heavy machinery.

I mean it's already being used for medical purposes but you don't hear people saying "I'm going to get my medical weed" or a doctor say " due to your chronic case of glaucoma, I will issue you a medical pot card." I believe it's all in the delivery. You can't write an essay in English using slang and expect a decent grade, just like you can't expect everyone to legalize marijuana when it's referred to as pot.

688 days ago


A clear shot across the bow of the DOJ dinghy! If you attack medical marijuana, we will make it legal for recreational use...If you attack recreational...We will make weed mandatory in the school lunch program! Now go phukoff back to your cubicles...

688 days ago


what is worse .. the ??? asked or the poll results ... seems TMZ is followed primarily by hopheads

688 days ago


If marijuana is treated like alcohol and restricted by age: the State benefits with the influx of lots of new tax dollars.

If marijuana is illegal: the for-profit prison system benefits. (Allowing privately-run for-profit prisons in this Country was a big mistake.) Look at the increase in incarcerated Americans since the "War on Drugs" began It's because there's a profit in it -- not because more people started using.

Big round of applause to CO and WA for voting this in, but the test will come later when the Feds bear down on them. The problem with saying 'no' to the Fed drug enforcers is that you can't say no to the DEA without saying 'no' to Federal monies. Big hopes at least one of these States will grow the balls necessary to Just Say No to the Feds and take new and increased local tax dollars over Fed dollars.

688 days ago

OH NO!    

SEALAB2021- You are a 100% complete joke douchebag. I have known 100's of people who smoke pot on a regular basis, and you know what.......they only thing they succeed at is FAILING. They get ****tier grades, they get ****tier jobs, they are the people I walk all over in daily life. Slow as ****, can't form a complete sentence and are living on the edge of poverty. They have to escape from reality, because their reality is so ****ty. Give me a ****ing break. All I have is real world experience, not the propagandist bull**** you see on TV. GO **** YOURSELF. Take your 12 inch dildo and shove it up your ass sideways.

688 days ago


Agreed, we really have accepted the dumbing down of America. They want to tell us they can raise children and just function fine in society. Read the Denver Post news paper. Articles of abuse and drugs. The next generation of children do not have a chance. Ask any social worker or honest mental health worker if pot is going to benefit society? Pot is just more abuse waiting to happen. Pot will effect the way you raise a child. Just the want to legalize it says you should never have children. Children deserve to live in a drug free world. With all the mental and physical handicaps that people are faced with and they want to throw pot in the mix. We gave up. The United States that has more freedom than any country in the world has spoken. Freedom means a pot head mind. You wanted it you got it.

688 days ago


Alcohol and Tobacco are far much worse than pot and other drugs, they should be classed as a drug. Pot is not addictive, should sold and taxed just as tobacco, huge revenues. ., Best watches at best prices!

688 days ago
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