Michael Jackson Fought Mark Wahlberg Over 9/11 Escape Jet

11/11/2012 5:53 AM PST

Michael Jackson & Mark Wahlberg -- Fought Over 9/11 Escape Jet

Whoever is more famous, gets the private jet ... so said Sony, when Michael Jackson and Mark Wahlberg came to verbal blows over who could use the record label's ride to escape the aftermath of 9/11 -- and MJ won.

According to a new book called "Untouchable" by Randall Sullivan ... Michael, his kids and several relatives hightailed it to White Plains, NY a few days after the Twin Towers were hit in order to catch a private plane back to L.A.

But according to Sullivan, when M.J. arrived he was confronted by Mark Wahlberg and HIS entourage ... who were also waiting to use Sony's sweet ride.

Sullivan says the duo exchanged verbal blows over who got the plane ... until Sony honchos sent word down that M.J. (as the bigger celeb) was the victor.

Sullivan says Jackson eventually changed his mind at the last minute and wanted to get to L.A. by bus ... so his entourage flew without him. The book claims Jackson then changed his mind again and sent his mother and some relatives on the bus -- and Sony was forced to send a second plane.

The moral of the story is to work for Sony ... they had TWO planes!!!