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Ariel Winter's BFF


with Her Older Sister

11/12/2012 7:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Modern Family" star Ariel Winter is in a "much better situation" now that she's away from her mother and living with her older sister ... this according to one of Ariel's closest friends.

TMZ spoke with Sterling Beaumon -- a fellow child star who met Ariel on the set of a Nintendo commercial a few years ago. He also starred as a young Ben Linus on "Lost."

Beaumon tells us he's still very tight with Ariel -- and has had extensive conversations with the 14-year-old actress since a judge removed her from her mother's home and named her older sister Shanelle as her temporary guardian.

"Everything is good with her," Sterling said ... "She's in a much better situation now."

He adds, "I actually know her sister as well ... her sister is a wonderful girl, woman actually ... great person. "

When asked about allegations that Ariel's mother Chrystal has abused the actress both mentally and physically ... Sterling said, "I can say that [Ariel is] not lying ... there's no reason for her to lie about something like this."

While he wouldn't say if he saw any of the alleged abuse firsthand, Sterling added, "She's in a great situation now."


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655 days ago


And I was just about to say how nice it was not to have another Ariel Winter story today.

655 days ago


That little ungrateful witch, she's going to turn on The Modern Family cast just like she turned against her mom! They ought to get rid of this trouble maker! Her sister is not going to let her get no dikk either! Ariel will be jumping on her sisters azz next. Lindsey Lohan in the making!

655 days ago


LEAVE ARIEL ALONE. Also, leave her friends and older sister alone. If anyone needs to be under the microscope, it's Ariel's mother. Please, stop reporting personal details about her life. She is 14.

655 days ago

northern gypsy    

symptoms of our illness in society is when one of the most basic instinct (motherhood) goes so terribly wrong and a minor is having to battle some very adult tragic indeed...

655 days ago


No comment, no comment, no comment BUT he kept running off at the mouth for almost 3 minutes. LMAO

655 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Who the f*ck cares???

655 days ago


Of course she's in a better situation now. She gets to whore it up with her boyfriend without mommy interfering. What does this little boy know about whats better for a hormonal 14 year old teenager or not. Mom probably flipped out real good when she caught her daughter IN BED with a man. Who wouldn't.

655 days ago

just sayin    

I'm so sick of the constant bombardment of stories about this girl. No one cares about anything but solid story, and the more you post these irrelevant stories the less we're going to care about even that.

655 days ago


This kid has no idea what is happening. Fourteen year olds are rebellious and I doubt her mother is abusive. Unless she took her iphone away for a day.

655 days ago


isn't in bad taste for tmz to photograph everything a 14 yr old girl does, esp. when this girl didn't break laws, wasn't caught doing anything bad, hell she hasn't gotton any bad reports from anywhere yet tmz takes pics of her pink dress, taking a walk, does anybody else think it's a bit much on a kid minding her own business?

655 days ago

Mary P    

And yet another story, with a PR spin - this supports the mom here though. He was so close with her but he didn't hear of abuse? Is this the boyfriend the Momma tried to throw out? I don't know it just seems as if there was such a huge long history with Ariel, someone with all those eyes watching her would have said something before now. I'm still wondering if she was a bad mom to the older sister, but was being a decent mom, or perhaps more supportive of this Ariel girls acting career and the older sister is jealous. Stranger things have happened.

I said on the other story "I don't know, me thinks the older sister doth protest too much. Perhaps the Mom was icky to the older sister 20 years ago, and the older sister played some tricks to get even with Momma and get her younger sister's cash? This whole PR parade, with the photo ops, the little niece, etc. just are starting to seem weird. The matchy hats never before seen on her, the sister who is a "struggling" actress. No reports on the Mom in any other year prior to this one - a rather impressionable one for a little girl... I'm not saying the Mom was good or bad here, but the more they do the staged photo ops, the more I'm starting to wonder."

655 days ago


Harvey's TMZ doing what they do best trying to build another Justin Beaver with no talent wright about her enough time & WoW a star is born! What's your cut Harv by the story or straight $ percentage ? Just dying to know please. Pretty please thanks The Movie Zombe

655 days ago


Glad TMZ is covering this and doing a service to abused daughters and kids by showing it does exist..
These are accusations of a mother abusing her daughter, a woman a lot of feminists don't like the media covering it, they want the story to go away.
To shove the daughter in a corner and silence her so that society won't see that mothers, women, are just as commonly abusive as men, and in some areas more commonly.
Emphasizing male child abusers while ignoring female child abusers only makes it worse for kids who were abused by women.

655 days ago


That Sterling is one good looking guy, I'd rather look at him!

655 days ago
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