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Barbara Walters

Lindsay's Leno Interview

Is a Slap in the Face

11/12/2012 9:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Barbara Walters
is straight-up insulted that Lindsay Lohan canceled an interview with her to chat with Jay Leno instead -- claiming Lindsay's people didn't even have the courtesy to explain why she pulled out.

Barbara spoke out on "The View" this morning, saying, "If they'd said to me 'You know, Barbara, she isn't up to the kinds of questions that you might ask' ... If they had told me that, I wouldn't feel quite as disappointed as I do today."

Lindsay had previously been scheduled to do an interview with Walters on "20/20" but the actress canceled -- and Barbara claims Lindsay's people gave her a BS excuse ... that LiLo just wasn't feeling "up to it."

Next thing Barbara knew, Lindsay's people had booked her on Leno instead -- and she's insinuating ... it's because Leno won't ask the hard-hitting questions Barbara wanted to. 

Lindsay's Leno interview is supposed to air next week.

She refused to talk to Barbara -- but you'll recall, Lindsay opened up about her family problems on TMZ Live just last month. The interview was explosive.



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Barbara Walters is not the first woman who slept her way to the top by having sex with married Congress men and producers. Kind of makes you wonder HOW she got that interview with Castro that made her a supposed journalist.

679 days ago


Baba wawa is annoying. She's a 90 year old woman with a speech impediment.

679 days ago

Ellie G    

What does BW sex life or speech have to do with Lindsay backing out of yet another commitment?

679 days ago


Apples and oranges there's a difference between Walters and Leno.....

679 days ago


Good! Baba Wawa needs a good face slapping!!!

679 days ago


Of course she chose to Be on Leno because she knows he will kiss her ass and only talk about things she wants to talk about. Barbara can get aggressive in her interviews and that scares her.

679 days ago


Patterns folks, Patterns....they don't change do they.....New story.....Defend...Attack and Smear....this time Smear ... Barbara. Walters......
Thats right attack a 83 yrs old woman with a 60 plus career in the industry...who probably has made enough money to settle the National she had a long standing least is isn't the dam biggest whore to come out of Hollywood Whores to shame....riddled with STD's.....and a achoholic drug user ...
and a sick ass whore with one foot in her grave.....Go look at those last tweet photos ....really really look.....she's sick !...losing weight yet bloated like a three day old dead fish...and all the dam makeup and photoshopping in the world cannot cover it up...

679 days ago


Come on Barbara...turn on the lights. You are not dealing with a normal person. She has lied, accused of steaing, leaves accidents, drugs and alcohol. She doesn't get it. An apple doesn't fall far from a tree....look at the trees she fell from. She is a loser and the sooner you write her off the less aggravation you will have in your life. You can't fix her and obviously she doesn't care about you. Get over it.

679 days ago


She wll probably will bail on him too,. They have a lot of alcohol there and I amsure if she goes to the show she will drink and not be in her right mind

679 days ago


I'm expecting some sort of excuse/denial story at 1:00 a.m. Don't let us down TMZ.

679 days ago


what is wrong with you people?
How can you Blame Barbra..
she shows up to work every day and with out lame excuses..
Lielo can even show up for a 3 min. Cameo for SM5..
you really need to check yourself before you wreck yourself

679 days ago


Please tell me there are NOT people out there that believe this cartoon character LL who is a menace to human kind can still freak people out by doing yet another no show. Casey A. is almost forgotten. Just let this other dredge of society fade away. This story is like a cold,that goes on to bronchitus,on to pnemonia, and just won't go away. Put it on Nancy Grace if you have to but celebrity sites should just say "Toodles" to LL. Come on Barbara, surely you jest that you're even taking her no show as an insult.

679 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

When is Lindsay Lohan going to commit to doing something and actual do it? This interview, jail, court, community service, the Matt Lauer interview, “The Canyons” ADR session, “Scary Movie 5” filming…she has bailed on every single one of those things.

Well, I can’t wait for her to back out of the Jay Leno interview, is what I’m saying

679 days ago


Waaaa, poor baby baba. Windsay Wohan didn't slobber at my feet and lick my butthole. Let me cry on TeeWee about.

679 days ago


Burning bridges along with her "career". The reputation was burned long ago.

679 days ago
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