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Paul Nassif

Carnival Vouched for Me

My Son FELL Off Ride

11/13/2012 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Nassif
wasn't lying when he claimed his 6-year-old son sustained hand injuries by falling off a carnival ride ... this according to carnival workers who filed an injury report that completely backs Paul's story.

The question ... was Adrienne Maloof lying when she told Children Services Paul abused the kid?

TMZ obtained the report, filed by two carnival workers moments after Christian injured himself on November 11.

According to the report, the carnival workers ... Christian "jumped off steps of ride exiting, fell on his hands." And that's how he was injured.

The report adds, "[Christian] wiped his hands off and didn't seem very concerned."

According to the report, the injuries to Christian's hands were nothing but a "slight scrape."

The account flies in the face of the story Adrienne told to the L.A. Dept. of Children and Family Services -- that the child was injured when Paul kicked him.

Adrienne was concerned Christian suffered broken fingers -- but the report says he was so unfazed, "he continued to ride other rides."

DCFS is currently investigating.



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I think it is time for Adrienne to be analyzed because first she lied on Lisa now she is lying on Paul. She is becoming quite a disturbed person.

710 days ago


THIS WOMAN IS FULL OF **** anyway you look @ it. Adrienne is no effing pushover and you can CLEARLY see that when you watch the show. This woman CLEARLY wears the pants and she always seems so ANNOYED with Paul like he's a burden in her life or something. She displays NO CHARACTERISTICS of an abused woman and something tells me that if Paul REALLY was an abuser, she would've either KICKED HIS ASS AND CALLED THE POLICE especially if he did something to her kids. THIS WOMAN IS AN EFFING DISGRACE AND A ****ING LIAR just like fish lips Taylor! Paul doesn't strike me as perfect BUT I SERIOUSLY DOUBT this man is an abuser!

710 days ago


Adrienne - how quickly absolutely nothing was learned from Russell's death.

710 days ago


I can see it now "on the next season of RHOBH". Adrienne,stop using your divorce and children to save you a place on RHOBH. Didn't you learn anything from Taylor and Russell?

710 days ago

Crazy Cat Lady    

Adrienne Maloof is nothing but a bitter, angry witch out for revenge. STOP IT ALREADY!!! You're making yourself look like a fool, and even worse, you are HURTING YOUR OWN CHILD, who you claim to love. Wake up, lady!!!

710 days ago


No wonder the state of California is going Bankrupt they have Billionairs that abuse the system for their own personal gain, instead of hiring attorney's and battling in court.

710 days ago


People know Paul wouldnt kick or abuse a child.
Everytime Adrine makes up her lies of abuse
it back ifres on her.
she has allready torn her fmaily aprart
now to have th cfc involed is realy bad.
All there money and they are fighting it out worse than tralior trash.

710 days ago


What a huge nutbag!

710 days ago


There is one Winner in all of this Andy Cohen, He is clearly an advocate for violence, and whatever his actors need to do in there personal lives no matter who it hurts, he is there for the ratings, and violence and false claims is making him a very rich boy.

710 days ago


What a
vicious, vindictive
witch, he's the father
of her children!
Her kids are going
to resent her for that
one day, they don't forget.

710 days ago


Shame on her. This isn't the first time she's accused him of abuse. A good mom would NOT use her kids as a revenge tool. She should be investigated for mental abuse to those poor kids!!

710 days ago


She is going to be one huge pain in the arse to him for life. Team Paul. Stand in truth.

710 days ago


Cheryl, maybe you aren't aware but Paul is a plastic surgeon. I think it is more than qualified to access the level of medical attention that was required. Let's leave the emergency rooms free for people who actually NEED them.

710 days ago


The hostility towards Paul in every episode I recall was a viable thing. Seemed to me she treated him like a moron half the time. He'd try to get her a plate of food for example, in one episode, and she acted like he was being insensitive to her pretty princess preferences. I just thought .. wow, you are so out of touch with reality, lady.
With that being said.. am I shocked that she's determined to be a martyr and using the kids as a weapon? Nope. Personal responsibility in the fall of relationships is always tough to swallow when you're self absorbed. I've seen less self absorbed people in a beauty pageant.

710 days ago


The courts really need to sanction her for this, she doesn't know when to stop.

710 days ago
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