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Paul Nassif

Carnival Vouched for Me

My Son FELL Off Ride

11/13/2012 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Nassif
wasn't lying when he claimed his 6-year-old son sustained hand injuries by falling off a carnival ride ... this according to carnival workers who filed an injury report that completely backs Paul's story.

The question ... was Adrienne Maloof lying when she told Children Services Paul abused the kid?

TMZ obtained the report, filed by two carnival workers moments after Christian injured himself on November 11.

According to the report, the carnival workers ... Christian "jumped off steps of ride exiting, fell on his hands." And that's how he was injured.

The report adds, "[Christian] wiped his hands off and didn't seem very concerned."

According to the report, the injuries to Christian's hands were nothing but a "slight scrape."

The account flies in the face of the story Adrienne told to the L.A. Dept. of Children and Family Services -- that the child was injured when Paul kicked him.

Adrienne was concerned Christian suffered broken fingers -- but the report says he was so unfazed, "he continued to ride other rides."

DCFS is currently investigating.



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Adrienne keeps sinking to new lows...
Paul be happy you are free.

645 days ago


Grow up old lady. Your ex is a MEDICAL DOCTOR, you make shoes. Did you ever step foot in a College?? Or was it DADDY'S check book school?? I watch RHOBH, your latest PLASTIC SURGERY, makes you look absurd. You can't buy class, hillbilly, ask Lisa & Yolanda. That is what class looks like. Jocelyn Wildenstein, wants her cheeks back. I was horrified when I watched the new season. Hope you enjoy being alone, as you are old, all dried up, and you look ridiculous. BTW, THE HIGHER THE HAIR, THE CLOSER TO GOD, MIDGET GOD DOES NOT DRESS LIKE YOU, NOR DID THE VIRGIN MARY. SAVE YOURSELF, BEFORE IT IS TOOOOO LATE. GOD BETTER HELP YOU,YOU NEED HELP, TEAM PAUL NASSIF. FEH SO CHESSY,& TOO DAMN OLDDDDD. STORMY MUNROE,(my real name, & at 41, still modeling)

645 days ago


I was in a crazy relationship about ten years ago and we had a daughter together. I was always kind and nice then the mother started lying and then she lied on a police report. It took a week for the police to say to me that your right nothing happened. It was the worst week of my life and nothing happened to the mother. The mother should had been arrested for lying. In our society the woman is always gets the benefit of the doubt. I think Adrienne should lose custody of the child and only have visiting rights with a child monitor. This lady is disgusting and should not get away with lying to the police. I am so for the man's side in this case.

645 days ago


Adrienne sure is showing her true colors during this divorce. And it looks like she's a straight up Beeeotch! She strictly took that child to the E.R to stir up the tabloids and try and make Paul look bad so she can try and get full custody. I'm glad the truth came out about the injury and it shows what a liar she is. I fell bad for Paul... She is DISGUSTING! GROSS!

645 days ago


who are these fugly people?

645 days ago


I hope he was smart enough NOT to prescribe her pain meds? He may have created a monster by doing that.
You can have loads of money and still be a miserable person-she's proof of it.

645 days ago


She is really trying to bury him under the sand...and why is TMZ Harvey so anxious to change the subject away from her....the minute all the false chgs she has made come up he wants to move on to the next story.

645 days ago


I think the point has come that The Maloof needs to feel the fullest extent of the law come down on her for making all of these false reports to the Dept of Children and Families, which in turn makes a police report. All of this has to be investigated, costing the state money and taking people away from other REAL investigations. MAKE THE BITCH PAY AND SEE A COURT ORDERED PSYCHIATRIST.

645 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Kids fall all the time and it's no biggie.
Nassif is a doctor, I'm SURE he looked at it and rightly saw the kid was OK.
(I'm thinkin' he cheated, because Adrienne is just goin' cray-cray here lately with the accusations against him!)
All this drama is bad for their kids.

645 days ago


She just wants full custody so she can get more money , since her family only owns 1% of the Palms Casino now ,and are about to lose the Sacramento Kings . She is going to need every penny she can get her hands on . I hope all her lies turn the tables, and she loses custody .

645 days ago


The only reason why Adrienne divorced Paul, cause he doesn't look like Kyle's husband,Mauricio! Kyle I wouldn't trust Adrienne the liar around your husband! Adrienne needs to eat something that is why she is a constant Be-otch! Leave Paul alone stop calling Child Services on him! Bext time call Anorexia Anonymous for yourself!

645 days ago


Adrienne Maloof is a devious little minx. While on a visit w/ his dad, their son nearly breaks three fingers and it's by the abuse of Paul, the father. Nice try, Adrienne, but no. Accidents happen no matter where kids are, seems Ms. Maloof has some sort of ax to grind, we just haven't been privy to what the real reasons are.

645 days ago


this close up of them two is scary.

645 days ago


hell has a special place for s*** that try to steal people's children. she knew damn well that kids fall and scrape something every other day

645 days ago


and the story here would be what?

645 days ago
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