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Paul Nassif

Carnival Vouched for Me

My Son FELL Off Ride

11/13/2012 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Nassif
wasn't lying when he claimed his 6-year-old son sustained hand injuries by falling off a carnival ride ... this according to carnival workers who filed an injury report that completely backs Paul's story.

The question ... was Adrienne Maloof lying when she told Children Services Paul abused the kid?

TMZ obtained the report, filed by two carnival workers moments after Christian injured himself on November 11.

According to the report, the carnival workers ... Christian "jumped off steps of ride exiting, fell on his hands." And that's how he was injured.

The report adds, "[Christian] wiped his hands off and didn't seem very concerned."

According to the report, the injuries to Christian's hands were nothing but a "slight scrape."

The account flies in the face of the story Adrienne told to the L.A. Dept. of Children and Family Services -- that the child was injured when Paul kicked him.

Adrienne was concerned Christian suffered broken fingers -- but the report says he was so unfazed, "he continued to ride other rides."

DCFS is currently investigating.



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Ms. Adrienne,

You are a beautiful lady, please ACT like one. Making up obviously false reports to CPS can bring criminal action against you, if found or proven to be false. Why do such a thing? It would be sad if this silly thing came back to bite YOU in the ARSE.

711 days ago


This woman is so vile. Plastic face, plastic heart. I feel bad for this guy who has to be tied to her because of the children. She is nothing but a bitter, controlling shrew.

711 days ago


when you use your kids as a pawn to hurt your ex, you are only hurting your children. Stop the insanity, let the hate go and co-parent your children with respect and honesty. If you manage to to succeed and take the father out of their lives, you end up screwing up your kids who eventually end up thinking their father is a monster who doesn't love them, which leads them to believe they're not worthy of love. You have managed to create a screwed up adult who will never have a healthy loving relationship with another human being. So stop the lies and love your kids and allow them to love both parents without shame.

711 days ago


First, I am NOT implying ANYTHING by asking the following question - I am simply curious! Does anyone know from what cultures the names Maloof and/or Nassif hail from? They are interesting names...

711 days ago

Mom of Five    

These "Housewife" shows kill me. Most of the time none of them are even married. They have no earthly idea what it means to be a real housewife and mother.

It means taking care of others before yourself.

I don't recall ever having my make-up professionally done and being dressed to the nines each day. I do recall scrubbing the toilets and cleaning the rest of the house and doing ten million loads of laundry and cleaning up baby **** and puke only to sit down for a minute to try and relax and realize you have **** and puke on your shirt so you go take a shower, but of course to do this you have to take the baby and the baby swing in the bathroom and hope to get 5 minutes to shower and wash your hair.

I wouldn't change being a REAL housewife for the world.

711 days ago


Argh! I can't stand this anymore! I was at this carnival. There was both a bodyguard and nanny that day, AND Paul was watching the kids. I heard that some kid fell off of that ride, and I'm not surprised.He was there all three days of the carnival and the entire family seemed to be enjoying themselves. Enough of this nonsense. Adrienne is a pathetic person. I don't know what Paul actually did to her, but I sincerely doubt that it was criminal. Knock it off, Adrienne. Your sons will thank you when they're adults.

699 days ago
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