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Baltimore Bus Driver

FIGHTS Teen Passenger

... Like a Girl [VIDEO]

11/13/2012 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If last month's epic bus driver fight taught you nothing, let this new video serve as a final lesson -- DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR BUS DRIVER ... because she will beat the crap out of you.

The new video was shot yesterday on board a Baltimore bus -- showing a female bus operator unleashing a ferocious beatdown on a female high school student.

According to the person who posted the clip on YouTube, the fight started because the student was playing her music too loud -- and the bus driver hit FIRST.

At the end of the video, the bus driver says the fight was about the student being "disrespectful."

A rep for the MTA in Baltimore says the driver has worked for the city since 2003, and has been placed on leave while the MTA investigates the incident.

It's the second crazy fight video we've seen on a bus in a month -- you'll recall the last video showed a male bus driver in Cleveland uppercutting a girl for allegedly assaulting him (below).



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Lmbfao...that old man knock the socks off that skinny crazy psycho pathetic nasty ass dirty ass bitch. All these trifling ass bitches around here running their nasty ass mouth, someday you gonna get what you deserve. No female can be like a man, y’all need to stop trying to compete with men, i mean *****s especially lol

707 days ago


This is what happens when you give black people the right to sit anywhere on a bus.

707 days ago


This is what happens when you give black people the right to sit anywhere on a bus.

707 days ago



707 days ago


Kids today have no respect for adults or anyone for that fact. The bus driver should have taken her home and then beat the $hit out of her mother for raising such a bitch. Then go after her mother. I'm just saying.

706 days ago


I don't care what anyone says come NEW YEARS EVE the COIN PHRASE of the year got be be ....." You going to jail now"..lmao

706 days ago

Spicy mag    

Next week on Bus Drivers vs Teens, a Bus Driver backs over a disrespectful teen.

706 days ago


Just a lesson kids! Don't **** wit the bus drivers!!! They put up with your BS allll day and then snap!!! I don't blame them one bit!!! I hope she don't get fired!

706 days ago


What do you mean "Allegedly" while referring to the past incident? That woman hit the bus driver and that's why she got her ass an uppercut.

I bet the feminazis won't have a damn thing to say about this.

706 days ago

david 183    

In New York they have a law that if you assault a bus driver it's a felony. Now they need to implement a new law that states if the bus driver assaults a passenger it's a felony

706 days ago

david 183    

Unless the the kid hit her first she had no reason to put her hands on her, case closed.

706 days ago


"I believe the children are our future" - We are screwed. The common denominator in all of these incidents are young adults with no manners, no respect for others, and no respect for themselves. We have an entire generation of children who have grown up with a sense of entitlement they have not earned, a lack of work ethic, a lack of education, and exposure to the wrong role models. Our future is looking pretty bleak.

706 days ago


I have a question. Did the bus driver ever ask (or even demand) the teenager turn down her music?
I do not believe public transportation workers should go around beating up teenagers all willy-nilly. What if the teenager was able to fight back and injured the bus driver?
Just because you are the driver does not give you the right nor the authority to attack the customers.
I really do not care how much of a snobby, snotty, bratty, 2 dollar whore of a stupid, imbecilic, moronic, idiotic, selfish, arrogant, obnoxious, despicable, vile, putrid, nasty bitch the teenager was being. The bus driver should have had more control of herself. If the bus driver cannot handle a teenager being a teenager, maybe the bus driver should look into a different line of work... like New York Taxi Driver.
If passengers and customers are being that disruptive on the bus that the bus driver needs to stop the bus and beat the hell out of them, maybe the bus company should raise the prices of their buses by a couple of dollars and station a security guard on each bus to dispense the law should need be? Last thing we need is a bus driver driving right after they got done beating a teenager (the road rage has to be a nightmare).

706 days ago


If their parents teach them some respect other grown people wouldnt have to treat them like they the mother. All people looking for is a quick pay out and theses kids need to respect their elders!!!!! Period remember it takes a village to raise a child

706 days ago


We didn't see the start of it so we don't know...but generally, the driver shouldn't have hit first if that's what happened. The girl should have been removed from the bus. But if I were the driver taking that crap daily and some trashy mouthed passenger attacked me, I would have gleefully beaten the crap out of her.

706 days ago
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