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Baltimore Bus Driver

FIGHTS Teen Passenger

... Like a Girl [VIDEO]

11/13/2012 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If last month's epic bus driver fight taught you nothing, let this new video serve as a final lesson -- DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR BUS DRIVER ... because she will beat the crap out of you.

The new video was shot yesterday on board a Baltimore bus -- showing a female bus operator unleashing a ferocious beatdown on a female high school student.

According to the person who posted the clip on YouTube, the fight started because the student was playing her music too loud -- and the bus driver hit FIRST.

At the end of the video, the bus driver says the fight was about the student being "disrespectful."

A rep for the MTA in Baltimore says the driver has worked for the city since 2003, and has been placed on leave while the MTA investigates the incident.

It's the second crazy fight video we've seen on a bus in a month -- you'll recall the last video showed a male bus driver in Cleveland uppercutting a girl for allegedly assaulting him (below).



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The girls in both videos deserved exactly what they got. Loudmouthed & no right on up to the stereotype.

646 days ago


What I find funny of this whole situation is that NO ONE jumped in to stop her but yet were saying that it's wrong "she's just a little girl" A little girl (like my daughter who is 4) does not act like that. They are too busy playing with dolls.

646 days ago


Oh wow, they're black.

Big surprise....

646 days ago


In no way do I condone violence but I was forced to use the city bus (long beach CA) to take my 2 year old son to speech therapy this past year - point being I could see why these bus drivers have been snapping ! The disrespect these young punks have for everybody is unreal ! I witnessed a teenage boy threaten a 80 year woman that he was " fitten to bus yo old azz up yo " .. Cause the woman bumped into him .. These idiots love holding their phones a foot in front of their faces and scream into them or jam their vile foul language music with children around .. No respect is taught to these POS and they need a good azz whooping it seems ..

646 days ago


Tell you what.... I can't watch that biych get pummeled often enough. It brings me great joy and warmth to my heart to see a bully put DOWN, dog!

646 days ago


you can't just lay your hands on somebody because they piss you off, thats how you end up in jail!!

646 days ago


PARENTS today do not teach their children respect.

645 days ago

Paul Sousa    

Is it me or its Black peple that go crazy on buses?? I mean dam people. Just sit your ass down and leave the bus draives alone. Or the bus driver justfreaking drive and let everyone alone. Its not that dam hard. Every video I have seen in the last 2 weeks have been about blacks people fighting on the bus. Come on.

645 days ago


The older female bus driver went "all Madea" on that girl:) FUNNY.....but the man who hit that girl with his fist was TOO violent. He could have done a lot of damage.

645 days ago


She put her ass in check real quick.

644 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

As a teacher, I see many young disrespectful kids. IMO many of them need the $hit beat out of them, but that doesn't make it right to actually do it. Consequently, I don't know how we should ultimately deal with the young disrespectful kids.

643 days ago


Granted, I don't know the whole story but, I will say this; children need to be put in a child's place. Unfortunately, the driver will probably loose her job for some BS. Society has given children entirely too many rights. Anytime a child can call the police on their parents, it's a problem. When I was growing up, we didn't have anything called child abuse.

643 days ago


I wish this were legal, nothing else sinks into these damn girls head........besides a fist, that is.

641 days ago
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