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Bieber's Dilemma

Go Back To Selena

Or Bang Supermodels?

11/13/2012 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
met Selena Gomez for a chit-chat Sunday at a NYC hotel ... but they are still officially single ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ ... they met to talk about the conflict that caused them to break up -- the sources wouldn't ante up specifics but we're told it was Selena who pulled the plug.

We're told nothing was resolved and they have NOT gotten back together.

And, we're told, Justin is privately conflicted about getting back with Selena -- he's still into her, but he also likes the idea of messing around, and he's saying the supermodels he's been hanging out with are tempting.

Justin -- you're 18. Go with door #2.



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How is it possible Justin is not in yet

673 days ago


Justin really close for appearing in

673 days ago


He should just f off!!

673 days ago


Justine should just come out of the closet. It must be common knowledge by now.

673 days ago


or you could take up with some "boys".

673 days ago

Big D    

I thought he was banging Usher

673 days ago


Go and date a real woman. Kim Kardashian!

673 days ago

Christina Camacho    

Well, I think he should go back with Selena. But, as I could see he heading the wrong way in life. If, now that he's 18 and like to fool around, imaging when he gets older. He won't make any decent girl happy. She will always worry that he will be unfaithful. Selena is to good for him. She should find a young man that will respect her and love her like she deserves. So, Selena drop Justin.

673 days ago


I glanced through some of the comments and was surprised as to how much time we all have to write about teen romantic. Then I find myself responding because I noticed a few disturbing comments. People we treat these kids as if they are not human but aliens because they are celebrities. Justin got PLAYED by Selena, we all know that. So we should not pretend that Selena is a saint. She has had several break ups before, why did she handle this like a teenager when she is 20years? Answer because a high profile break up will …you fill the blanks.
The question is not whether selena will do well without Justin or whether Justin should date a model because he had models but decided to date Selena. The question is who benefited more from the relationship? Justin lost millions of fans because of selena; treated her well but at the end selena paid him by calling him a cheater for doing his job. Selena posted a picture of Justin with his friend and a super model on the background and even the lady explained that she only took a picture with Justin. However, selena seized the opportunity to break up with him because he will be on tour for more than a year and she is now the WOMAN OF THE YEAR..has several movies coming out next year with millions of fans mostly Justin’s fans who loved both of them (Jelenas).
I don’t know about you but I see a manipulator who took advantage of a 16years. Call him GAY but we all saw the pictures and read the articles proving that Justin treated selena well. Did any of you read how selena treated Justin? Please post the article.
Selena did this with Nick Jonas when the Jonas Brothers were famous, Taylor when twilight was popular, and I am sure there are other guys I don’t know about. Does anyone see a pattern? Well, let's wait for the next famous guy that selena will date...we hope this time is not a 10 year old
One more thing, I noticed that TMZ has blocked all the replies …I am sure those replies were telling the truth about Selena. So go ahead TMZ block this comment but remember the truth about selena’s manipulative ways will come out eventually. However, answering the question from this article, I say let him take some time to decide but live selena alone because she has proven that she is a DRAMA QUEEN who will say or do anything for popularity.

673 days ago


Ok Ok all!
Remember when Selena started dating JB and got Dt's from his fans if she Hurt him ever ?
The [ DT's = death threats ] ok so what would two celebs do if that was what it was?
Have a meeting and figure he would say he is done with her so as to keep frenzied groupies from tweeting her nasty stuff yes I do think that.
If it were me[ glad it ain't] I would go that route.
2 hour meeting ha?
I betcha their PR people were there too..
I woulda had em there too yes I would.

673 days ago


First of all, telling a young man to go have random sex is a tragically irresponsible comment for Harvey Levin to allow in a website comprised of the youth culture. And what's up Justin? You claim to be a God-loving Chistian; you thank God for all your Blessings, and then you chit all over his Word. That almost sounds.....fraudulent. What would Jesus say? [All these guys go out and live the thuglife, but they speak of Jesus to keep their mother's happy, because if they truly were "believers" in Christianity, then they would truly be "God-fearing". If they don't sincerely fear God, they cannot sincerely be a Christian.


672 days ago


he isn't gay, he just likes the taste!

672 days ago

boys iz    

model job is selling their body into that they call barbara good for justin..i don't think so..justin better back to selens.

672 days ago


Go back to Salena!!! She will be their for you thru thick & thin!

669 days ago


Modells have no substance, here today gone tomorrow!

669 days ago
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