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Sesame Street Accuser


Underage Sex Allegations

11/13/2012 2:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The man who claims he had a sexual relationship with Kevin Clash -- the voice of Elmo -- is RECANTING his story ... claiming he WAS an adult during their relationship after all.

The accuser's lawyer just released a statement saying, "[The accuser] wants it to be known that his sexual relationship with Mr. Clash was an adult consensual relationship. [The accuser] will have no further comment."

It's unclear why the accuser suddenly changed his story ... but sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... the accuser's attorney had been meeting with Clash's attorney as recent as an hour ago, discussing a financial settlement and 6-figures were on the table.

We broke the story, the accuser claimed he had a sexual relationship with Kevin beginning when he was 16 and Kevin was 45.

Clash has also released a statement saying, "I am relieved that this painful allegation has been put to rest. I will not discuss it further."



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Having done nothing "illegal" is not synonymous with having done nothing "wrong." Would you want your 18 year old daughter or son dating a 45 year old man? Kevin Clash is a predator, no matter how you slice it. He might not have done anything illegal, but it's psychologically and emotionally unsound for a 45 year old man to see an 18 year old as his romantic/sexual peer--and to pursue a relationship with him/her.

717 days ago


gay + money = a boy's silence

says Micheal jackson

717 days ago


It's sad in these cases that people are always guilty until proven innocent, when people are really lying. But I guess in these situations everyone thinks, it's better to put an innocent person in jail than let a guilty person be out on the streets. Unlike other crimes where the old adage is its better to let a guilty person walk than lock up an innocent person.

717 days ago


TMZ, what do you mean you don't know what made the accuser change his mind? You posted the comments from the accusers emails when he was over 18 where he admitted they had not had sex but that he wanted it. Why are you trying to ruin Kevin Clash's life?

717 days ago


All the people commenting who agree with Clash are the Joe Paterno's who could've stopped it from happening to someone else.

717 days ago


Sesame Street please fire this sick nasty gay Abomination of God Kevin Clash SiCKO

717 days ago


I only hear about trash shows like this on occassion but I only have one thing to say to low lifes like you and you're irresponsible journalism......**** you. Going after a Puppeteer? Are you ****ing bored? Are you run by the GOP? Sad.

717 days ago


I don't care - I'm not taking back a single thing I posted here. Kevin Clash is still a DISGRACE!

717 days ago


I wonder if he included the Elmo puppet in their sex play.

717 days ago


The most common age of consent in the US is 16... So it's perfectly legal in the majority of states for a 45 year old man to have a sexual relationship with a 16 year old..unless there exists a relationship of trust like a teacher or coach. Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, I still think less of someone who would have a relationship with someone almost 30 years younger than them... Especially if that person is still a teen

717 days ago

Poster ATAT    

For six figures, you can slip from being a pedophile raping a 16 year old boy to being a homosexual having an adult relationship, with a 16 year old boy.

Thank you Micheal Jackson and Elmo for damaging the world with your sexual liberties.

717 days ago


So my question is, why didn't TMZ fact check before throwing Mr. Clash's reputation down the drain. The "source" gets to remain anonymous, while parents will forever look at Elmo differently. I'm disgusted and absolutely done with TMZ. It's one thing to run these stupid stories about things that don't really matter and a completely different thing to toss around damning accusations with no consequences. Shame on you, TMZ!

717 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Ah, -once again- the shameless cir***vention of Justice. YOUR tax-dollars, hard "at-work".
Only, in "America".

717 days ago


UGH and in a last ditch effort to save your own ass

"but sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... the accuser's attorney had been meeting with Clash's attorney as recent as an hour ago, discussing a financial settlement and 6-figures were on the table."

Give me a break!

717 days ago


Why is this such a big story? Who cares? It is the voice of a puppet.

717 days ago
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