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Justin Bieber Case

Judge Rules Paparazzi Law


11/14/2012 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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A judge in the Justin Bieber car chase case just ruled the California paparazzi law -- which prohibits photogs from driving recklessly while trying to shoot pictures of celebs -- is unconstitutional.

The judge was hearing the case of the photog who chased Justin in July on an L.A. freeway.  Witnesses say the cars were traveling at speeds approaching 100 mph. 

The judge tossed out 2 of the 4 criminal counts against photog Paul Raef. The counts that were tossed were based on the new paparazzi law. The judge concluded the law was "problematic" and suppressed legitimate activities by the media.

The ruling will not have an immediate effect because it was handed down by a trial judge. But we're told the L.A. City Attorney will appeal the ruling, and if the appeals court sides with the trial judge it could have a big impact on how paparazzi are prosecuted.


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Please TMZ, can we have more stories on Bieber. We just can't get enough of the little fella. Thanks.

653 days ago


If Justin didn't drive himself around in a car that announced his presence at every turn, he probably wouldn't have as much of a problem. I live in LA and see plenty of celebrities... and none of them are being followed by the paps, or even crazy fans. Know why? Because they aren't doing anything to make them selves stand out. They drive normal cars. They shop in normal stores. They wear sweats and t-shirts and are often not even that recognizable without all of the style, lights and makeup. Another thing... a lot of those celebs who hae the paps following them have people who tip the paps off. The ones who generally want to keep their lives private are able to do so without too much difficulty.

653 days ago


So our lives don't mean sh*t to the judge? okay whatever. just don't get mad when they crash into you or a family memeber of yours and cause an accident.

653 days ago


I dont care about the Bieb... but this is just stupid. Look what happened to Princess Di. itis just a matter of time before these low life, non working, just trying to take a picture for money, paps kill someone again. The law should go after them if they are forcing someone to 'get away' where they have to drive way over the speed limit. Senario... pap chases a celeb. The celeb crashes and kills someone while trying to get away. The pap stops and takes pictures. The pap sells those pictures for a ton of money. The celeb goes to jail and gets sued for the killing by the persons family. and the pap goes on a vacation with his new money. And this is allowed ? hmmm

653 days ago


That;s what killed Princess Diana.

653 days ago


I'm willing to bet this " California " judge has an 8 X 10 Glossy of himself..

Does anyone what this judge's name is?

653 days ago


So if it is not against the law why is speeding against the law for people who are not photographers, or slimey people with cameras?

653 days ago


Just saw the earlier story about him on a Ducati.

This guy's gonna pull off a James Dean type thing.

That much power ( the bike) on his really small frame + idiotic entitled bravado will probably end up doing him in.

653 days ago


don't ever ride dirty Justin!!lol you get pulled over every time u

653 days ago


TMZ please publish the name of the judge so those of us who live in LA can vote (or not) against them the next time they are up for re-election. I keep a notebook with this type of stuff which I consult before filling out my absentee ballot.

653 days ago


The Law violates Freedom of press and no matter how much people despise Papparazzi they are still press the only thing the Pap did wrong was breaking the laws and Justin Beiber broke the same laws and was let go and most likely a judge will feel the same way, and dismiss the driving tickets.

653 days ago


How is not being able to legally drive like an ******* unconstitutional? There are laws of the road for a reason. I can't drive 80 in a 65... they should not be able to drive like an ass for a photo.

652 days ago


er it's not the judge's job to decide which laws he does or doesn't like but to obey the people and to use these as rules to follow.. not make up his own rules

652 days ago


Sorry. I don't get it. What just happened?? Since Harvey's a lawyer you'd think that this story, as it relates specifically to his line of work, would be more conclusively descriptive.

652 days ago

Spicy mag    

How about throwing beeeber in jail for choosing to drive like a maniac.

652 days ago
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