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Aurora Massacre Shooter

Tries to Kill Himself

in Jail Cell

11/15/2012 8:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

James Holmes -- the shooter in the Aurora movie theater massacre -- was hospitalized after several "half-hearted" suicide attempts ... this according to law enforcement.

According to cops, Holmes ran headfirst into a jail cell wall on Tuesday ... and while he sustained injuries ... they were not life-threatening.

Holmes also reportedly stood on the bed in his cell and fell backwards ... in an apparent attempt to crack his skull open. He failed.

Holmes -- who killed 12 people and injured 58 more during his July 20 shooting rampage -- has since been released from the hospital.


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Amused Aussie    

assist him!!!!!

705 days ago


They should put him in General Population. I am quite sure a few inmates would love to do some "Jail House Justice" on this guy.

705 days ago


He deserves to rot in jail. Put him in with everyone else, he wouldn't last 24 hours.

705 days ago


i live in Denver, Co and seems like we have a bunch of weirdos in our state. Columbine, This weirdo but it is just these fewwho ruin it for all of us!!!! he should of hung himself with his sheets

705 days ago


Be patient James, and Justice will do it for you!! And when Justice kills someone, it gets done the right way, the first time. Just be patient, let the wheels of justice spin, and you will be burning in h.e.l.l soon enough. What an idiot!!! he had NO problem killing 12 people and hurting 58 more, but the idiot cant kill himself, even on the 1st attempt. P.S. for those of you who cant see the obvious, he REALLY doesnt want to kill himself, he is still trying to prove he is mentally insane. All he has proved is what a huge idiot he is.

705 days ago


I think he was just bored and decided to try to get to the medical ward for pain meds. If he was trying to kill himself, there are a lot better ways. Not to mention, I am sure there are a couple people in there that would love to finish him off. I do not believe he is mentally ill. I believe its all an act because he knows what people think of him!

705 days ago


If you guys didn't do 90% of your stories on worthless gang bangers then someone might watch your show

705 days ago


They should just 'forget' to remove his belt next time... let him take care of it...

705 days ago


I'm not surprised. Once people are medicated long enough and come out of the state of psychosis and 'learn' what they have done, they have tremedous feelings and regret. It's such a tragedy that he was not hospitalized before he was entirely taken over by his psychotic state. People here ought to practice empathy towards the mentally ill. Stigma is half of the problem.

705 days ago


They should take him to one of those Shooting ranges where he can be The Bulls eye and we can all have a Go at Him would save the tax payers Millions..... What he did was Inexcusable Families lost Loved one's Because of His INSANITY

705 days ago


Do something right in your life for once.

705 days ago

miss baldwin    

@ boneless if you have a problem with black people why don't you just jump off a very high buliding dont wish this fool on innocent people just die and you solved your own problem

704 days ago


Oh come on now people, this is Obama's Amerika where it's a kinder and gentler nation. We need to be sensitive to this guy's feelings because ti wasn't his fault. He was suffering from Post Bush Disorder, yeah that must be it...

704 days ago


they should have let him kill himself! that would have SAVED the taxpayers a TON of money in prosecuting and rehabilitating him for life.

704 days ago


Wow he looks crazy crazy people hug your kids because this is what they become

704 days ago
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