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Heidi Montag

Still Makin' an Ass

of Herself

11/15/2012 4:20 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

1115-heidi-montag-splashWith her buxom non-biodegradable body parts spilling out onto the sand, bikini-clad reality star of yore Heidi Montag backed her thang up to a photographer's camera on the beach in L.A. on Thursday.

Keeping our shores clean really needs to be a priority.


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Buddy Lee    

Id love to be balls deep inside her doggy style.
I need it so bad.

671 days ago


There is nothing wrong with this girl. She is beautiful. Those of you that are dogging her out are probably whacking off to the picture of her bending over. That's as close as you'll get to her. Grab a tissue and wrap it up.

671 days ago


Heidi, Heidi, Heidi... You are pretty girl, but remember the only one that can believe you are pretty is you. Stop the photos and focus on you. This is not what you want.

671 days ago


She should have gotten a spray tan before going to the beach.

663 days ago

Connecticut Sam    

Great ASS but ugly face.

662 days ago


This girl is super hot , if you don't see her beauty maybe its because your jealous . the best cakes in
town .

661 days ago


You commentators are bigger Pigs than she is

660 days ago

Concerned about society     

She may be a broke ass ho but stop frontin this Ho looks good

660 days ago


The losers talking **** about her looks would never have a chance of hitting that anyways. Go back to beating off to your anime.

657 days ago

Jamey Buster    

Damn even though shes a nut job married to a total douche bag that ass Is looking mighty, mighty fine, I'd definitely hit It !

655 days ago


She should do porn already. That's what she secretly wants..

649 days ago

Serena Scarlet    

Heidi Montag is hot. She has a flat stomach, great legs, a nice a$$, and great breasts. If it had been any other attractive female celebrity posing like that on the beach, this would have been a positively written article. People seem to dislike Montag, maybe because her husband is a bit weird, maybe because she is a little ditzy sometimes, maybe because she is not very musically talented, and because of this she gets slammed even though she is a stereotypical hot girl doing stereotypical hot girl things. It is like the world created a double standard just for her. Other women with fake breasts, like Carmen Electra and Holly Madison, have been praised for their appearances. And the truth is, most people could use some cosmetic surgery. Not every woman needs it on her breasts, but her nose might be too big, or her cheekbones might not be defined, or her lips might be too thin, or she might have a thick waist, or maybe she has a visible stomach that's not flat, or her thighs are too big. It's not a question of who needs the surgery, it's a question of who is simply too proud to do it. People also need to get off their high horse of "everyone is beautiful the way they are" or "it's the personality that matters", because the fact of the matter is that men tend to be shallow when it comes to dating and sex, and the media culture is even more shallow than they are. Women definitely have to adapt to these dynamics. Montag is getting slammed for her breast augmentation, but if she hadn't done it she would be getting slammed for being too small. There has to be a way for her to not get criticized.

533 days ago
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