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Michael Lohan


DNA Confirms Teen Lovechild

11/15/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

THE DNA TEST IS IN -- Michael Lohan fathered an illegitimate lovechild back in 1995 behind Dina Lohan's back ... and Michael's reaction to the shocking paternity reveal was all caught on tape.

Michael agreed to submit to a DNA test for an episode of "Trisha Goddard" -- where he comes face-to-face for the first time with the 17-year-old girl who claimed to be his daughter -- and the results came back POSITIVE.

The girl's mother -- Kristi Horn -- has claimed Michael was the father for years, and has even tried multiple times to get him to pay child support ... but Michael adamantly denied the allegations.

The reveal -- which airs tonight -- is cringeworthy ... Michael can't believe the news ... and the girl's mother immediately bursts into tears. 

After, Michael gets up to hug his newfound daughter (Ashley) and she resists, shouting, "No! No! No!" while Michael pleads, "I just want to hug you."

FYI ... Michael's two youngest children with Dina -- Ali and Cody -- were born in 1993 and 1996 respectively. Which means Ashley was conceived somewhere in the middle.

Congrats, Lindsay. You got a new half-sister.


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Michael Lohan....You can't make this stuff up!

605 days ago


This poor kid. I can't imagine how terrible she felt when she learned Michael Lohan, of all people is her father. I would rather not know. I bet she is pissed at her mom for screwing this douche bag. It would have been better if her mom screwed some random homeless dude.

605 days ago


All I wanna know is this:

Can the kid act? If she can he can take her money too ...

605 days ago


Thank God this young girl was not raised by the lohans, she may still have a chance at a normal life.

605 days ago


Oh the side note of his oldest daughter Lindsay.......
Just watched Wendy Williams and she sure was trying to sell Lindsay Lohan ..Mentioning watch a early release of Liz and Dick..and how good it was...cough cougn cough !!! then later Grant Boyer was guest ....and He talked about the movie and showed a clip that was a contrast alright ...He was doing a pretty good Richard in a Scene with a wooden bloated faced looking Linsopatha......and then she opens her mouth and Croaks (I swear it was a Croak) out " Were you lookin at my boobs ? " and he rolls her on the bed in a very awkward roll and kiss's her passionately....It was Awful ....plain and simple !
Then Wendy asks him about working with Lindsay........And her Grant Boyer climb up a lot higher on my respect list....and won the award for
Best Dodge of a Question He won't Touch with a Ten Foot Pole.....leaving Wendy sitting with her mouth handing open ...
Well Played Grant Well Played.......If that movie is even half way good it will because of this man who work under exsteme duress the entire movie.....

605 days ago


Chi Ching!!! Money Money Money!!! She won the lottery. She just wants money. That is all..

605 days ago


Once again TMZ "1993 and 1996 so she came somewhere in the middle"? Honestly get new writers!! Horrible!

605 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

"Poppa was a rolling stone and when he died, all he left us was alone." The Temptations.
Catch the drift, LieLo?

605 days ago


HA! There's good ol' DADMAR/Jill666 over there on Radar (using her "Samantha Cahill" disguise - quacking away, yet nothing here. Why not, DADMAR? Don't you love us anymore?

605 days ago


Here's a 46 second video of Ashley, her mom, and Michael's (the new Daddy!, oh yuck!) reaction to the announcement:

605 days ago

jenny ruby    

ok so someone is lying about this stuff once again

605 days ago


Ashley, you have my deepest sympathy. I am very sorry that you have Lohan DNA. I hope that you can still manage to live a normal life. Stay away from that freakshow family and you should probably be fine.

605 days ago


She sure looks liker her new siblings though!! LOL! Maybe they will accept her, it's not her fault.

605 days ago


I'ts weird, the only way I can Like or Hate is if I post a comment, then I can participate!! Is that the same way with everyone else?

605 days ago



HAHAHAHAHA RT @cadlymack: "I'm so proud of her for telling the truth that she lied" oh, Dina and Lindsay Lohan, the fun never ends.

605 days ago
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