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Billy Dee Williams

Hell Yeah, I Wanna

Be in the Next 'Star Wars'

11/16/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a gas station ... not too far, far away (from our office) ... "Star Wars" actor Billy Dee Williams dropped a potential BOMBSHELL about the greatest franchise in the galaxy to a TMZ reporter.

It all went down when our guy Ryan (pictured below) decided he was in the mood for a refreshing Icee ... the blue kind, naturally.

Once Ryan -- a HUGE "Star Wars" nerd -- entered the gas station, he happened to notice Billy Dee ... who played Lando Calrissian in the original "Star Wars" flicks ... and totally freaked out.

Here's what happened next, according to Ryan:

"I told him I was a huge fan and worked at TMZ.  I asked if I could film him for the show and ask about the new Star Wars trilogy, but he declined.

So I said, 'that’s cool … but everyone is dying to know, has anyone reached out to you about being in the new film?' He said, 'No.'

So I said, 'Well if the new trilogy is based on the same characters from the movies you were in, do you wanna be in it?”

And he said, 'I suppose so.'"

Translation -- LANDO'S DOWN FOR A COMEBACK!!!!!

We reached out to Disney for comment -- so far no word back.

BUUUUT ... in case you were wondering, Ryan says the Icees were delicious.



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Billy Dee just needs a job...any job.

715 days ago

Delaware D    

The man actually said "I suppose so", yet the headline quotes him as saying 'Hell Yeah!' Those are 2 different things.

715 days ago


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715 days ago


F*** Icee. They fired me without warning before my 90 day mark so they wouldn't have to give me benefits. I kicked their office into shape and was complemented in front of the entire staff weekly. They even badmouthed me as a reference so I couldn't get a job for several months. Eff them in their fat effing asses.

715 days ago

Emma J    

Billy Dee was at Phoenix Comicon in 2011, and we sat in on his panel. Up until then, I'd been a huge fan of his.

At the panel, he showed what a clueless jerk his really is. He showed very little interest or knowledge of Star Wars, and even some disdain for geeks, nerds and sci fi in general. He was condescending to several people. In fact, during the audience question portion of his panel, he made fun of a costumed 501st member who had his small daughter with him! (For those who don't know, the 501st is an awesome world-wide group of Stars Wars enthusiasts who dress in high quality SW costumes and raise money for charity. Those men and women rock!)

Billy Dee made it clear that he's not a fan of the genre, and that he was only present for the paycheck. We noticed him later, in the signing/photo area, and the jerk wouldn't take his sunglasses off!

So NO...He needs to stay OUT of any new Star Wars matierial!

715 days ago

all about the money    

I really hope Disney does not pick up right after RoTJ and try to A.) Recast original characters, or B:) Bring back the geriatric crowd to reprise their old roles. Cameo work maybe but they should not be leads. The time for a follow up trilogy of the original New Hope trilogy is long past. That ship has sailed long ago. Really Disney can go a couple directions. Jump forward in time and focus on Lia and Han's kids, Luke's kid, maybe even Luke's turn to the darkside (if they want to use original actor).. Honestly though I am not sure how well that time line would play out. Seems to be really risky of destroying the franchise if done badly. To me the best bet would be for them to go back in time. Go back to the Knights of the Old Republic time period for example. A lore rich time that Disney could harvest several movies out of. The sacking of Courasant for example. Even the Reven storyline could be made into a good trilogy (Reven the Jedi, Revens decent into darkness and the Foundry, Revens redemption for example). Or even do some movies focused on Darth Bane and the beginning of the Rule of Two. Seems the past is the best place for the Star Wars story to continue on. Going to the future will be risky and using the original cast while it would be cool just wouldn't flesh out well. Wow Han went from 40 something to almost 70, and Lia now looks like Jabba the Hut. That wont sell.

715 days ago


I love how the headline says HELL YA I WANNA BE IN STAR WARS but his response is "I suppose so" ..
Exaggerate much TMZ?

715 days ago


Since when does "I suppose so" equal "Hell Yeah"?
Did I miss something?

714 days ago


I didn't know TMZ cared whether or not a celeb wanted to be filmed. They just do it anyway. This must be a first.

714 days ago


How dumb do you have to be to believe that people in Star Wars 35 years ago are going to be in the new Disney Star Wars movies?

714 days ago


do they get HOWARD THE DUCK also for that billion?

714 days ago

Spicy mag    

He was great in Star Wars. But the new movies don't need Lando. He was a sidekick. Just bring back the sith and make Luke the new yoda.

714 days ago


I wana be in the new Star Wars movie to, now you know

714 days ago
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