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Kim Kardashian

The Few, The Proud,

The Marine Corps Date!

11/16/2012 5:15 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian was a Marine Corps DateKim Kardashian threw the armed services a few curves last night ... by rockin' a sultry form fitting dress to the Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina.

Doing what she can for her country, Kim accompanied a very lucky Sgt. Martin Gardiner to the annual prestigious formal gala.

Looks like Kim was the one who ordered the code red.



No Avatar


she found herself a prop, for her endless public photos.

707 days ago


When did being a fat, out-of-shape whore become attractive??? She is only in her 20s and looks like a blob of cellulite - what will she look like at 40??

707 days ago


Omg she is not fat at all. I thnk she's a lovely curvacious brunette!!!!! Kim, dust ya shoulders off!!!!! U gotta lotta haterrrrrrrrrrezzzzzzzzz!!!

707 days ago


I love kim k!!!!! She got all these bitches out here hatin. Do yo thang boo.

707 days ago


Too bad he didn't receive any counseling on this. Poor guy some day he'll be laughing why he was ever attracted to such trash! She is such a joke.

707 days ago


She's pretty, filthy rich and gets whatever she wants. No rhyme , nor reason. Young teens are totally besotted with her & her Barbie doll lifestyle.. She's living the good life.She's got it all. It just is.

707 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Sorry but they should not have KK associated with such a fine part of our life. She did nothing to become famous but show her lil sisters, brother, and the world how she takes the p9999 seekers. She not only had a sex tape, but one so filthy, just hearing about it makes ya barf. What is our world coming to? Wise up girl. Your boyfriend was more than likely ordered to get you into the circle since you have a bit of money, but fall for that crap, go broke, and you will no longer need butt injections. Better listen with ya ears child.

707 days ago


Why are her silicone boobs lopsided? She should be able to afford a better plastic surgeon.
Notice she is carrying her purse in her left hand so she doesn't have to hold hands with that marine who apparently has no taste for decent women. Bet his Mom and his sergeant are both very proud that he took a low class ho' to the dance.

707 days ago


In a few years, everyone will be saying "who is Kim K?" Oh, you mean that fame whore?

707 days ago


Traditionally,only ruthless men have become quite wealthy.She used her face and body to achieve wealth, in a man's world.True, she used the only means available to her, but she still did it.Though her means may be reprehensible, she got it all! Have to hand it to her,in a way.

707 days ago

Don Martin    

Leave it to a jarhead to flush out a fifty cent hooker in a flash!

707 days ago


Other celebs have done this for the right reasons. KimTrash does everything ONLY for a photo op. Great, now she's spread some disease to the military. This is not good.

707 days ago


filthy fat whore!

707 days ago


Body language speaks volumnes. Several pics on Dailymail. It was obviously awkward & uncomfortable for her. She is conspiciously leaning way away from him in every pic.Perhaps he had bad breath? All in a days work for her. Business is business.

707 days ago


she is so desperate. this reminds me of when she was posing with sloths right after the whole kristen bell/sloth hubbub was going on. it's like 'see guys, i'm a celebrity too!'. and why can't she even look her date in the eye? what a bitch.

707 days ago
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