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Lindsay Lohan

I REFUSE to Read

Bad 'Liz & Dick' Review

11/16/2012 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan is unfazed by the scathing review about her performance in "Liz & Dick" ... because she refuses to read it ... this according to sources close to the actress.

We're told ... Lindsay has a strict NO-CRITICS policy ... and refuses to read any professional reviews of her performances, EVER.

Lindsay has told friends she doesn't want to let the reviews -- positive or negative -- "take away from her experience on the project."

Despite the harsh review in the Hollywood Reporter -- which slammed the movie as "spectacularly bad" -- we're told Lindsay insists she "loved playing Elizabeth Taylor and is in love with the final product."


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Daily Mail had some side by side pictures of Liz and Lilo as Cleopatra - scary to think they are in fact close in age in those pictures yet Lindsay looks 2 decades older minimum. I really think celebs can potentially fvck themselves up much faster these days between drugs being stronger and all the bad plastic surgery.

683 days ago


If she wants to stop seeing negative things the answer is simple - she needs to go away for a while and GENUINELY get clean. People are not fooled by lies, botox injections and vodka in water bottles or other bandaid solutions.

Case in point - Britney Spears. That woman is really trying to do her best even while living with mental illness. Was she perfect on X-factor? Nope. Does she still have big problems? Yes. But still, look at the comments online these days and you will find they are almost all sympathetic/encouraging rather than negative.

683 days ago


I haven't seen any good reviews, especially about her part in Lickin' Dick. My favorite, I think, is Blohan's performance described as "woeful." LOL But another I liked described the movie as "pretty good, all things considered," complimenting Bowler. Pretty good, all things considered is like saying it was a turd, but for a turd, it was a nice shade of brown.

683 days ago


How dare she think she could play the # 1 movie icon of all time? Elizabeth Taylor was a ravishing beauty in her day. Lohan looks like a street erchin. Bad casting, and I'm sure the film is awful.

683 days ago


Saw the bloated gravelly voiced mess on GMA this morning,Whatever it is doing with its face Re: (Work)
Is not cutting the mustard.The fawning presenter said "WE are proud of you Lindsay" I nearly regurgitated my toast and coffee.

683 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Shouldn't Lindsay tho take constructive criticism? Pushing out reality isn't actually a good thing Lindsay. I bet she reads the negative articles anyway, this is much ado about nothing.

683 days ago


Okay Elizabeth Taylor was a studding beauty so why in the world would lifetime get this cracked up washed up stealing everything in sight women a chance to play a icon I will never understand hollywierd

683 days ago

James B    

TBH, I'd be amazed if this "movie" was actually any good anyway. The only other "name" in there is Theresa Russell (who was once quite a good actress - she must be a bit despo for the cash if she's accepting roles in this kind of sh*t). It's a made for TV creation where the budget will be $2.50 and the extras will be out of focus cardboard cutouts. LL has so royally fvcked her actual proper film career in Hollywood that she's reduced to making this kind of cr4p to get her foot back in the door. No serious commercial producer would hire her as she's too unprofessional and has a criminal record - which shows no sign of going away. The insurance costs for her will be as big as the budget, so that's a NO right there! I can't exactly see Hervey Weinstein reaching for the phone about now, can you? Lifetime have simply exploited her tabloid notoriety to up their viewing figures. In a way it's a cruel deception as there's NOT A CHANCE in hell that this is anything other than another coffin in the lid of her "career". Her only way back is to kick the booze, kick the drugs, get herself fit and healthy, stop with the awful non-surgical procedures she's doing to her face which age her about 20 years and go back to the beginning as a jobbing actress.
Go and get some classes. Go to NYC and audition for theatre and WORK your way back and EARN IT. She's not a star, she's a hasbeen and she needs to wake up and smell that coffee house in her kitchen otherwise she might as well retire. I don't wish her ill, I don't wish anyone ill, but there's a time and place for getting perspective and for LL, this is it otherwise there's nowhere left to go for her. She needs to get away from anyone who says to her that 8 years ago she was great. Maybe she was, but TODAY, she isn't. And it's today that matters, not yesterday. Honestly good luck with it all but FFS sort it out or piss off as you're taking up valuable space. What really amazes me is that either no one is saying this to her or she's just so stupid, or doped out, that if anyone IS saying this to her, she's just not listening. I thought she had a manager? Where is this person? WTF are they being paid for? And someone, PLEASE, just take that girl's driving license away from her before she kills someone! Aaaaaaaahhhhh! OK, rant over. Chooooo........... Choooo!

683 days ago


She already knows she gave a horrific performance--no need for confirmation if one wishes to maintain one's delusion of stardom.

683 days ago


I can understand her point here, might as well let other people read the professional critics and censor it a bit... To be honest, though, she might be happy enough if some regular folks like it (which probably some will, there are diehard Lohan fans for instance who hang on the girl's every raspy word and whose eyes see the old Lindsay before she completely fried her brain cells and appearance).
As for me-- I don't think she even looks right in the publicity stills, she just isn't holding herself properly so the illusion never works for me, and of course her voice is just so awful. So based on that and her poor performance in everything I've seen her do in the past couple of years (she wasn't even convincing in commercials, I just saw a nobody doing one of the same ones very well) -- I think the critics who have barely been able to say she wasn't entirely awful are the best she can hope for from the more discerning crowd. This movie won't be a comeback, it will just show producers that she can't carry a real movie now. If she really was so happy to be on a set, she should have been super cooperative rather than causing one headache after another. She keeps claiming she wants to act and then blows every opportunity to show she can act and not cause production problems. She should just be honest and say she just wants buckets of money without having to work for it. When you blow your chances for another Lifetime movie and you even aggravate a soft porn producer because you can't be bothered to fulfill your contractual obligations -- those buckets of money will be harder to find. At some point, even the publicity that trails after her won't be enough for people to put up with her.

683 days ago


That family has lved in denial what else is new?

683 days ago


Lohan knows with all the crap she's pulled on the people who tried to help her cut her a break that she kicked in the teeth. Like she was doing them the favor.

From SNL to Scary Movie 5. All her no shows for rehersals, readings, fittings. Not being prepaired, not knowing her lines. Being so wasted and hungover couldn't show up for work. Running up production costs because of this. Her complete unprofessionalism, being a total nightmare on the sets. Casts and crews hate working with her, directors and producers fed up with her lieing BS (faking sick because she was too hungover and not fit to work) and the list goes on.

Lohan can't act her way out of a paperbag and looks like total crap. She doesn't have the talent to cop the attitude she does and pulls what she does.

She's Z-list and no mainstream Hollywood producers or directors will even consider her. She doesn't have the talent and not worth the headache she causes everyone.

Lohan isn't reading any scripts because no one is sending her any. She's pulled this one before.

Lohan is too little way too late. She burned herself. She's Hooywood poison and a low budget cable tv movie (look how she burned them) is done. They won't hire her again. She's just not worth it.

683 days ago


Always hundreds of feckless comments on this feckless girlfriend. Why dontcha all feck off and do something more productive with your pathetic feckless lives, like watching 'reality television.' for instance?

683 days ago


She is such a dumb Ho. There's no more to say.

683 days ago


hide from the truth much lielo?

683 days ago
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