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Lindsay Lohan

New Half-Sister

Is News to Me

11/16/2012 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


BRAVO! Lindsay Lohan's such a brilliant actress ... she nearly convinced the world today that she didn't know about her newly-announced 17-year-old half-sister -- claiming, "I don't pay attention to any of that."

Of course, the news was everywhere yesterday after TMZ broke the story -- Lindsay's dad Michael Lohan took a paternity test for a 17-year-old girl named Ashley ... and the results came back positive.

But today on "Good Morning America" -- where Lindsay was trying to promote her new movie "Liz & Dick" -- she had the audacity to say, "I didn't even hear that."

And we weren't born yesterday ... just like Lindsay's previously-fatherless sister.


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Been gone ...back from town ...thought to check in before my granny nap with Sam....LOL
What is ithe hell is Red Cloud Crowing about ?
The Reviews are out....
and the head of the whole Review World and the one who has the most respect....Just slammed her ass and acting for what it is.... .and the rest are as bad but are giving the movie a change because Grant Boyer did a hell of a job with what he had to work with......
But the Denver Review is pure laughable....I can tell you right now the review was under 40 yrs old...cause if he thought the costumes, wigs , jewels etc where period perfect he never saw the real thing ...because from everyting I saw it looks like what it is a B grade movie with cheap make believer cloths and awful wigs....the makeup is awful.... and that God Awful wig they had on Grant Boyer was sooooo wrong....
It saddens me to see how dumb some people are there are enough photos and pictures around that you can see what they style and hair style were yet...the custumer and hairdresser had to create their own versions and missed by a mile....
They keep saying she lost her acting ability ....What acting ability ? ....All she ever was was a cute kid who could smile on cue....she never was a good actress just a cute kid...

685 days ago


@dreamon...Lohan is so busy tripping over her own lies she can never get or keep stright, so she can't form a sentance. That's why she looks like such a fool when she does the talk show. What the hell is she saying.

685 days ago


Lohan is so full of crap. Besides, Michael Lohan was on Dr. Phil when Dina was wasted on his show stating he would take the dna test. So was the mother and daughter. Like I said she's so busy tripping over her own lies.

Everyone knows Lohan can't stand anyone taking attention away from her. Like the kid said she want's nothing to do with the Lohan trainwerck.

685 days ago


So she's running around getting interviewed by ABBW? (Anyone But Barbara Walters) - It's amazing that nobody in this family can make a move without a camera on them. Why in the world was the half-sister even within hugging distance of Michael when they "got the news" about the positive test? Really. Normal people submit properly collected samples from each party (no need to even be within 1000 miles of each other) and wait for the DNA results to arrive by mail. They don't go on some tv show to cry and emote and hug. The Lohans make the Kardashians look, well, not quite as awful.

685 days ago


I refuse to stop hoping Lindsay cleans up her act.
Go ahead, hit the hate button lol

685 days ago


"WOW! She sounds like she smokes 10 cigars a day! And at her age, she must be doing something more than smoking. And how obvious was it that she is just a liar about the half sister. I saw Michael Lohan on Dr. Phil weeks ago talking about it. Lindsey simply needs to add professional LIAR to her resume."

She's sounds like that, NOT just from ciggies but from hitting the meth pipe. Of course she lied. Its all she knows. Thats not the kind of news you brush off and move on from if thats the first time she heard it. Her jaw would have hit the floor, (I know, I know, not difficult for someone in her 'profession') she'd have been shocked and no amount of acting could she so non-nonchalantly have brushed it off. 'Professional Liar', NOT on your life. A 'professional liar' is someone who you'd BELIEVE, not scream 'LIAR' at your tv screen. The only thing 'professional' about this TRICK is she 'works' in the 'WORLD'S OLDEST PROFESSION'!

685 days ago


Looks like the ROL story on this has a lot of haters too. But I know only haters read tabloids. Level headed people, her millions of fans, don't read or comment.

685 days ago


So what's happened with the lying to police case? Is it still on or was that a publicity stunt??

685 days ago


Really, what in the hell has she done to her face? I know her voice is screwed up from all the crack, cig, meth smokin' but what is with her face? And I find it funny timing that the so-called unknown half sibling gets revealed the same week she has to do pub. for her **** show coming out on end -my-life-if-I-watch-this-crap-TV.

685 days ago


Larry Thompson and Llifetime will do I guess what they can to promote the movie. Thompson did say there were 'challenges' on the set (polite way of saying she was a total nightmare) He also said she was great in the role or some such crap. Like what he going to say Lohan really sucked. Of course he can't do that.

Either way I don't think they will hire her again. She's just not worth the migrains.

685 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Ugh at this new layout :(

685 days ago


Lindsay seems very deeply flawed. Too much fame when younger, she doesn't have the capacity to think out of the box because she has never lived in the "real world". At the very least, she needs to learn how to maintain eye contact. Her eyes were flipping all over the place and many of her answers were generic answers she had been coached on.

685 days ago


Hmmm...someone on ROL stated that TV Guide skewered Lindsay and Liz & Dick in their new issue. I don't see anything on line about it yet. I wonder what they said!

685 days ago


Lindsay is a very troubled person, but in this case I feel very sorry for her. She is struggling to revive her faded career by promoting her latest project and she gets slammed about her father's shena****ns. Quite honestly, if my father was that big of a self-promoting, fame-junkie asshat, I deny he was my father.

685 days ago




Game pieces: no thimbles, racing cars or little dogs - diamonds, orange cones & little ties and little shoes.

No Pennsylvania Ave. or Boardwalk - Sunset Blvd and Venice Way.

30 “get out of jail” squares.

Only one-million-dollar bills.

Community Chest is full of cocaine.

Reading Railroad is out - Night Train is in!

No little green houses - Hotels. LOTS of hotels!

*Apologies to The Parker Bros. Corp.*



685 days ago
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