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Lindsay Lohan

New Half-Sister

Is News to Me

11/16/2012 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


BRAVO! Lindsay Lohan's such a brilliant actress ... she nearly convinced the world today that she didn't know about her newly-announced 17-year-old half-sister -- claiming, "I don't pay attention to any of that."

Of course, the news was everywhere yesterday after TMZ broke the story -- Lindsay's dad Michael Lohan took a paternity test for a 17-year-old girl named Ashley ... and the results came back positive.

But today on "Good Morning America" -- where Lindsay was trying to promote her new movie "Liz & Dick" -- she had the audacity to say, "I didn't even hear that."

And we weren't born yesterday ... just like Lindsay's previously-fatherless sister.


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Ivana Tinkle    

You'd think if the WAS news to her, she'd be *aittle* more surprised and inquisitive about a sibling she just now found out about...

674 days ago


WOW! She sounds like she smokes 10 cigars a day! And at her age, she must be doing something more than smoking. And how obvious was it that she is just a liar about the half sister. I saw Michael Lohan on Dr. Phil weeks ago talking about it. Lindsey simply needs to add professional LIAR to her resume.

674 days ago


Well hopefully Lifetime will get some ratings. I don't seeing this doing anything for Lohans non-career or no comeback.

Even if Lohan had an ounce of talent which she doesn't, she is just down right horrible to work with. Not an ounce of professionalism, no shows, runs up production costs, to wasted or hungover to show up for work and the list goes on and on. Cast and crews cant stand her, producers, investors, directors she isn't worth the headache she brings to the set.

674 days ago


She probably took-a too much-a meth and coke-a.
Its-a me.. its-a Mario!

674 days ago

Ellie G    

If she ever bothered to pull her head out of her drug induced haze she would have heard of the girl that has LEGALLY been her sister for years.

674 days ago


Lindsay looks out of place in interviews, like some random person off the street. I dont know why they even bother. I highly doubt 2013 will be the end of the world, but hopefully it will be the end of these stupid kinds of interviews, and Lindsays so called career.

674 days ago


I would like to see Dina, Michael and Lindsay do a praternity test show with Jerry Springer or something to see if Michael is actually Lindsays father. Although Lindsay is a lying sack of garbage like her father, and runs around like a dirty dog like her father, and accepts zero responsiblity for anything like her father, I still doubt he is her real dad.

674 days ago



Game pieces: no thimbles, racing cars or little dogs - diamonds, orange cones & little ties and little shoes.

No Pennsylvania Ave. or Boardwalk - Sunset Blvd and Venice Way.

30 “get out of jail” squares.

Only one-million-dollar bills.

Community Chest is full of cocaine.

Reading Railroad is out - Night Train is in!

No little green houses - Hotels. LOTS of hotels!

*Apologies to The Parker Bros. Corp.*

674 days ago


I think it would suck to have your dad's crappy antics overshadow you trying to promote your work. She's no angel, but her parents also do crappy things that she has to put up with. And her parents use her name to promote themselves - if it weren't for Lindsay, who would care what Michael or Dina are doing?

674 days ago


Why can't she ever say a single sentance clearly?

674 days ago


The felchings are ten bucks apiece
The audible gasps never cease
But nothing compares
To the horrified stares
When L_LOFAN clamslams her niece

674 days ago


If this Lifetime movie airs at the same time a new episode of The Walking Dead is on, my bet would be The Walking Dead will still get better ratings beccause it is actually worth watching.

674 days ago


"Good Morning America, you're dead to me!!!"

674 days ago


@scary...don't forget Lohan has no problem using her parents pitting them against each other so she can blame them for everything she herself does. Whenever she gets caught it's mommy and daddys fault.

C'mon she's pushing 27 and everything she does she does on her own. Lohan always knows what she's doing when she's doing it. This everyone it out to get me crap is so overdone she doesn't even get a reaction from it anymore.

674 days ago


LINDSAY: Honey-bun, please please STOP INJECTING YOUR FACE! You are destroying your youthfulness.
On to the article: She probably did know. She most likely found out yesterday with the rest of the world. I am sure its a lot to absorb... after all these years to have a sister and then to find out not in private but from tmz or some other social media has to be tough. Give the girl a little slack. Being a child star with two horrible parents has to be hard.

674 days ago
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