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Justin & Selena

Can't Stay Broken Up

11/16/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have a funny way of breaking up -- sneaking off to a schmancy Bev Hills hotel together right after she cuts communication with him?? We figured out why Biebs ain't done with Selena yet.  

Plus, Lindsay Lohan gets ripped for her "Liz and Dick" performance -- and for her reaction to her new half-sister. She can still change one of those things ... but will she? 

Also, Kim Kardashian did the unspeakable -- praying for peace in Israel on Twitter!!! So, why's everyone attacking her? Maybe because she stupidly erased the tweet ... or maybe because people just love to hate her.

(0:00) Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez couldn't stand being broken up -- because they were back together after one whole day of being apart. Teens these days.
(6:00) Lindsay Lohan gets ripped by a critic for "Liz and Dick" -- but no matter what anybody says ... everyone's gonna watch the movie.
(10:00) Two WNBA players break up -- and then one of them allegedly shoots the other's car in a fit of rage. Harvey wants to know who has worse breakups -- gay men, lesbians, or straight couples.
(16:00) Jon Bon Jovi's daugher won't face any charges over her alleged heroin overdose -- you gotta hear the law that's keeping her out of trouble.
(18:00) Kim Kardashian wishes peace for Israel and Palestine -- then immediately deletes the tweets and issues an apology ... igniting a war in the newsroom over what was her biggest mistake.
(24:00) A Miss America contestant is preparing to have her breasts removed in order to prevent cancer -- you gotta hear her courageous story.
(28:10) Another huge flub for Khloe Kardashian on "X Factor." When are they going to start listening to us and take her off the teleprompter?
(31:00) UFC superstar Georges St. Pierre says he finds women's MMA to uncomfortable to watch. Is there a double standard ... or does he have a point?
(37:10) Billy Dee Williams is ready for another "Star Wars" movie -- but the best part of this story ... is how Ryan
(41:00) The floor is yours!

No Avatar

Flying Blind    

i just leave the state when i break up

649 days ago


Why must TMZ insist on kissing this trolls ass?

649 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

That girl looks like an angry Charles

649 days ago


That's got nothing to do with a woman thing, that's just a psycho bitch from hell.
WTF, did Raquel just call Chamique a "MAN"???? And they bitched yesterday about Maddow being referred to as an ANGRY YOUNG MAN?

649 days ago


I just heard Rachael say "She's a man!" before they shut her mic! LOL

649 days ago


now Jerry and mike are dressing a like Black shirt

649 days ago


Honestly, the only time Kim should ever open her mouth is when she's letting a black guy piss in it.

649 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

NO WAY Lilo didnt know about the new 1/2 sister, We all know Lilo is a compulsive LIAR! Dont you recall the clip of her dogging out Paris Hilton, THEN a week later saying she didnt say anything bad about Paris & they were Best friends!
And that Lesley from New York skyper is on here EVERYDAY.. I'm suprised she isnt wearing 4 TMZ t-shirts and sitting in front of an entire shelf full of TMZ mugs. She must have 20 of each by now. (and she seems REALLY caffinated everytime she does the show!) Does she work for TMZ?
Fatal Attraction-ish fanatic..!

649 days ago


Harvey, seriously, SHUT UP!!!

649 days ago


This is all bullsh*t she is entitled to her opinion, we should be praying for both sides because there are innocent lives being lost, she has a right to say what she pleased, there are certain people that are will hate her no matter what she says, so let them hate, she did not say anything wrong, people are so freaking ignorant, I am beginning to feel as if we are living in some sort of socialist country, THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH HER TWEETS, and she should not have apologized or taken them down, you don't let people tell you how to feel. PERIOD>

649 days ago


I love how they are NOT addressing Raquel's HOMOPHOBIC remark. I guess it's okay for her to refer to lesbian's as a man but not anyone else? Can this place be anymore HYPOCRITICAL!!!!!

649 days ago


Okay, Fat Mike and Chastity Bono are starting to look like Brother and sister. Get a better Goatee dude.

649 days ago


Who the f*ck is Kim kardashian?

649 days ago


Breaking News, Kim K has passed gas again and her FATARSE tweeted another message.

649 days ago


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