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Akon's Brother

Baby Mama Wants More $$$

He Says Hellll No

11/18/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Baby-mama drama must run in the family ... Akon's lil bro Abou Thiam -- a huge record exec --  is asking a judge to shoot down his baby mama's demand for more cash ... despite his fat bank account.

According to legal docs filed in Georgia ... Abou agreed to shell out $3,000 / month in child support to a woman named Ariel Hakim back in 2010. The pair has one daughter together.

But Ariel recently filed new docs, asking the court to up Abou's monthly payment -- claiming their kid costs more money now and not only that, she says Abou's income has increased dramatically.

FYI -- Abou is the VP of Def Jam Records and in docs filed in 2010 he listed his income as more than $38,000 PER MONTH.

Abou fired back at Ariel's request on Nov. 8 -- and asked the court to LOWER his monthly payments, despite the fact that he's pulling in more dough (as admitted in docs).

Abou makes the argument ... Ariel moved their daughter from Georgia to Florida without giving him the proper 30-day notice -- which he claims violates his visitation rights and creates a greater financial burden, due to the travel costs.

He's asking the judge to deny Ariel's request and hold her in contempt of court.

A judge has yet to rule.


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Wearing a condom might avoid having a baby mama, just a thought.

674 days ago


He needs to go Tanning...

674 days ago


Babys momma that BS....typical..knock a woman up and then whine about paying.

674 days ago

Jack Mehoff    

This article is trying to make Abou sound like a dead beat, but in all actuality he's absolutely right. She did violate the law when moving the child and asking for more money when receiving 3K a month just because he makes more is just greedy. She wants him to bank roll HER lifestyle and not looking at the benefit of the child. She moved him further away from his father and to a state that the cost of living is grossly inflated. Sounds to me that now she has more expenses, she wants more money. Judgement should be denied for the plaintiff

674 days ago


should have put a raincoat on it! Lol ;)

674 days ago


Record exec?

674 days ago

Bird the "baby mama" putting any of HER own money into raising the kid or does she just expect him to pay for everything? I mean, if she's so broke, what's stopping her from getting a job? 3000 dollars a month is plenty. If she wants more than that, let her go out and earn it like the rest of us.

674 days ago


get ready to write bigger checks you cheap son of a bitch.

674 days ago


No sympathy have to pay to play...idiot! Hope it was worth are sooo damn weak....smdh

674 days ago


He sooooooooooooo fine yum

674 days ago


I think 3000 is more then enough for one child to live off in a months time it's called budgeting your money means no Gucci bags for his baby mama and the money go all to his son

674 days ago


I have no sympathy for him. He could've prevented a child if he didn't want to have one with her. $3,000 is more than enough for a kid but it's ridiculously small when he brings home that much. He probably wants to save up to create more baby mamas. When people aren't married many kids and parents are separted by distance. Florida isn't THAT far from Georgia and he's financially better off than a lot of dad's to visit. Don't impregnate women you don't like and better yet wait for the girl that you want to marry before having babies. I

674 days ago


He is not cute AT ALL.

674 days ago


That's a great salary but it isn't amazing. That comes to 456k/year. In other words, if he doubled his salary he'd still be under 1 million per year. More importantly that's still less than James Vanderbeek.

674 days ago


Someone needs to give him Korupt's phone number!

674 days ago
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