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Akon's Brother

Baby Mama Wants More $$$

He Says Hellll No

11/18/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Baby-mama drama must run in the family ... Akon's lil bro Abou Thiam -- a huge record exec --  is asking a judge to shoot down his baby mama's demand for more cash ... despite his fat bank account.

According to legal docs filed in Georgia ... Abou agreed to shell out $3,000 / month in child support to a woman named Ariel Hakim back in 2010. The pair has one daughter together.

But Ariel recently filed new docs, asking the court to up Abou's monthly payment -- claiming their kid costs more money now and not only that, she says Abou's income has increased dramatically.

FYI -- Abou is the VP of Def Jam Records and in docs filed in 2010 he listed his income as more than $38,000 PER MONTH.

Abou fired back at Ariel's request on Nov. 8 -- and asked the court to LOWER his monthly payments, despite the fact that he's pulling in more dough (as admitted in docs).

Abou makes the argument ... Ariel moved their daughter from Georgia to Florida without giving him the proper 30-day notice -- which he claims violates his visitation rights and creates a greater financial burden, due to the travel costs.

He's asking the judge to deny Ariel's request and hold her in contempt of court.

A judge has yet to rule.


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look at his eyes...does he have hep c?

705 days ago


He should take some of the cash he's trying to hold on to and but a couple of bottles of Clear Eyes. I'm just saying.......

705 days ago


I agree $3000 is enough to live off of.

But I still think theres something wrong with a man being able to live the high life and not allowing his own child to live the same standard of life as him. Still a dirtbag as far as I'm concerned. Why wouldn't you want the same for your child? Greedy dirtbag can afford to give his kid the same rich lifestyle he has but won't do it just because he can? Way to think about your kid you greedy loser. If you're so concerned about the mom getting too much money why don't you go for full custody since you seem to be in a better position to afford the kid anyway? Oh wait, you probably don't want to have to make those sort of commitments because having a kid around cramps your fabulous lifestyle. Loser.

705 days ago


God TMZ, it's baby's mama, not baby mama. Please don't contribute to the ignorance of this society...

705 days ago


I think if one parent moves across the country, they should NOT be aloud to take the child with them, unless the other parent consents. I also think all children should receive the same amount of support. One child should not be of more or less value than another. As far as there standard of living, its still the same when they are with that parent. I've been on both sides of the fence and think if one parent wasn't forced to pay an absurd amount, they may do more on their own because its the right thing to do.

705 days ago



705 days ago


Found pretty Ariel Hakim here, they have a daughter not a son, and she is adorable

705 days ago



704 days ago


haha .. i do believe amanda weeds parents are sister and brothers, thats how they roll.. and the family pet (dog) may be his the dad! so random!

704 days ago


Nice red eyes ******....

704 days ago

Peter Popoff    

36k a year to feed and clothe a child is more than enough UNLESS Momma gotta get her Groove Back new Purses heels poppin bottles at the Club!

704 days ago


its funny how females scream independence and equality but if babt dadys paid then they want all instead of whats deserved. My rosa voice %)

704 days ago


Even though I never feel sorry for these dudes because they are "sloppy" as hell, I have to side with him on this one. She got greedy and may get screwed. She could take care of 3 kids with that amount of money. His income has nothing to do with what his son needs.

704 days ago
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