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Chad Johnson's Baby Mama

Make Him PAY UP ...

11/18/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1115_Chad_Ochocinco_tmzUnemployed NFL star Chad Johnson is a deadbeat dad who belongs in jail if he continues his deadbeat ways -- this according to one of Chad's baby mamas.

Andrea Pearson -- who had a son with Chad back in 2010 -- just filed legal docs in Miami, claiming Chad has failed to pay his child support bill of $5,250 on October 15th ... and has consistently been late paying his previous bills.

Andrea claims she doesn't have the means to support the child as a result -- and wants the court to force Chad to pay up ASAP.

If he still fails to pay, Andrea wants the court to throw Chad in jail until he makes good on his child support agreement.

Chad's lawyer had no comment -- but sources close to Chad tell TMZ, he has always provided for his kid, including buying the mother a home.

A judge has yet to rule.

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Celeb Gossip Addict    

The only victim in this scenario is the child. I didn't even know he had one that young. So basically he learned nothing from the other 4 (I think. I lost count).

651 days ago


So in other words, you are a groupie that never learned how to be independent. So you **** a rich football players and.get pregnant so some one can take care of the baby and your useless ass. If things are that bad that you don't have the means to take care of your child, why don't you just give Chad custody?

651 days ago


It's not as if he isn't paying, he's just been late. This is ridiculous. She also has a legal obligation to support her child and Chad's being a few days late with paying the support shouldn't mean the kid isn't going to be cared for. What a trashy broad.

651 days ago


Get off your a** like other single mother and get a job.It takes 2 to have a kid,it takes 2 to support it .Welcome to equal rights dumb a**

651 days ago


I guessed he should have learned from sticking his thumbtack into all those thumbs....that there will be consequences....I figured after baby number one he would've stopped but he just had to keep populating.....especially when he was not married....let that be a lesson learned....it sucks to be him right now :(

651 days ago


Also I'm all for men stepping up and taking care of their responsibilities but I see this all the time....these women need a wake up call as well....they can lay up have unprotected sex with different men, get pregnant over and over again...cash out on some and complain to the attorney general's office about how their baby daddy/ies are not paying up....I can certainly understand one but if there are more than two or three kids involved somebody needs a reality check....these judges needs to come down harder on these women as well...if you are in your full mind and mentally capable of making life choices then it shouldn't be so easy to continue to keep having children and putting every baby daddy on child support especially if he's doing what he can to help....maybe if they're some form of punishment for the women after baby number three then maybe they'll try and start to get their **** and mind together at some point....it takes two and we all know that.....

651 days ago


Maybe if he sells some crack he can afford to pay all his "baby mamas"

650 days ago


I have TWO kids and make HALF of what she's getting in child support. and my kids are doing great! She needs a job, a life, and a wake up call

650 days ago

Lady Scarlett    

Put this piece of garbage in jail already!!

650 days ago


He's unemployed. This is a well known fact. That could be why he is late paying his bill. By the sounds of this, he's always paid his bills.. Cut him a break. Hes in a rough patch right now. Don't kick a dog when he's down? Im sure he'll pay when he gets back on his feet. Just sounds a if shes bitter and about the money... Im sure their child can make due (

650 days ago


As a mother she shouldnt depends on his money to pay ask her bills anyway. She should be helping as well to finance their kid. Hell, he PAID for the house she's living in..cut him a break, I'm sure he will pay his child support when he's back on his feet. Ol' girl needs to cut him some slack.

650 days ago


Pity full he makes me sick.u Marry a women who months later u divorce from but u have kids with your baby moms and u didn't marry her.attention seeking if I was her I would jail his ass to

650 days ago

Rant On    

I bet if I slept with a WNBA'er I would still end up paying child support.

650 days ago

Mrs. Raymo    

That's a punk bitch for ya..

650 days ago


This guy is a s***bag. Why any woman would sleep with him is BEYOND me, let alone have a child with him. He just wants to stick his penis where ever he can. He and Terrence Owens = LOSERS.

650 days ago
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