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Chad Johnson's Baby Mama

Make Him PAY UP ...

11/18/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1115_Chad_Ochocinco_tmzUnemployed NFL star Chad Johnson is a deadbeat dad who belongs in jail if he continues his deadbeat ways -- this according to one of Chad's baby mamas.

Andrea Pearson -- who had a son with Chad back in 2010 -- just filed legal docs in Miami, claiming Chad has failed to pay his child support bill of $5,250 on October 15th ... and has consistently been late paying his previous bills.

Andrea claims she doesn't have the means to support the child as a result -- and wants the court to force Chad to pay up ASAP.

If he still fails to pay, Andrea wants the court to throw Chad in jail until he makes good on his child support agreement.

Chad's lawyer had no comment -- but sources close to Chad tell TMZ, he has always provided for his kid, including buying the mother a home.

A judge has yet to rule.

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No Avatar


Give him a chance cuz iz ex wife will pay it 4 him lol

703 days ago


If he's in jail you won't get NOTHING... So stupid

703 days ago


Boo freekin whoo! $5k a month and he's late AND he bought her home????????????? Wow! How much of that is for the baby?

703 days ago


Wow, she's a bit over aggressive. She knows he isn't working, he bought her a house, she gets a lot more than most mothers and she is complaining he's been late

703 days ago


Cont' (didn't post all) and missed a payment? In Ohio, you don't go to jail for one missed payment(I know of some that haven't paid in yrs).They would laugh in her face.

703 days ago


haha athletes are so dumb. after having successful careers and lucrative promo deals i hope they all go broke. you'd think by now they'd learn that only ho's are after them. they each act as if they're the first guy this has happened to! if they're too stupid to see past these women then they deserve what they get. serves them right for thinking with their penis and not their brain. say bye bye to the $$ ya idiots!

703 days ago


Actually if everyone knew the real story you guys would know that this is a bunch of bull**** , She isn't one of those ghetto hoodrat chicks she's actually really beautiful and classy

702 days ago


#40 - "Classy" compared to what? You better have your friend checked out by a doctor - she obviously didn't have him wear a condom. Of course she wasn't on birth control either. Oh yeah, no condom, no birth control, and decided to keep the child - she must be the Virgin Mary or a born again.

702 days ago


Another example of a cleat chaser, gold digger, opportunist, and probably someone who slept with him within a half an hour - a jump off ho. He should pay some amount, I suppose, but here is an idea for this "mother" - GET A JOB!!! I'd put money on the fact she is living in a house he paid for, as well as driving a Range Rover or Escalade - all on credit, except things he paid for.

702 days ago


This "baby mama" is actually one of my former neighbors who bragged to people in the neighborhood that Ocho Cinco bought her the house. It was a nice house, but I believe it went into foreclosure and she moved out more than one year ago. The point is she didn't manage the child support from the beginning. It is sad how these women brag about athletes who impregnate them -- when the man runs for the hills in the end anyway. Sucks for them!

702 days ago


Greedy women like her make me sick, how the f%&k can u say u don't have the means to support your child, please stop seeing athletes as paychecks. And Chad get a damn vasectomy!

702 days ago


how dumb do u sound u dont have the means to take care of a child?? if people raise kids in the projects with no job u can do it too bitch

702 days ago


Soo funny how people comment on something they know nothing about if you want the real story TMZ.Com contact me Adonis Dondon Davis on Facebook!

702 days ago


Sounds like chad should go for custody. POS women and family courts!

697 days ago


Plz that nasty hoe Andrea Pearson and the rest of her nasty ass sisters needs to sit down, 1st of all that nasty/plastic bitch is married and was married (Cheating ass hoe) when her and Chad got that baby by the name of Savy. Her husband is named Juan Tamarez and is locked up in a Miami FL FCI, that’s one reason why that broke bitch need the cash. 2nd she needs the money to support her failing business as a hair dresser because she moved out of the Flea Market USA to try and get her own shop because in the Flea Market she didn’t pay her booth rent so they evicted her out of that booth and she was doing hair in her ragady mouth sister Shika clothing shop and that hoe as well got evicted, she makes ok money but really $5250 for a 2 year old? That’s what happens when you are an uneduacted gold digging slider.

693 days ago
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