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Domestic Violence

Does Sexual Orientation Matter?

11/18/2012 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1116-chamique-holdsclaw-jennifer-lacy-gettyWNBA legend Chamique Holdsclaw is in a heap of trouble after allegedly trying to blow up the car of her ex-GF, WNBA player Jennifer Lacy, and firing a shot inside her car. So we gotta ask ...

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This questions are all wrong! This is about maturity not gender or sexual preferences. Silly TMZ fix this pronto!

673 days ago


i find what you are asking extremely offensive. gay vs straight ?????
no wonder we haven't progressed to see this is not a life and sexual choice but how people are born.
have MORE respect, TMZ.

673 days ago


seems to me this topic is yet more proof that homosexuality doesn't work in our society (or society does not accommodate homosexuality). Seems to me that alot of laws need to be re-written to accommodate them or it's gonna be hard to call this a "fair" nation.

673 days ago


P.S. i REFUSE to vote because there ARE no differences.VIOLENCE is VIOLENCE.

673 days ago


Are you kidding with that dumb ass poll?? You TMZ idiots need to smoke less and grow some brains.

673 days ago


TMZ is promoting bigotry by perpetuating generalizations and stereotypes and groups of people. Will your next question be, "Are black or white people more prone to eating fried chicken?" or "Who is prone to be a worse driver, Asian or white people?"

673 days ago


These exhaustive scientic survey's are extremely important and relevant in today's mixed domestic relationships. I look forward to tmz's next study.

673 days ago


All i can think of is GAY Kobe and GAY Shaq. How would they handle this together.Kobe would look like Rocky after Apollo kicked that @$$

673 days ago


Have to look at causes of abuse.
Abusers want control. They're selfish.
They want things to be their way.
When they can't get their way by deceiving, manipulating, undermining...they resort to violence.
Can we pin this behavior on certain genders or certain sexual orientations?
Obviously not. Selfishness runs through all of us, it's just a matter of whether or not we *individually* choose to cater to that selfishness, or be mature considerate adults and accept that *others* deserve to get their way too, not just us.
However, we now live in a very feminist-influenced society.
Feminism uses TV, movies, magazines, websites to encourage women to be violent to men.
Flip through your TV channels for the next month and take notes every time you see a woman punch, kick or beat on a man.
Then take note of the script...does it excuse the woman's behavior?
If in a sitcom, is her violence followed by a laugh-track?
When female cir***cision is discussed on TV, how do people react?
And what about male castration? Lorena Bobbitt? Catherine Kieu Becker? Mutilated their husbands, and what was the public's reaction?
What did feminists on TV say about it?
"Catherine Kieu Castrates Husband, WOMEN LAUGH"
@ Youtube
So, while it's true that our capacity to be violent does *not* depend on our sexual orientation or gender, in it's natural form...at the same time, we live in a society that is now **strongly** encouraging women to be abusive.
Therefore, because of modern feminism, women are in fact now more likely to be abusive than men are.
Because they're programmed to believe it's not wrong.
Obviously this affects gay and lesbian relationships as well, because abused gay men are manipulated into believing men can't be victims, only abusers, and abused lesbian women are manipulated into believing women can't be abusers, leaving them to think it's their own fault when their partner beats them.

673 days ago


The domestic violence (dv) vote questions above are way off from reality. Domestic violence doesn't occur more due to infidelity or finances one more then then the other. Look at Jennifer Hudson's family, her mother & other siblings, nephew, now gone. Domestic violence occurs as a result of a unsupervised crazy person seeing an opportunity to victimize through physical violence, sexual violence, or homicide. Domestic violence victims are victims of an opportunity a crazy person carved out. The questions this time are too far out of orbit of the real facts behind domestic violence. The word 'domestic' is too good for the real acts that take place, there's nothing domestic about it. And, the word 'molestation' should be turned to 'sexual violence' in this country.

673 days ago


The domestic violence questions are insensitive to reality this time & kind of serve to mislead the unaware in the public in limiting both choices in a bunch of the questions to being both NON LOGICAL ANSWERS for each question. Someone maybe should read the questions for reality-based logic. There's violence in all genders & since there's more non-homesexual couples, the violence amount in the non-homosexual group still outweighs in volume. Logic for just one of the questions is already apparent.

673 days ago


Clicking a box on a website is never a scientifically valid method of assessing public opinion on questions - even totally bizarro and meaningless tmz-esque questions - but it's a very commercially valid way of keeping the golden eggs laying from this goose.

673 days ago


Same sex same problems.

673 days ago



672 days ago


TMZ is republican? Guess so. Narrowminded for sure ! Most stupid poll you guys had , and you had lots !

672 days ago
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