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Domestic Violence

Does Sexual Orientation Matter?

11/18/2012 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1116-chamique-holdsclaw-jennifer-lacy-gettyWNBA legend Chamique Holdsclaw is in a heap of trouble after allegedly trying to blow up the car of her ex-GF, WNBA player Jennifer Lacy, and firing a shot inside her car. So we gotta ask ...

More prone to violence

  • Gay breakups
  • Straight breakups

More prone to breakup violence

  • Gay men
  • Straight men

More prone to breakup violence

  • Gay men
  • Lesbians

Sexual orientation -- irrelevant in DV cases

  • Yes
  • No

Chamique and Jennifer will

  • Stay apart
  • Get back together

Biggest issue triggering DV

  • Money
  • Infidelity

Athletes more prone to violence

  • Yes
  • No

More prone to violence

  • Basketball players
  • Football players

I'd like my kid to marry an athlete

  • Yes
  • No

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No Avatar


looks like TMZ is prone to asking stupid questions ..

519 days ago


WTF is this happy horse$#!^. You have some 13 year old putting together this garbage or what? Drink more bathwater. This is your worst effort to date. Unreal the stupid $#!^ you people come up with.

519 days ago


Lesbians are crazy.. nuff said.

519 days ago


WTF, Violence is Violence any way you look at it.
TMZ you really take the *INSULTING ONES INTELLIGENCE* to a whole new level.

519 days ago


The definition of "frustration": Three blind, horny lesbians lost in a fish market.

519 days ago


I have a hard time believing an article that talks about a WNBA legend. How is that possible ?

519 days ago


No sexual orientation doesn't matter but I think it affects how people react to it. People don't respond the same when two women or men fight with each other, versus male and female. This chick allegedly did some kinda heinous stuff but it doesn't seem as if people are reacting with shock and horror. The questions above though are dumb.

519 days ago

some guy    

Such a stupid poll... homos want to be treated equally but they try to find differences between themselves and straight couples. Maybe gay marriage shouldn't be allowed.

519 days ago


This is the most disgusting, insulting, and downright infuriating thing I have seen in quite a while! TMZ, you should be ashamed to even post something like this...domestic violence is a VERY SERIOUS issue regardless of orientation, religion, race, profession, etc. Your irresponsible comments are sickening, and your lighthearted attitude makes me think you condone - maybe even support - domestic violence! Then again, what should I expect from a website that still covers Chris Brown?!

519 days ago


Lesbian relationships more violent than gay and straight relationships. It's taboo to discuss how women are secretly the ones to instigate much of the violence in relationships. The numbers of DV don't lie.

519 days ago


tmz is disgusting

518 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

The survey was stupid. But in my opinion gender does matter when it come to DV. Unless one of them is a martial artist or boxer a gay couple can have a fair fight. A man and a woman can't. Of course all bets are off when you spraying gasoline and shooting guns.

518 days ago


Dear TMZ, you need more pointless polls

518 days ago


instead of posting dumb as c^nt useless polls, why not get someone to fix the sh!tstorm that is this website.... like, seriously harvey, are you taking all the $$$ from this site to buy another jet ski? pay a damn webmaster (who actually graduated from school) to fix the likes button, the control the spam, like omg....
i've seen geocities pages that are better taken care of than this....

omg, even the "add comment" button i just went to click is invisible... stop being so cheap harvey!

518 days ago


Domestic Violence - its not just for men

518 days ago
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