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Lindsay Lohan

I Want NOTHING to Do

With My Half-Sister

11/18/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Don't count on a Lohan family reunion any time soon -- Lindsay Lohan has ZERO plans to meet her newly-announced 17-year-old half-sister ... in fact, she wants nothing to do with her ... ever.

Lindsay is telling friends, she's 100% done with the "circus" that is her father Michael Lohan -- and does NOT want to meet her half-sister Ashley.

TMZ broke the story ... Michael took a DNA test on national TV to determine whether he fathered Ashley back in 1995 with a former mistress -- and the results came back positive.

We’re told Lindsay has been aware of the paternity dispute for a while -- since it's been going back and forth for years -- but did not know her father had taken a DNA test until we broke the story.

Lindsay has not communicated with Michael since he leaked the recorded phone call during her fight with Dina last month -- and no longer wants anything involving him in her life, lovechildren included.

Lindsay says she's doing much better now without her father's drama -- and she wants to keep it that way.

We're told Lindsay has no ill feelings toward Ashley -- but finds the entire situation "disgusting" ... especially because Michael had the affair while he was still married to (and having kids with) Dina.

For his part, MiLo tells TMZ, "I am sorry to hear Lindsay feels that way. I met Ashley and she is a good kid. But we all have our choices to make in life, as well as our own prerogatives. Who knows, maybe someday things will change. Regardless, I want the best for all my kids."



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help this young woman    

Dear Lindsay Lohan: You Can Do It!

An open letter of support from Cosmo to Lindsay Lohan on the occasion of her "comeback" in the upcoming Lifetime bio-flick, Liz & Dick.

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666 days ago


You Know Marvin ........I am with you on that at least
100 % they don't share a iota of the same DNA

666 days ago


Oh Marvin,
They have a sold out audience for every show....they have limited seating....LOL

666 days ago


Looks like SOMEONE got 2 computers to post simultaneously . . . hmmmmm

666 days ago


Liz-aster! 5 Critics Damn Lindsay Lohan's performance in 'Liz & Dick' − With Faint Praise And Sheer Scorn

Lindsay Lohan does not read reviews of her performances, according to TMZ, which is a smart move when it comes to her much-publicized turn as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick. The picture, which chronicles Taylor's tempestuous love affair with Richard Burton, doesn't air until Nov. 25, and already critics are carving into Lohan like she's a Thanksgiving turkey. The reviews aren't uniformly poisonous, and Grant Bowler, who plays Burton, is actually drawing good notices, but Lohan has not been so fortunate. Even the most charitable critics tend to damn her with faint praise, such as Variety's Brian Lowry, who calls her performance "adequate." But that review sounds downright positive when you compare it to the Napalming Lohan got courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. Below are distillations of five reviews from most to least positive. That's right. I saved the worst for last, and followed it with a trailer from the biopic.
5. Lohan certainly is adequate, barring a few awkward moments, thanks largely to the fabulous frocks and makeup (courtesy of Salvador Perez and Eryn Krueger Mekash, respectively) she gets to model." —Brian Lowry, Variety
4. "Lohan, in character as Taylor, is often so believable you might think you’re seeing the real thing, but then every once in a while she’ll backslide and deliver lines that sound DOA." —Linda Stasi, New York Post
3. "Elizabeth Taylor loved diamonds. This new movie about her life feels more like rhinestones....It's tempting to say the movie's big problem is that Lohan is no Liz Taylor. And she isn't —though that's not entirely her fault. There aren't all that many actresses, or women, who can stop a room simply by walking into it. Liz Taylor in her prime could do that. She could make men melt. Lindsay Lohan's Taylor does not."— David Hinckley, New York Daily News
2. "Suffice it to say, Lohan's no Taylor (not that anyone is or ever could be). But poor Linds doesn't stand a chance. As seen here, her skills are rudimentary —made rustier by a long absence and a lot of other extracurricular activities. She delivers lines dutifully, competently, and at times woodenly, but she also looks like someone who has to think about what she has to say before she says it." That's usually called "sleepwalking through a role" instead of actually "occupying" one. Lohan is somewhere in-between most of the time, though closer to sleepwalking." —Verne Gay, Newsday
1. "It should come as no great surprise that Lifetime’s Liz & Dick movie starring Lindsay Lohan is spectacularly bad.... Lohan is woeful as Taylor from start to finish. But, whatever you do, don’t miss Liz & Dick. It’s an instant classic of unintentional hilarity. Drinking games were made for movies like this. And the best part is that it gets worse as it goes on, so in the right company with the right beverages, Liz & Dick could be unbearably hilarious toward the tail end of the 90-minute running time. By the time Lohan is playing mid-’80s Taylor and it looks like a lost Saturday Night Live skit, your body may be cramped by convulsions."— Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter

666 days ago


My Goodness were did everybody go ??? ....Maddy did you scare them off girl...? or Gossip ? nobody wants to play......
Guess we could exchange Thanksgiving plans.....
Looks like dinner is going to be here after all...My daughter isn't cooking after all...Seems like her husband is going to SC on a Invintational Race down there as he won the Championship in his racing league this year....Late Model Stocks...this is the south you know....LOL so she's now going and he and the both grandsons who are on the crew will be down there...Anyway the other children are doing in-laws this year so its just a few here...and the General has no excuse to get out that big old Turkey Fryer cause my son is taking it up to Virginia with him.....LOL...He going to show the northern side of his wife's family how to Fry a turkey.......

666 days ago


Lohan will pull the because of 'me' Lifetime got the best ratings ever. Just like she pulled with SNL.

Hopefully for Lifetime that may be a possibility, being this basic cable tv movie is being aired 5-6 times over 4 days (just in case you missed the first or the second or the third or the fourth (different times) "encore" presentation....

666 days ago


This just in from the Noncelebrity Reporter......
Lindsay Lohan has done it again, her comeback has become a throwback. Her work (if you want to call it that) on Liz and Dick is a total embarressment to herself and those around her. The actual actors on the film were told not to say anything derogatory about Lindsay's acting abilities until after the air date. Then it's open season on her and they can say anything they like and tell everyone how they really feel. That alone will be well waited for. The screwed up lines, the many takes that didn't get any better, and the total dislike from all the cast members for this person who thinks she can act will make great reading. The only time this non-actress got her ass in gear was when they yelled, "That's a take" and she took a bunch of dresses from wardrobe. This will probably be the last time you see Miss Lohan acting anywhere professionally. But we are sure to see her acting up quite frequently, just to keep her name in the gossip mags and sites.

666 days ago


I have a feeling this movie is going to be cult classic in the same vein that Rocky Horror Picture Show is

666 days ago

u iz a cutiepie    

Youtubing Lindsay Lohan circa 2003 2004 will make the hair on your neck stand. She was just so charming, so beautiful. If one of those journalists would have shown Blohan her future, she would have been horrified I just know it. Lying, stealing, drugging, grifting, drinking n driving, more stealing, more lying, court, jail, more grifting, and unemployed. And mean.

666 days ago


I went to The Tonight Show once when I first moved to LA in 85. Waited in line about four hours, there were no tickets then. My friend and I got two of the last seats in the last row of the balcony. The guest that night Terri Garr cancelled because of sickness but it was great to see Johnny.

666 days ago

help this young woman    

The question TMZ should ask is why did Milo, Kristi, and Ashley decide to come out with the results the day before Lindsay went on GMA to promote Liz and Dick. Again using Lindsay to promote their agenda. Yeah and then they wonder why Lindsay does not want to have anything to do with them! BTW waiting to the age of 17 most half-siblings will not have a relationship. Lindsay was 9 yrs old when Ashley was born. She had not even filmed The Parent Trap!

666 days ago


BTW I knew the old biddy committee would get their panties in a bunch when I said the Jay Leno show was sold out............playing with HaTeRs is like taking candy from a baby.

666 days ago


ANOTHER simultaneous post, how quaint!

666 days ago


Isn't it fvcking hilarious that MICHAEL LOHAN, Sr. dropped the "new Lohan" drama all over the place RIGHT before Lind's "last gasp comeback" attempt? HA! See what happens when Daddy's "dead to you"? "Ha ha ha". He outgriefed DUIna again. "How embarrassing" "Ha ha ha".

666 days ago
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