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Mitt Romney


'Twilight' Date

11/18/2012 9:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1118_romeny_article_tmzThere are some advantages to not being elected President of the United States -- like you can go to see the new "Twilight" movie without making a big fuss ... which is exactly what Mitt Romney did this weekend.

TMZ spies caught a glimpse of the wannabe Prez and wife Ann out at the movies in Del Mar, CA on Saturday night. Our spy says the couple was joined by two young men, but it's unclear who they were. 

After the movie, Mitt and Ann (with no bodyguards in sight) hit up a pizza place across the street. We're told he was super friendly to everyone, even posing for a few pics.

Little late to try to be a man of the people.


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TMZ spies caught a glimpse......I hope you didn't pay for this picture!

673 days ago


You guys are idiots. Really.

673 days ago


What eicarr said. LOL.

673 days ago


Romney's Father was MEXICAN and Barry Obama's Father was AFRICAN and Obama still got 71% of the LATINO / HISPANIC Votes, That should tell Romney something.....

673 days ago


TMZ - you should probably leave politics to the professionals and keep it off your "gossip" website. Inflicting your opinion into your posts saying Romney's not a man of the people considering a lot of people who voted Obama DID NOT vote Obama again. Sure he won, but our country is still in the ****ter and Obama is still posing with celebrities instead of working on improving our country.

673 days ago


Ever think maybe he really IS a man of the people, and you guys are morons that bought right into the Dem smear campaign without doing any thinking for yourselves? Mitt has no political reason to be there, jerks. Your guy got re-elected, TMZ. Time to lay off.

673 days ago


Hey Romney, Guess What, Every single person YOU saw working at that movie theater is part of the 47%....

673 days ago


Glad he isn't our President and going to the movies....would hate to see all the hateful comments that would be posted like those posted about Prez O posing with McKayla.

673 days ago


He could have seen Lincoln! He could have seen Skyfall. He chose Twilight! Frightening to think how close we came.

673 days ago

go home!    

F U C K YOU TMZ writer with your "man of the people" comment. Get a real job, oh but wait, that would mean you would actually have to work hard to earn a dollar instead of blogging crap about people all day, the easiest job in the world. FIGURES.

673 days ago


TMZ grow up ffs. Romney being nice to people is nothing that should be mocked, belittled or attached to politics when the election is already over. You are the reason that American society doesn't respect each other, it's not the politicians faults. I was actually going to comment on the fact that a disturbed young man was intercepted by his parents for a plan to bomb a movie premiere this weekend, but TMZ's conduct is actually more damaging to soceity than just one shooter in a movie theater.
Where is Anonymous when you need them? I am expecting your Legion. Please do not Forgive TMZ. Please do not Forget TMZ. This would be a BIG job that will require perpetual relay interference.
Over 'n Out

673 days ago


Not sure if anyone's mentioned this yet (I'd rather stab myself in the eyes than read some of these ignorant and racist comments), but the author of Twilight is a Mormon, so that may partly explain their interest in the film.

673 days ago


Who cares. He's not president. Good ridens!

673 days ago


He was the worst major party candidate in recent history.

673 days ago


"Little late to be a man of the people"? That's a bit snarky, vindictive and petty, even for this cheap-ass gossip rag. Go back to fawning over Kardashian lard.

673 days ago
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