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Flo Rida

Jesus Was Black ...


11/19/2012 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Flo Rida's ridiculous Jesus bling ignited a 2,000-year-old race debate -- was J.C. actually black? If he was, we've got a great new hymn ... with soul.

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but I will post Bible verses to show that he was a black man

641 days ago


That is a dumb ?, was Jesus black?. If you all would just read your KJV bible, you would clearly see that it says in Rev.1:14-15; His head and his hairs ((that means the hair on his head & face was fully white/gray)) were white like {WOOL]

641 days ago


What a dumb ? Was Jesus Black? It clearly says in Rev. 1:14-15; His Head and his hairs (the hair on his head and face were whit/gray) like ((WOOL))<

641 days ago


exactly it say hair like wool which only black people got and it says he have bronze skin sound black to me

641 days ago

da troof    

lets not play games nor split hairs. you see the heiroglyphs. you see blacks represented as the people in power. and you can see the people they whom were white... they painted them white. Moses was a Hebrew... You could only tell Hebrews from Egyptians by their dress, meaning they looked alike. Modern "Jews" are white, and Modern "Egyptians" are Arab. You dont look like each other, so through deductive reasoning, the man that looked like Moses, and Pharoh, looked alike. We look at the glyphs and can see the black people. if thats not enough, all this occurred, in Africa... The place blacks come from. Ask a modern day "egyptian" if thats them painted in the pyramids.. they will tell you no.. If his color is so unimportant, then why would whites start painting him in their image in the first place? one group is claiming to be the hebrews and another, the egyptians.. everybody wants to be us. jesus was black

634 days ago


I picture Mary as being blonde and blue eyes- and it was her son- with one has even an idea what god looks like, so Jesus could have been sky blue pink and purple for all we know...bunk picture him as tan (not black) with brown hair and eyes.

604 days ago


Feet of brass and hair like lambs wool! Definitely not blond haired or blue eyed!

588 days ago

Hank Wanky    

I weep for the stupidity of people on here. Jesus was Jewish and probably looked a lot like a typical Jew from Israel today.

561 days ago


Why does his race matter?

560 days ago
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