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Hugh Grant

Got (Breast) Milk?

11/19/2012 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Grant knows ... it's rude to interrupt someone during a meal ... so he did his best not to bother this suckling baby during a photo with a fan.

The pic was shot this weekend at the Castle Inn pub in Dover, England -- which features "Pudding Day" on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

We're told the woman in the pic is the pub owner's wife -- who clearly had no problems whipping out her baby feeders inside the establishment.

Boobs -- it's what's for dinner.


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Natural, yes. I little bit creepy, yes!

671 days ago


Knowing Huge, I'm sure he took his turn after the cameraman left.

671 days ago

really! really?    

So it's immature if a woman chooses to only expose her breasts to her baby and her husband? A "mature" woman plops her puppies out for the world to see? Happy to be in the immature category...

671 days ago


Good for her! And good for Hugh for keeping his eyes facing the camera! :)

671 days ago


This is such a cultural taboo in the US....and hardly anywhere else. The middle east, maybe? Nothing makes me more sad than hearing women chastise other women for feeding their babies in public. Get over it people. That's what it's made for. If more women would do it, unapologetically, everyone would just be accustomed to it, like in Europe, and all the drama would die down. Seriously. GET OVER IT! IT'S A BREAST!

671 days ago


What a sweet picture! I like him more now. Some of the ignoramuses on this site though I like much less.

671 days ago


Love that people who read TMZ find a momma breastfeeding offensive yet I see Jessica Alba in a thong, Kim K with a dress so tight you can see through it, an Olympian with her butt exposed all posted right below this photo. Gosh hypocrites much? Sorry but not everyone wants to cover up with a blanket. It gets freaking hot and my baby just pulls it off anyways. If you don't like it don't look, or hell go put a bag over your head. Not all babies take bottles either and bottle feeding is unnatural. I have NIP since day 1 and no one has seen my nipple/breast.

671 days ago

joe gillis    

4 weddings and a blow job is one of my all time fave films

671 days ago


Funny how people are ok with this yet they had such a HUGE problem with Katy Perry and her cleavage on Sesame Street...
If you're udders are exposed most of the time your kids already know what a boob looks like so maybe YOU should get over it.

670 days ago


I just love these people who talk out of their asses. They don't let their kids see anything explicit and as a society we have been banned from expressing ourselves in many ways but how is it OK to walk around with a big old floppy tit hanging out while it is being sucked on, no less. Actually, some men get quite aroused from watching too. Which I personally seem to think this is the reaction these women are going for anyway. Like hell, not because it's good for the baby bullcrap. Taking a crap, having sex, being nude are all natural too. If I don't allow my child to look at bikini clad models, which actually I really don't care if he does, then why would I want him to look at some strangers tit? Hello.... to you it's not offensive, but ever stop to think that you might be offending others right to privacy? Anyway, majority of these women are so uptight, overweight and unattractive they'll take any attention they can get.

670 days ago


This is disgusting. Not even to have enough respect for herself an d others to cover up. She seems like a exhibitionist.

670 days ago


People have bowel movements too, but they don't whip their asses out and do it in public. This woman is a cow.

670 days ago


Put your clothes on *******...No one wants to see you masturbate, or see you jerk your lousy tit around.,,,,...nasty ****...F you and your baby...

670 days ago


Please cover up women. It's about being modest and appropriate in public. I am all for breast feeding because its wonderful but I do not want to see your infant sucking on your nipple/ breast. I am a woman and I think it's inappropriate. There are plenty of cover ups out there that make it convenient for the mother to feed her baby in public.

670 days ago


Hell ya! Support NIP!

670 days ago
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