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Lindsay Lohan

Judge Will REVOKE Probation

11/19/2012 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan is about to have her probation revoked ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Lindsay will be charged with the criminal offense of lying to a police officer.  As you recall, she told Santa Monica cops she was not driving her Porsche last June when it slammed into an 18-wheeler on Pacific Coast Highway. Fact is, she was -- and lying to cops is a crime.

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... when the Santa Monica City Attorney files the criminal case against Lindsay, it will go to L.A. County Superior Court Judge Jane Godfrey for arraignment. At the time Lindsay is arraigned, we're told Judge Godfrey will revoke Lindsay's probation and set the matter for a full hearing, on grounds she violated her probation in the jewelry case by breaking the law.

In case you're wondering, the judge who handled the jewelry case, Stephanie Sautner, will not be involved in the probation violation case. Once Lindsay was sentenced, the probation case gets sent to whatever judge is hearing the next criminal case against LiLo.

We're told the criminal case will be filed soon.



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Im watching Leno and when he announced Lindsay Lohan is tomorrow nights guest it was silence. No one in the crowed cheered not one. The only person who let out a woooo was the guy that plays in the band. Yet the audience cheered when Jay announced Bradley Cooper and Psy would be on. Telling huh?

700 days ago

Hot Farts    

Commisioner Godfrey was involved in a famous case here is LA 7 years ago...this is an excerpt but it tells the story...not good:

The result of the arrest was another plea bargain. Vick pleaded guilty to assault, and Los Angeles County Superior Court Commissioner Jane Godfrey dismissed the other misdemeanor charges of battery, dissuading a witness and terrorist threats.

She sentenced him to three years' summary probation, 45 days working on a Caltrans road crew and an anger management course. She also ordered that he stay 100 feet away from his brother and from his parents' home.

Twice from March to September, Tesha Collins obtained temporary restraining orders forcing Vick to stay away from her, her children, her mother's home and her workplace.

"He hit me on the back of the head several times and pushed me," Collins wrote in May. "He was threatening me, saying he would kill me and beat me up in my home."

The order issued by Los Angeles County Superior Court Commissioner Maren Nelson expired later when Collins failed to follow up. On Sept. 8 she asked for another order from Anthony Jones, a judge pro tem, writing "he hit me and choked me.... He has been harassing me and coming to my job ... he calls everyday."

Law enforcement officials said they were unaware of the civil court orders involving Vick. The head of Los Angeles city attorney's criminal division office, which prosecuted Vick, did not return calls seeking comment.

On Dec. 10, Vick was back in court for allegedly violating probation by failing to attend anger management classes, which he acknowledged. Godfrey sentenced him to 60 days in the county jail.

"Mr. Vick has never been brought before this court on a charge more serious than a misdemeanor," said Allan Parachini, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Superior Court. "Commissioner Godfrey imposed an appropriate sentence, in our view."

Three days after the sentencing, on Dec. 13, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department released Vick from jail as low-risk inmate. Then Friday morning, Vick allegedly shot to death his parents and then kidnapped Collins, a teacher's aide, from her South Los Angeles school before killing her Saturday morning.

Time staff writer Erica Williams contributed to this report.

700 days ago


I could be tempted to send her to jail for thinking she could portray the great Elizabeth Taylor......even though I think she can act some day

700 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

The insurance companies want someone held accountable for the accident. It's going to cost someone to pay for that Porsche. They will get to the bottom of it. What it means to LieLo is anybody's guess.

700 days ago


If she is on the flight mentioned earlier, her flight should arrive at LAX at 12:50 a.m. local time.

700 days ago


Lindsay do everything you can to remain FREE!
Your Mom and I depend on you to pay all of our BILLS.

Your loving father Michael Lohan

700 days ago


She need to spend a few Holidays in the Slammer

700 days ago


so, let's see. tmz is saying that they know what a judge has decided to do before ever receiving the case and before a charge has even been filed. i was going to say no one could be stupid to believe that but apparently i forgot tmz posters are just that stupid.

700 days ago

Peter Sc    

That is exactly why the economy is bad and the prison system is overcrowded.

Real criminals do lie to the police regardless of the punishment. No reason to make it a crime. It isn't so in other countries. Only if you lie in court then you will get punished.

Second even her assistant has been in the media claiming that the police has tried to make a case where there wasn't any.

Move on. Who cares about this case beside the overpriced lawyers. None. Who is going to pay? The overtaxed citizens.

700 days ago


Here we go... Another hearing, probation revoked, she'll post bail, will show up late to her next court appearance, cry to the judge about how sorry she is, get more jail time, serve about 4 hours, get released, and be out at the club hours later... Shampoo, rinse, repeat.

700 days ago


Lohan is scared. She is out of over played excuses.

Shawn Holly's husband is the Tonight Shows bandleader. Lohan already used that. Didn't work the first time. So what makes the second time different? Nothing.

700 days ago

Hot Farts    

sentence for morrally reprehensible non-repentent lying hooker pig - either the treatment that the drug addict got in the movie Seven (force feed drugs) or let Dexter have her on his table with the full plastic wrap treatment

700 days ago

Hot Farts    

Lying hooker pig in town = carmeggedon III

700 days ago

abdullh almulhim    

He said I love his heart km his heart but liveliest avenues restricts enviously gets confused with its close proximity to delight me loves me his

700 days ago

abdullh almulhim    

Why do you deteriorated lead boat LES you. Lead you a beer drinker Praise God Ola safety

700 days ago
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