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Lindsay Lohan

Judge Will REVOKE Probation

11/19/2012 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan is about to have her probation revoked ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Lindsay will be charged with the criminal offense of lying to a police officer.  As you recall, she told Santa Monica cops she was not driving her Porsche last June when it slammed into an 18-wheeler on Pacific Coast Highway. Fact is, she was -- and lying to cops is a crime.

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... when the Santa Monica City Attorney files the criminal case against Lindsay, it will go to L.A. County Superior Court Judge Jane Godfrey for arraignment. At the time Lindsay is arraigned, we're told Judge Godfrey will revoke Lindsay's probation and set the matter for a full hearing, on grounds she violated her probation in the jewelry case by breaking the law.

In case you're wondering, the judge who handled the jewelry case, Stephanie Sautner, will not be involved in the probation violation case. Once Lindsay was sentenced, the probation case gets sent to whatever judge is hearing the next criminal case against LiLo.

We're told the criminal case will be filed soon.



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So DUIna went into a skanky tanning salon yesterday, and was denied credit. “We issue credit at our option” the clerk told DUIna, who retorted with “Don’t you know who I am”? “Yes. Yes I do” answered the clerk. “Like I said, cash only”.

DUIna predictably flew into a fury, pulling several champagne glasses from her gigantic Samsonite purse and smashing them against the wall, knocking over two potted palm trees and dropping several hair extensions on her way to the door. The clerk yelled out to his associate “Cool. Did you get it all on tape“? From the rear of the store, you could hear “Hell yeah! Got it! All of it! You call TMZ, I’ll get the champagne and the Bentley brochures”.

It was all too much humiliation for the Gypsy Grifter. Screaming to “call my ex-husband!!!!!“, she got into her “rented” Aston Martin and drove it directly into a group of alder trees.

No word yet on the condition of the trees, but the city landscaping manager has already prepared the lawsuit for damages.

639 days ago


Anyone else find it curious that ROL dosen't have a story like this yet?

639 days ago


She's never been drunk on a set...high as a kite, yes, but never drunk.

639 days ago


Lastly, asked if she could go back in time 10 years and advise her 16-year-old self, Lindsay said, "Don't drink and drive. And be careful who you surround yourself with."

FFS!! Again, those pesky, evil, mean people she keeps surrounding herself with. Drink on, Blo.

639 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Dont you guys remember the video I posted a month back from one of the actors on se,t that said Lindsay was drinking on set. It was on celebuzz, gonna go look for it.

639 days ago


LOL @ Blo's new PR agent doubling as an assistant/babysitter.

And, hey, Roger & Cowan.... great advice as to what to have your client spew in interviews...have Blo trash Elizabeth Taylor as being a on drunk on sets. Brilliant.

639 days ago


Why haven't we seen her mugshot from her arrest in NY?

639 days ago


Ahhhh, now that she's a failure as Liz Taylor might as go back to the old standby, Marylin Monroe. I wonder if Hef will let her do a second Playboy issue, this time as Liz Taylor.

Marilyn Monroe went to an institution and said, ‘I may not belong here like the world thinks I do, but I might as well take what I can get here and use it and help other people.’

639 days ago


In her new Interview she says she respects the law . Sure she does, that's why she lied to the police after her accident...

639 days ago


There are waaay too many to post, but between her pictures at LAX and her despicable comments about Elizabeth Taylor, lots of people and blogs have a newfound disgust for Blo.

Marie Zambardi ‏@MarieZam
and what makes it even sadder, is that we haven't even seen Lindsay Lohan hit rock bottom.

639 days ago



So, to try to begin to pay my personal huge debt to her, in my own small way, I have written this, my open letter to her.

To the Greatest Actress/Designer/Writer/Director/Producer and Artist of Many Things of Our Time, Lindsay Dee Lohan,

I know I'm just one of those people who are not you or anyone who has any money/jobs/jewelry/free hotel stays/drugs to offer you and therefore mean little in this grand scheme we call the universe. All I have are my words. These are for you.

Lindsay, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that this mean old world is trying to destroy a precious, singularly talented, exceptional child-angel like you. There's no one is this world who could have given us what you have and could give us someday ( IF PEOPLE COULD STOP BEING VICIOUS LONG ENOUGH TO ALLOW YOU TO GIVE MORE). I'm so sorry that people are so sick to expect you to obey the laws and cooperate with the justice system designed to keep us safe. Don't they know that those things only exist to regulate those peons who were not only not in Mean Girls, but don't have the ability to play a teenage girl in several other great works of cinematic history? Don't they understand that being the tortured artist/beautiful child that you are that you can't be expected to be held responsible for any so-called "crimes" you commit? People keep saying you should have gone to jail, but even being brought to the court in the first place is already a huge miscarriage of justice. Sure, you broke some laws. You know who else broke laws? ROSA PARKS. So what's so great about laws, anyways? It's so unfair.

It's so unfair that people expect you to show up for work on time. Don't they know that the incredible depth and unique talent you bring to your roles is worth any wait? Yes, it does end up costing people time and money, but that money will be made up thanks to what a huge box office draw you are.... or, well, would be if people would just appreciate your GENIUS. Don't worry, honey. You know who had a career lull? Katharine Hepburn. And she won four Oscars. Sure, that's nothing compared to what you should have at this point (seriously, not even a nomination for Just My Luck? Proof of a conspiracy. Perhaps your father was behind it). I mean, yes, by comparison, Katharine is nothing, but she's considered one of the greatest actors in history by those idiots who failed to appreciate you like I do, so I figured she'd be good to bring up. Please don't be insulted.

I know you're on the eve of your darkest hour, which will no doubt have twenty whole minutes of it spent in jail, but don't be disheartened. Yes, your latest projects are a Lifetime Movie and a Kickstarter piece. Yes, you aren't able to command the same salaries as lesser talents like your old co-star Meryl Streep (who I am sure just benefited and learned so much from you on the set of Prairie Home Companion. She, Jamie Lee Curtis and Jane Fonda all claimed to reach out to you. HA. I think we both know it was the other way around. Seriously, working with you probably taught Meryl so much that really, every Oscar win and nomination she's gotten since should really go to you as well, since you were doubtless so instrumental in her success. Just think of those noms/wins as yours as well. You deserve it). Yes, you aren't making the millions (well, let's be honest, BILLIONS) you deserve. But you know what? Van Gogh only sold one painting in his entire life. You're like Van Gogh, Lindsay, a tortured artistic genius beaten down by a world incapable of appreciating or understanding you. He had Starry Night and Sun Flowers. You have Freaky Friday and I Know Who Killed Me.

People give you such harsh words for trying to embody cultural icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Stevie Nicks, and most recently, Elizabeth Taylor. What they don't understand is how wonderful such charitable endeavors are. Yes, some people see it as aping their image and trying to use them to prop up your own. But I get it. I get that what you're really doing is merely trying to illuminate and enhance their memory so that their biographers can say "Even the Great Lindsay Lohan paid tribute to her." You're just using your greatness to keep their memory alive, sort of like when Paul McCartney pays tribute to Buddy Holly. Or like if Shakespeare time traveled to pay tribute to Jane Austen. That's what you're like when you embody these great but somewhat less great than you women. Like a time-traveling Shakespeare, desperately trying to educate the ignorant masses about somewhat lesser talents by lending his name to pay them tribute.

Yes, you took things. Computers, designer clothes, fur, jewelry... But what I get is why. Not because you are a selfish brat with no sense of respect for others and a sense of entitlement bigger than the Milky Way Galaxy. No, you were blessing them. As Mary Magdalene was honored to wash Jesus's feet with her scented oil, so should others be honored to have their things taken and used by you. You enhance everything you take with your brilliant essence. People might resent you for taking their things. But people often resent God for taking their loved ones. But the thing is, when something is stolen by you, it's like when someone dies, it's merely a great benevolent spirit taking something on to a better place. People should realize that yes, they may no longer have their rightful possessions, but that their possessions are in a better place when you take them, have gone on to better things, and realize what an honor it is to have owned something that you, you in all your brilliance and majesty, deigned worthy you. As those who die are brought into the warm bosom of the Almighty, so was Marsha Markova's fur coat brought into your warm bosom.

Yes, there are times in your life where you almost killed people. But I think we've already established that death isn't bad. The only thing you're risking is bringing people more quickly into the bosom of God, the only one who can approach you in greatness. And how better to be brought to God than by the actions of the Alpha and Omega's chief equal? What better death could be possible? Rather than relieved they are still on this Earth (this SICK, SICK EARTH THAT FAILS TO APPRECIATE YOU), they should be filled with bitter disappointment that they were not delivered into heaven by you, a piece of heaven on Earth.

Yes, you lie. A lot. But you're beyond the bonds of "truth" and "falsehood" as they apply to all of those who are not you. Things are different for you, I get it. You spend so much time devoting yourself to inhabiting the souls of the people you inhabit in your films, how can people expect you to remember things like "Who was driving the car" and "Whose pants are you wearing." I bet it really wasn't you driving the car. It was Elizabeth Taylor, wasn't it? You selflessly gave yourself up to be inhabited by Taylor's soul so that her memory could live on in the epic Liz and Dick. This is how she repays you.

Lindsay, my beautiful, golden, genius, artistic, 26-year-old child, I get it. I truly understand. You deserve so much better. The world owes you so much. Forgive them. They know not what they do. They forget that you were in Mean Girls.

I can't get you an Oscar. Even if I could, it wouldn't be enough. You deserve at least sixty by this point.

I feel embarrassed with this paltry payment of a mere letter. I'm sorry to offer such a pathetic means of payment for all you've done for me (Mean Girls!)....

Wait! I got it!

Tell your family (excluding your father and his bastard love child you want nothing to to do with) their ice cream is on me from now on. Just have them send me the bill every time they decide to stick it to that awful cookie-puss. I mean, yeah, I'm a struggling college student and don't have much money, but the debt will be worth it knowing your mother will never have to worry about paying for an ice cream cake again.

Soldier on, Lindsay. You have a cross to bear now, but never give up on your dream of having people carry it for you. You deserve it. You were in Mean Girls.

Your Ever-Loving, Ever-Faithful, Ever-Devoted Servant,


639 days ago


When are the authorities going to come and issue a warrant for this probation violation? Hope they nab her during a commercial break during her interview with Jay. He can't be happy with her either with his love of cars and how she destroyed a 911 like it was nothing.

639 days ago


If you look at the x17 video of Lindsay's arrival, when she's in the car at the end of the video she looks like she's crying.

639 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is set to return to prison this week, says‘s legal expert, Raoul Felder. Lindsay had been on probation for jewelry theft, and she broke the terms of her probation in June this year, when she lied to the Santa Monica police department.

On Nov. 20, it was announced that Lindsay will be seen by a judge this week, and according to Raoul, the judge “could put her in jail immediately”! Lindsay is no stranger to an orange jumpsuit, as she has been to jail twice in the past — and she’s about to make it a hat trick!

Lindsay was in a car accident earlier this year, in which she claimed her assistant was driving, when in fact she was the one driving. Lying to the police is an offense, and because Lindsay is on probation, things are not looking good for her. Lindsay is set to be arraigned by a judge this week, and because she broke the terms of her probation, it is most likely that she will be returning to prison. Raoul says: “Lindsay has a criminal record, so it is likely the judge will revoke her probation, and generally probation is revoked immediately. He could put her in jail immediately, and that’s exactly what I think he will do. Given her history, any sensible judge will lock her up.” “She cannot be trusted, and she cannot drive. She is putting people’s public welfare in danger. She has already been sentenced before, so the judge has a good case against her. She could be given the same sentence as last time, or she may be sentenced to the remainder of her original term. With a violation of probation, there is no hope of bail.”

639 days ago

Red Cloud    

Let me have a few seconds of cruel fun and then I'll go away. How many haters will be pizzed when Lindsay gets cheered and applauded tonight? Riase your hands. That's a lot of hands. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

639 days ago
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