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Ariel Winter Case

Children Services Says

Mom Should Lose Custody

11/20/2012 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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A stunning development in the Ariel Winter case -- the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services has issued a blistering report against the "Modern Family" star's mom, saying the judge should strip her of custody and award a permanent guardianship to Ariel's older sister.

The DCFS report concludes Chrystal Workman, Ariel's mom, committed emotional abuse against her 14-year-old daughter.  As for the physical abuse claim, DCFS said the evidence is "inconclusive."

DCFS feels the situation is so dire, it planned to go to Dependency Court to make Ariel a ward of the state.  However, DCFS officials decided to give the judge in the current case a chance to award Ariel's sister, Shanelle Gray, a permanent guardianship.

Chrystal's lawyer suggested Shanelle had ulterior motives -- i.e., a money grab -- but the judge shut that argument down.

At one point during the hearing, Shanelle's lawyer told the court ... she wants Ariel and her parents to begin family therapy sessions as soon as possible.

The report also says Ariel is articulate and has credibility and that weighed in the conclusions.

The judge must now set a trial date to determine if he will create the permanent guardianship.


No Avatar

Wow ...    

Best wishes to Ariel. Stay strong and keep moving forward.

700 days ago

LiLo's boy toy    

Children's services always say that, they do more harm than good and that organization should be closed and those decisions put back in the hands of the court and police, not do gooders.

700 days ago

Sue from jersey    

As a parent sometimes you have no power in controlling your teen she is the perfect age were they start to rebel you always want the best for your children it is so sad that they found emotional abuse I hope one day that they can mend their family back together again because I think the publicity on this situation is not helping anything

700 days ago


This is totally pathetic and disgusting. This GIRL, Ariel, has undermined her credibility entirely. When the big sister does something that she doesn't like she (Ariel) will not be able to do a thing about it. Because she's thrown her mother under the bus. Kids do not realize how much their parents love them from birth throughout life. From tiny baby until now this mother has helped this girl become who and what she is. I think it's total BS that the court, in a matter of a couple of weeks, has decided to change custody. Seriously, in most instances CPS investigates thoroughly over a matter of months including psychological exams, counseling, etc. I call BS on this entire process and this girl is seriously screwed up. I hope those girls feel good about the hate their showing the one person who gave them life.

700 days ago


So NO evidence of physical abuse but because a 16yr old claims 'emotional abuse' .. and yes telling a 16yr they are no longer allowed to see their 18yr old boyfriend does indeed count as emotional abuse.. to a 16yr old anyway... then the parent should be 'stripped' of their parental rights? But you know if the parent allowed their 16yr old to date an 18ry old then they are a 'bad' parent who isn't properly disciplining or raising their child. I agree.. Children's services seem to cause more harm than good in one case and completely ignore the bruised and 'missing' 5yr old who is later found murdered in the next case. Are there NO concrete guidelines or methods of case studying/evaluating??

700 days ago


Good for Ariel! She should be wherever she's happy. As for mom, it might be time to support herself. The
kids have been carrying her, for years.

700 days ago


Bunch of BS. She's just a hormonal teenager thinking she can do what she wants and spend her money on anything, nah you can't your only 14. Reason why she even said she was being abused is because her mom caught her with her 18yo bf having sex, i suggest the authorities look into statutory rape.

700 days ago


Why are you covering such a personal family matter ad nauseam? Ariel is a juvenile and so are you!

700 days ago

Jay W.     

The CPS, CWS et. al are agencies that should be avoided, if possible, at ALL TIMES!

700 days ago


This little girl is going to wake up one day and kick herself in the butt! over a stupid boy she is telling these lies. First of all all stage moms are crazy just watch these realty shows and then watch the little brats that are their kids.. I would never let my kid get into showbiz. I have seen a pattern on showbiz kids at some point they go " Hey I am the breadwinner here who are they to tell me what to do" It's just sad because in the long run the relationship between the parent and the child is over. Keep your kids out of Hollywood!!!! Keep them in dance classes and play sports!!!!

700 days ago

jenny ruby    

I would agree to family counseling
I do think there are lots of issues
that need to be dealt with
something has never been right
it seems from my point of view
everytime i went to them
for help it was a war.
but yet they would say at other times your so
reclusive you never say or tell me what is wrong.
they never knew when iwas asking for help
i was trying to let them in.
Perhaps if they would have listened
none of us would be in this predicament.
maybe they would haveknown the right thing to do.
to get out from it. i sure didnt.

700 days ago


All the best to Ariel and Shanelle.

700 days ago


Wow, maybe there is more to the story than just wanting to have sex with an 18 yr. A judge will not removed a child from their parents unless it's really that bad. I feel bad for the ones that do fall thru the cracks. smh

700 days ago


"to make Ariel a ward of the state."

I guess this little game of hers is back-firing, because if she becomes a ward of the state....the state will over see her money, her career, and the relationships with her family, and boy friend.
Good luck you little brat.

700 days ago


Actually on another gossip site it said that the judge has not made a decision yet. He said he is leaving Ariel in custody of her sister until the next court date in december. Your site is putting more here than what happened. Gossipcop busted your butts.

700 days ago
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