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Ariel Winter

Sister Hit the Skids

In the Money Dept.

11/20/2012 5:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ariel Winter
's sister -- who has a good shot at becoming the permanent guardian -- has had a storied history of financial problems ... TMZ has learned.

Shanelle Gray filed for full-blown bankruptcy back in 2000, with assets totaling a measly $385 and debts totaling $42,561.89.  At the time of the filing, Shanelle declared a grand total of $10 cash and $75 in her checking account.  As for her other worldly possessions, she listed a bed, dresses, an alarm clock and a radio, and that's it. 

Fast forward to last month, when Ariel's mom, Chrystal Workman, argued in court Shanelle was an unfit guardian because she allegedly has a motive to get her hands on Ariel's money.  When the court appointed Shanelle temporary guardian, however, she specifically did NOT ask for control of or access to Ariel's finances.

As for what Shanelle's doing these days ... she owns an actor's studio in L.A. It's unclear how well she's doing, but it's safe to say she's not raking in the $75k per week Ariel makes on "Modern Family."

Meanwhile, Ariel's mother Chrystal left court today feeling desperate in the wake of a blistering report by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services -- which found Chrystal had emotionally abused her daughter.

Chrystal -- whom the DCFS has recommended be permanently stripped of custody -- told us, "I just want to see my daughter. I love her very much." '


Ariel's dad Glenn Workman -- who has volunteered to take custody of Ariel instead of her older sister -- was also in court today, but he wasn't too talkative on the way out.



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702 days ago


For those who are wondering I am a former employee of TMZ and the reason that you are being dumped on with news about a girl nobody knows is due to a bet Harvey made to prove that he could put news up about a total stranger and the audience would still come to the site. Its hilarious to watch if you really thin about it. Let them eat cake.

702 days ago


Seriously TMZ? It was 12 years ago. I think that many people can bounce back financially after TWELVE YEARS. That's pretty low - not quite as low as all of the horrendous posts about the financial issues of the parents of the Olympians this summer, but still crappy.

702 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

And I should be surprised by this because .. ??

702 days ago


It is ALWAYS about the $$$... ask the Lohans

702 days ago


Four stories in one day on this poor kid and the miserable situation she's in? And digging into the personal financial records of family members who aren't celebrities? C'mon, TMZ, stick to the D-list celebrity losers, sc!mbags, floozies, and bottom-feeders we normally love you for.

702 days ago


I'm sorry .. but by what evidence does one get stripped of all custody of their child because of 'emotional abuse'... What legally constitutes emotional abuse.. is proof needed or just an 'I said it happened' thing?? ...this case weirds me out.

702 days ago

No Name Jane    

Wow! A twenty-year-old girl ran up debt TWELVE YEARS AGO!! Young people never run up debts!

702 days ago


I don't really care about her sister's bankruptcy, as long as she can provide food, shelter, support, and an education for this little girl. As far as emotionally abused her daughter, it is well do***ented of what her mother did on the set, plus she would starve her on set and that should be enough reason to strip her of her custody right there. Like I mentioned before let the court appoint a trustee of the finances so she is being taken care of financially.

702 days ago


You just want to see your daughter, you love her very much? Is this the same daughter you called a crackhead or the one you called a slut?

702 days ago


i have had enough. deleting my acct. tmz has become crap. good luck all.

702 days ago


So, 12 years ago, Ariel's older sister had less than $100 in the bank, less than $400 in possessions, and a $40k debt... Hm, that sounds a lot like the position college students are in at that age.

702 days ago


Casting aspersions on the motivation of the sister who had a bankruptcy 12 years ago at an age when nearly every single young adult in this country makes the same mistakes, is just wrong. It was 12 years ago. I wonder if we pooled the TMZ office how many have been in that situation.. or hey. Are NOW?

702 days ago


Shanelle filed bankruptcy back in 2000? She was like 21 and just getting away from her mothers grip. She has two little ones of her own, a successful husband, and a successful business (and occasional acting gig) . She doesn't need her sisters money. This is such a non-story.

702 days ago


I'm not trying to be mean but who is this women?

702 days ago
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