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Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta

Kim Kardashian

Ain't My Problem

11/21/2012 11:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has made it clear ... he doesn't give a crap about Kim Kardashian

Panetta was out in D.C. last night when we asked about the question on everyone's mind regarding the Middle East -- is it safe for Kim to visit Kuwait?!!!?

Panetta shook his head at the question ... which either means NO, it's not a good idea ... or WHY THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE ASKING ME ABOUT KIM KARDASHIAN?

She's a national treasure, Leon ... a national treasure.


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This family is important in only one place...their own mind!

666 days ago


Really? A national treasure? In what alternate universe would that be? Pornland?

666 days ago


How could you belittle the work of such an important Government official by asking such an idotic question. His security detail should have punched you in the face.

666 days ago


kardashians stay winning!!! oh by the way thats a bad thing.

666 days ago


Treasure? Let's bury it!

666 days ago


I watched a heartbreaking show on Frontline last night that focused on 3 kids who are starving in America. So Kim how much food do you think a family might get if you sold off a couple of your purses? Your running off to another country so you can figure out whats going on you moran.

I guess if TMZ thinks your a National Treasure we should bury you and let some other poor suckers dig you up and apprectiate you because we don't.

Go watch Frontline, find these kids and put your money into something that will really mean something you selfish fame whore. I absolutely hate everything and I mean everything you represent. One day you will be a memory but till then we are all forced to look at you or hear about you.

666 days ago


WTF is the point of this??? Dumbest thing I've ever seen on the net

666 days ago



666 days ago


Send the entire Kardashian family right where the rockets are exploding! America has had enough of this greedy family who grab for every dollar they can, it is never enough for these people, they are always looking to rip people off with the worthless junk they sell

666 days ago


your team of, "reporters" at TMZ are some of the greatest idiots in the history of sheer and obvious stupidity. and for the love of god, whoever it is employed as your faceless announcer...the one who is utterly incapable of speaking unless it's ultra-sarcastic, ultra loud - you know who i that nitwit for the love of all that's good. i'm tired of his sarcasm and dimwittery.

666 days ago


If the nitwit wants to go to Kuwait, with all the trouble going on there, .let her go. In fact, I hope the entire family goes with her with the exception of Mason and Penelope. The nannies can take care of them in the USA. Also, I really hoping Kim will wear a dress over there that shows off her boobs and lard butt. lol

666 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

This idiot TMZ guy is lucky he didn't get a roundhouse kick to the face for asking such a stupid question to an obviously made man.

666 days ago


National treasure my ass. I hope she gets blown up over there. In fact send that whole freaking family over there.

666 days ago


National treasure my a$$!! Let that skank go to Kuwait because we sure and the hell are tired of her nasty a$$ here!! Buh-bye!!!

666 days ago


Why are we asking this man such stupid questions about a women who takes pics of her boobs and ass when people are dying!!

666 days ago
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