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Lindsay Lohan

Judd For Yourself

11/21/2012 12:20 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

1116_lindsay_judd_spl_fameHere's gorgeous "Liz & Dick" star Lindsay Lohan in NYC the other day -- and country diva Wynonna Judd back in 2009.

One has a really famous half-sister.

We're just sayin'.


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isnt it great how she Tries to change herself into all these people..but cant correct her own problems?

642 days ago

Red Cloud    

Imagine driving on the highway and your car dies and you safely pull over into the breakdown lane that's near a big fence. Nearby is a hitch hiker with a back pack and wearing a T shirt with a big pretty picture of Lindsay that says I Love Lindsay Lohan. He offers assistance and repairs your car. You thank him and offer a lift. He pulls out two sets of hand cuffs and very, very quickly grabs you and cuffs both arms to the fence. He then pulls down your pants and underwear to your ankles and drives away in your car. So now you're standing with arms up cuffed to the fence with your genitalia and azz exposed to passing drivers laughing hysterically and horn honking. You have never ever experienced such excrutiatingly painful shame and humiliation in your entire life. Any hater who thinks Lindsay will never get another movie role and should be in jail deserves to be so disrespected.

642 days ago


From the ROL thing. LOL!.

And the reviewer adds that in one scene: “It’s as though Burton is trading barbs with a 14-year-old boy in drag.”

642 days ago

LA Native    

LA Times review of Liz and Dick

642 days ago


Please, have you been doing controlled drinking since Thursday?

Any hater who thinks Lindsay will never get another movie role and should be in jail deserves to be so disrespected.

She won't be getting any serious roles. Always be the butt of jokes for ratings and she doesn't deserve jail time?

642 days ago


Dina 4 pointed Lindsay.

"Samantha Cahill · Top Commenter
One, Lindsay was a straight A student, so the uneducated line is completely wrong. As for the rest of what you wrote, much of it could have been said and was about liz taylor in her time. people go through bad periods, that doesn't reflect their life or people like liz taylor, robert downey jr, drew barrymore, etc wouldn't have been able to turn their lives around.

642 days ago


After awakin' from my turkey induced coma, I read this little gem.....It's too funny!
Review: 'Liz & Dick' is bad, but you knew that
Nov. 23, 2012, 11:01 AM EST
By Tim Molloy
Lifetime's "Liz & Dick" is very bad, just as you knew it would be.

Let's not pretend it ever had a shot at being decent. The decision to cast Lindsay Lohan as Oscar-winning screen legend Elizabeth Taylor told us right up front that the filmmakers were more interested in trashy publicity than quality. She isn't good, but no one could be good with this dialogue.

Bing: What are other critics saying about 'Liz & Dick'?

On an online "Saturday Night Live" skit this week, Bobby Moynihan portrayed celebrity chef responding to a New York Times review of his new Times Square restaurant, saying the paper shouldn't have had high expectations.

"If you come in expecting Le Cirque, then you're a le jerk," he says.

That applies here, too. But "Liz & Dick" isn't even good as junk food goes. It's redundant and boring in a way no star could save.

It's been suggested that the movie could at least be dopey fun, the stuff of drinking games. But that seems a perverse way to watch a movie about two people who, as portrayed here, were messy drunks. The only approporiate drinking game might be one where you take a shot of water every time you scream at the screen, "STOP DRINKING."

Because the producers invested nearly all their energies in stunt casting, the only point of interest is how Lohan looks and sounds as Taylor. Though she often looks lovely -- nice to see after her years of battling drugs and alcohol -- Lohan doesn't look like Taylor, just like someone wearing knockoffs of her clothes and diamonds. She also doesn't sound like her, or seem to be making any attempt to.

Taylor and Richard Burton (Grant Bowler) meet cute while making "Cleopatra" together and quickly fall into a dull cycle of making out, breaking up, drinking too much, fleeing the paparazzi, and conniving to make movies together. This takes up the middle hour or so of the two-hour movie, and requires that the last 15 minutes be stuffed with an absurd number of events, including (spoiler alert) a cancer scare, a remarriage, and a death.

It's impossible to feel any emotional connection with the characters, because, as portrayed here, they're self-centered asses. It doesn't help that the dialogue is awful, and that many scenes are less than 30 seconds long, which doesn't allow us into the characer's heads. The scenes are strung together by sub-sitcom transitional music that at least tips us off to the disposability of the entire movie.

Lohan will probably make the case, somewhere down the line, that her flat, vacant line readings were a campy attempt to distance herself from the film's many bad lines. One of the worst comes when Taylor's mother notes her tendency to get married a lot.

Mom: "Not that I'm counting, but if I'm not mistaken you've just ended, what, you're fourth marriage?"

Liz: "Who's counting?"

Well, not her mother, since she just said... never mind.

Bowler is better, handling his lines with the professionalism of a good soaps actor. At one point he gets to call Liz a "harridan" in an amusing Welsh accent. But he has none of Burton's gravity or grit. He may also be too generically handsome for the role, no suprise in a movie with no pretensions of depth.

Lohan's costumery is especially silly near the end, when her hair has grey streaks but she still looks far too young to play a woman in her sixties. We're also told throughout the movie how fat Liz and Dick are getting -- usually by Liz and Dick themselves -- but we have to pretend to see it, since the actors who play them remain trim.

Perhaps because of her own awful relationship with the press, Lohan seems unwilling to let herself appear vulnerable. It's become a major impediment to her performances.

Her idol, Marilyn Monroe, continued to study acting well into her stardom, and turned in some very good performances as a result. Lohan might want to imitate Monroe's interest in her craft, rather than just dressing like her for magazine spreads.

It's too late for her to do more than dress like Taylor.

"Liz and Dick" airs Sunday on Lifetime.3

642 days ago


Well every thing can be said about this movie has been said and all of it bad so I won't say anymore....Just I won't be watching it no matter how many times they play it and they are playing it a lot....
I already see the the Blame game has already started by the Lohan Inc next week they will have blamed everyone who has ever had anything to remotely do
with that movie for how bad she did..Everyone but the one who needs to take the blame.....Lindsay "I can't act my way out of a paper bag" Lohan....
And know doubt her face and lie will show up on any magizine , gossip site, tv show they can buy space and time on...or the moneyman buy space on cause she and Lohan Inc ain't got a dime.....hell we know that cause if you look up at that picture above she is wear them god awful shiny blact tight things of hers with a white skirt she wore last week and that same black top.....she is rewearing everything over and over again and wearing cheap assed gowns like the one at the permiere.....Where is the storage garage of designer cloths.....LOL

642 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

I'm starting to believe that Red Crud enjoys being abused. Not only does she keep coming back here, where she's repeatedly made fun of, but that last post of hers seems to indulge in her real fantasies of being handcuffed, ridiculed, and abused.

Probably as a result of a low self-esteem. And it's pretty obvious to see why she has such self-loathing.

642 days ago


In a way, it's too bad the LaughTime fail-o-thon isn't premiering in actual theaters. That way, some stealth H8turd could power up the portable digital recorder and immortalize the hysterical laughter from the audience - one audible guffaw after another!

642 days ago

LA Native    

The whole kit and kaboodle LA Times

Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler star in "Liz & Dick." (Jack Zeman / Lifetime / June 29, 2012)
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By Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times Television Critic
November 24, 2012, 6:00 a.m.
An epic love story, like a good horror movie, relies more on possibility than actuality. Surprise and anticipation, of what is to come and what it might mean, are what draw viewers in, binding them in fetters of pleasure and pain. Subtlety and nuance create the space between word and glance, between shadow and revelation, where imagination digs in and magnificence blooms.

None of which happens, in any way, shape or form, during Lifetime's television event "Liz & Dick," a wildly graceless biopic that careens through the decades-long relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton with more petulance than passion, knocking down gin bottles and rumpling silk sheets for no better reason than that's what it says to do in the script.

It would be easy to blame Lindsay Lohan, who plays Elizabeth Taylor, for the film's failure, if only because Lifetime has gone out of its way to market the movie as Lohan's comeback picture and to play up the similarities between the two women. These are, as far as one can tell, limited to them both having been child actresses and afflicted with addiction issues. Alas, Lohan is not at all convincing as Taylor but in her defense it is difficult to imagine why anyone actually thought she would be.

PHOTOS: Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor in 'Liz & Dick'

Playing a well-known person is always difficult (hence all those biopic Oscars) but Elizabeth Taylor is in the K2 range. Famously contradictory — so ethereal on film, so bawdy in real life, inevitably self-destructive yet inarguably generous — she wasn't just beautiful, she was radiant, and that is a tough quality to evoke, particularly if you haven't got it yourself. Which Lohan does not.

When not in mug-shot mode, Lohan is certainly lovely, but she has never really played a full-grown woman on film and they don't come any more full-grown than Taylor. Even in "Lassie Come Home," Elizabeth Taylor projected a maturity beyond her years; as an adult, she all but defined "womanly." It would be tough for many contemporary actresses to pull off that mink hat, but even in the trademark slip, Lohan too often seems like a teenager playing dress up.

And she's not just playing Taylor, she's playing Taylor in Love. At least, technically that's what she's playing. Unfortunately Lohan and co-star Grant Bowler have about as much sexual chemistry as Kermit and Miss Piggy and none of that couple's tenderness.

PHOTOS: Lohan's life in pictures

The film is loosely structured around a conceit that could be called Liz and Dick, Dead at the Actors Studio. Youthful and dressed in black, with Liz smoking like a chimney, the two sit against a black backdrop in directors chairs and discuss their life together. It's narratively absurd, but during these scenes one does see a glimpse of what Lohan might have been able to do if screenwriter Christopher Monger hadn't decided to do it all.

Because the real problem with "Liz & Dick" is that it attempts to tell the whole story of the couple's relationship, from trite beginning (Burton falling for Taylor across a crowded pool party) to melodramatic end (Taylor prostrate on Burton's grave.) In between there's "Cleopatra," a lot of kissing, drinking, crying and bottle throwing, breakups, breakdowns, suicide attempts, reconciliations, more drinking, more crying, more bottle throwing, two divorces, money troubles, paparazzi troubles, yacht issues, diamond ring issues, Oscar drama, the displeasure of the pope, the death of Burton's brother, more drinking, more kissing and more crying. Then, finally, Taylor in that big '80s hair.

It's exhausting just writing about it, so pity the poor actors who had to bounce along from scene to scene, hitting all the well-known notes without a moment of stillness in which to breathe and gaze and make the audience believe that their characters are experiencing not just passion, but a love that defied (if not quite conquered) the individual insecurities and narcissism (not to mention alcoholism) the two clearly shared.

PHOTOS: Celebrity portraits by The Times

Bowler easily steals the film; he's good and Lohan makes him look better. Although his face lapses more into lines of worry than anguish or passion, he does seem like a man besotted and often sloshed. He certainly has Burton's voice down, which is more than half the battle, a battle Lohan never comes close to winning.

Her Taylor always seems one tic away from saying something like "Oh my God, Mom, like I care" and the prodigious amounts of alcohol she consumes do little more than make her cry like a jilted prom queen. Which is just embarrassing — you're Elizabeth Taylor for God's sake.

Scenes of obligatory passion are followed by scenes of obligatory rage/sorrow, rinsed with Scotch and repeated. Rather than pay homage to one of the most famous romances of the 20th century, "Liz & Dick" manages to make it boring.

Which may be one of the few sins that Liz and Dick never got around to committing.

642 days ago


I may be the ONLY H8turd but you couldn't keep me away from this crapfest. I can't tape it on Sunday as I'm all set up for Dexter and Homeland and OF COURSE, have to watch my Pack HOPEFULLY kick a little Giant booty but I will catch it Monday. Can't wait for the live tweeting Sunday night, this will be AB FAB.

642 days ago


San Francisco Chronicle. She certainly has delivered press. Seems the production value were indeed as cheap as they looked in pap photos.

642 days ago


These steller reiviews still keep coming. I wonder if Lifetime is still going to air this 5 times over 4 nights.

Lohan just plain sucks. Of course she will blame everyone else for it. Just like she did with the writers on SNL when she bombed so bad.

Hell she tried to bail out of SM5 because it poked too much fun of her. That's going to be the last movie cameo or not she going to do.

She's got nothing and has nothing in the works. Yet she says she want's her agent(s) to keep her on set it's safer.

Lohan is scared, she's got no work and money will run out. No one is going to hire her. She's done.

642 days ago


Thanks, Dreamon..... this is my favorite sentence.... kinda not necessary to continue after this:

"The performances range from barely adequate to terrible. That would be Bowler in the "barely adequate" slot and Lohan, well, in the other one.

642 days ago
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