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Lindsay Lohan

Judd For Yourself

11/21/2012 12:20 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

1116_lindsay_judd_spl_fameHere's gorgeous "Liz & Dick" star Lindsay Lohan in NYC the other day -- and country diva Wynonna Judd back in 2009.

One has a really famous half-sister.

We're just sayin'.


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I saw that review from the wrap. Wonder how hyped up they will say the ratings will be. Probally have to be drunk to watch this.

661 days ago


Red Cloud, that story and analogy was bizarre I'm not really sure how to respond......LiLO Tweeting live 6pm pst.......during East coast Feed............

661 days ago


Imagine your car breaks down and someone in a I Love Lindsay shirt comes along.....LMAO

661 days ago


From The San Francisco Chronicle, I predict this will be the line most quacked about by the HaTeRs. They'll infer that it means Linds didn't single-handedly destroy this infomercial before it even began:

"It would be easy to attribute the film's failure to Lohan, but despite the inadequacy of her performance, the fault lies elsewhere".

The other HaTeRs will run with it.....

661 days ago


Wonder if Lohan is going to speed dial TMZ "I didn't bomb".

TMZ can't wait for this air. Probally be the most hits they have gotten (Lohan will take credit for that as well) just like she will with Lifetime...See because of me they got their best ratings ever.

No way Lohan doesn't read any of this. She's been getting slammed and this joke of a no comeback disaster hasn't even aired yet.

661 days ago


@h8turd...they are just trying to be polite while laughing their asses off.

661 days ago


No No No ! Sweetie's it's all set and paid for.....The Excuses and the deflections....and the post release reviews......and the next big project...cause this is Hollywood and there are thousands of would be writers and producers pounding the pavement and on office doors in LA looking for someone to back them with money for the next big the Canyons, and Liz and Dick.....and Lohan Inc and the money man are combing though them all to find her another roll to "star " in for her next step on her neverending comeback.....

Wonder how much it will cost this time.....?? and who the next fool is to sell his soul to the devil hand maiden to get his work out there...
Maybe they need to check woth Larry Thompson and the Writer of this stinky if it was worth it.....I really don't need to ask what the answer will be do you ?

661 days ago


I think it'll do well in the ratings. Why wouldn't it? I'll be watching. That doesn't mean her performance will be any good and it doesn't make her bankable for future projects. It'll make her not work the hassle.

I really think she should but the child actor thing behind her and find another line of work or a rich husband.

661 days ago


Lindsay copied Charlize! Charlize wore the Illusion Frock in April, Lindsay copied her and wore it on the Tonight Show last week. 81% of voters thought Charlize looked better in it. Here's the link:

661 days ago


Is Blohan in LA awaiting her fate come Monday or did she FLEE the jurisdiction as fast the plane could fly east . . .?

661 days ago


Lifetime will get ratings and Lohan will take the credit for it. I hope the ratings go through the roof for Lifetime considering what Lohan put all of them through, the Network, producers, director, cast and crew.

The only thing Lohan is getting is what she's been getting horrible reviews. Lifetime won't work with her again. Ratings or no ratings. She's done.

661 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

I dont think the ratings are going to be high, heres why.

1) All the reviews say this movie suks and a mess, so why bother watching.

2) Sunday football

3) Homeland

4)Walking Dead

5) Traveling home from the holiday

Red Craps Jinx that he set upon Lindsay Lohan high rating will, sure set Red Crap over the final edge.

661 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Oh and Lying Lindsay doing a live stream on Twitter, will all be Lohan Inc.
Paid people to tweet as well.

This too will be a backfire fail for Lying Lindsay, PR and Lifetime

661 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Ok, so this is a highly advertised (and panned) comeback STARRING Lindsay, and people will watch and it will get ratings.

Now, will they watch her next movie? NO.

661 days ago


'TRAIN WRECK' ratings will account for 95% of viewers. SNL ratings prove that . . .

661 days ago
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